Chapter 3959 - The Grand Occasion Begins (Teaser)

Chapter 3959 - The Grand Occasion Begins

Sensing that the situation was very bad, Wang Chen had wanted to soar into the sky and quickly escape.

However, when he attempted to do so, he discovered that he was not only unable to fly, but his legs had also become very heavy. He was simply unable to move a single step.

Oppressive might. An oppressive might had restricted them.

“Hehe. Don’t leave. I’ve yet to finish watching this show.”

“Right right right. Go on, continue. I shall see exactly how deranged you all can be,” the Mystic Cave Saints said with mischievous laughter.

Even though they sounded like they were intending to enjoy the show some more, they were actually mocking Wang Chen and his accomplices.

“Milords, we never intended to disturb you all. We truly had no idea you were here.”

“I, Wang Chen, apologize to Milords. Please...

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