Chapter 3953 - The Correct Path (Teaser)

Chapter 3953 - The Correct Path

Chu Feng was fleeing far away with Linghu Yueyue and the others.

He only stopped when he felt like he had reached a relatively safe location.

En route, he informed Linghu An’an and the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster of the situation inside the lake. Because of that, they knew that Mount Ivory Valley was currently very dangerous, and that they could not return there.

“What’s your plan from here?” Chu Feng asked Linghu Yueyue.

“I plan to follow Lady Headmaster and reestablish the Whiteclothes Nunnery,” said Linghu Yueyue.

“Yueyue, An’an, there’s no need to reestablish the Whiteclothes Nunnery. I’m already tired. I want to spend the rest of my life on my own,” said the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.

Even though she had escaped death, she was evidently traumatized by being nearly poisoned to death by her disciples.

“In that case, Lady Headmaster, I will accompany you,” said Linghu Yueyue.

“I’ll also accompany you,” Linghu An’an echoed.

“You may not.”

“The two of you are still very young. You still have great prospects ahead of you. How could you waste your lives following me?”...

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