Chapter 3963 - Five Weapons (Teaser)

Chapter 3963 - Five Weapons

“Wang Chen?”

Compared to the bystanders’ surprise, the disciples from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect were completely flabbergasted.

After all, Chu Feng’s appearance was that of their fellow disciple, Wang Chen.

Even though they knew that Wang Chen was an arrogant fellow, they also knew that he was someone who feared the strong, and would only bully the weak.

Before the weak, Wang Chen was akin to a king.

Before the strong, Wang Chen was nothing more than a coward.

Furthermore, in their current setting, Wang Chen was one of the relatively weaker people amongst the one hundred disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

Normally, even towards those hundred fellow disciples, Wang Chen was someone who would consider things before speaking. He was someone who would not dare to provoke any of them.

Thus, why would he suddenly dare to go against the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s strongest disciple, Song...

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