Chapter 3965 - The Battles Begin

Chapter 3965 - The Battles Begin

The crowd were only paying attention to Chu Feng out of momentary interest.

It was akin to enjoying a show. They were merely curious and seeking amusement.

As such, it was only natural that they would not focus on Chu Feng the entire time.

Sure enough, once the disciples from the six great powers reached the purple pillars of light, the crowd once again turned their gazes to them.

No one bothered to pay attention to a joke like Chu Feng again.

However, once those disciples arrived at the purple pillars, they discovered that even though those purple pillars of light pierced through the terrifying sea of lightning and into the deep sky, there was a layer of protective power around them.

Furthermore, that protective power was extremely erratic. The people of the younger generation simply did not have any means to enter the purple pillars of light. As such, they were unable to use them to enter into the depths of the sky.

There were even people that started feeling that the purple pillars of light were simply not passageways.

They felt that they were only ordinary, and even slightly dangerous, pillars of light.

The only reason why those pillars shone so brightly was because they wanted to attract the crowd.

Because of that, the disciples from the six major powers all felt greatly disappointed, and even at a loss as to what to do.

That said, they all knew that, with how dazzling the purple pillars of light were, they most definitely had their own applications. As such, the disciples did not give up. Instead, they began to examine them carefully.

After examining them, they ultimately discovered that there was a spirit formation at the bottom of the purple pillars of light.

Hidden within those spirit formations were certain things. After putting forth the effort to decipher the spirit formations, the crowd were able to clearly see the items inside the spirit formation.

It turned out that the twelve spirit formations all contained different things.

There were boots, hand guards, gloves, helmets, and all other sorts of armor.

The items in the twelve spirit formations formed a complete set of armor.

Not only were the people outside able to clearly see this, but even the people inside the spirit formation world quickly realized what was going on.

Although the purple pillars of light were unable to allow them to reach into the depths of the skies to retrieve the five weapons, the set of armor was capable of allowing them to accomplish that feat.

However, the important thing was that there was only a single set of armor.

This indicated that there would ultimately only be a single person capable of passing through the sea of lightning, entering the depths of the sky, and retrieving the five weapons.

“Begin breaching this formation!”

Upon discovering the clues as to what was going on, the disciples from the six great powers immediately began breaching the spirit formations of their respective purple pillars.

The method to breaching those spirit formations was actually not difficult. There was no need for spirit power. They merely need to use their martial power to breach the spirit formations.

Should there be a sufficient amount of martial power, they would only need time to breach the spirit formation.

In the beginning, everything was harmonious. However, when the spirit formations were about to be breached, the situation changed.

“It’s finally begun.”

At that moment, the people outside became excited.

Through the mirror image in the sky, they could see the All-heaven Sect’s Nangong Yifan proceeding towards the Inferno Academy’s purple pillar of light all alone.

The crowd were able to guess what he planned to do.

Most likely, he planned to plunder the fruit of the Inferno Academy’s efforts, their armor.

Of course, this was merely the crowd’s guess, and was yet to be confirmed.

The reason why they could not confirm that it would definitely occur was because the Inferno Academy was very powerful.

They were most definitely not a bunch of push-overs.

Amongst the six great powers, to challenge the disciples of the Inferno Academy would be a very unwise choice.

“Nangong Yifan, why are you here?”

Sure enough, once the disciples from the Inferno Academy saw Nangong Yifan, they were immediately on guard.

This was especially true for the strongest disciple of the Inferno Academy, Shentu Haoli.

Her voice was akin to thunder, and her tone was filled with warning.

Shentu Haoli had a boyish appearance. Her skin was rather tanned, and her gaze was filled with unswerving determination. Even her hair was left bold and unconstrained.

She wore not a skirt, but rather a fiery red armor.

Her appearance was like that of a brave warrior.

As the strongest disciple of the Inferno Academy, Shentu Haoli was a very powerful character.

Even though she was a woman, she had imposing battle records.

In fact, Shentu Haoli had once been thought to be the strongest among all the disciples of the six great powers.

That was the reason why the crowd outside were so focused on Nangong Yifan’s decision to challenge her.

After all, this decision by him was rather dangerous.

As such, the crowd were unable to tell if Nangong Yifan truly planned to challenge Shentu Haoli, or if he wanted to seek a temporary alliance with them.


Just when the crowd were making guesses, Nangong Yifan suddenly waved his sleeve.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In the next moment, countless bodies of light shot forth like rain.

When those bodies of light landed on the ground, they not only emitted dazzling light, but they also started emitting imposing auras that filled the surroundings.

Treasures. Each of those items were precious treasures.

“What are you doing?”

Shentu Haoli looked to Nangong Yifan.

At that moment, there was a look of anger in her eyes.


“My reward to you all for helping me breach this spirit formation,” Nangong Yifan said with a very calm tone.


Hearing that word, the spectators became exceptionally excited.

At that moment, they had confirmed that Nangong Yifan was not seeking an alliance at all. Instead, he really planned to challenge Shentu Haoli.

At that moment, the crowd all knew that a good show was about to start.

“Nangong Yifan, don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance.”

“Scram out of my sight, or I’ll beat you up so badly that you’ll be searching for your teeth all over the floor!” Shentu Haoli shouted with a cold voice.

She had truly been angered. To her, Nangong Yifan’s actions were simply an insult.

Nangong Yifan merely smiled at Shentu Haoli’s warning.


In the next moment, the heaven and earth started trembling. With overwhelming might, Nangong Yifan rushed straight towards Shentu Haoli.

Nangong Yifan had actually taken the initiative to attack first!

Seeing this, how could Shentu Haoli possibly allow herself to be outdone?

Energy ripples surged forth as rumbles exploded everywhere. Nangong Yifan and Shentu Haoli had collided in battle.

For the sake of the treasures, those two geniuses had started the first battle!

To the spectators, this was a marvelous sight to behold.

However, soon, the crowd felt that their gazes were not enough to witness what was going on.

It turned out that not long after Nangong Yifan and Shentu Haoli began their battle, another battle erupted elsewhere in the spirit formation world.

The Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s Wu Ming led the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s elite disciples and found the Miao Heavenly Clan.

He intended to do the same thing as Nangong Yifan, and plunder the fruit of the Miao Heavenly Clan’s efforts.

As the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Miao Heavenly Clan, Miao Jiutian would naturally not allow such a thing to happen.

As such, Wu Ming of the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion and the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Miao Jiutian collided in battle.

Rumbles and energy ripples sprang up everywhere.

Even though the spirit formation world was extremely vast, the rumbles from the battles still reached the ears of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples.

“Senior brother Ouyang, they seem to have started fighting. What should we do?”

Many disciples from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect began to ask Ouyang Pingzhi for guidance.

It would appear that the battles occurring elsewhere caused them to feel a sense of crisis. As such… they were slightly panicked

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