Chapter 3952 - Dragon Transformation Sensation

Chapter 3952 - Dragon Transformation Sensation

After a brief moment of surprise, Yuan Shu said to his master with a buttering tone, “Ignoring these Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, those Ancient Era’s organisms are also becoming more and more active.”

“Judging from that, they will, sooner or later, rush out from that underground world. It would appear that the power restricting them will soon disappear.”

“If master is to take care of them alone, it will be truly exhausting.”

“It’s actually a good thing that a top expert akin to master appeared to contain these Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts.”

Even though his master had said that that person was very possibly stronger than him, Yuan Shu instead said that the person was only comparable to his master. Naturally, he was flattering his master.

Of course, apart from flattering his master, Yuan Shu also declared his worries.

The matter regarding the Ancient Era’s organisms was something that had been bothering his master the entire time. As Yuan Shu’s ability was limited, he was unable to provide his master with any help.

Thus, he was naturally happy that an expert akin to his master who was willing to take on the Ancient Era’s organisms had appeared.

However, Yuan Shu’s master Grandmaster Tang Chen did not bother to pay attention to Yuan Shu’s words. Instead, he sighed.

“Master, why do you sigh?” Yuan Shu revealed a confused look.

“The person who did this is extremely ruthless. Although they’ve attacked these Ancient Era’s organisms, it has also indirectly revealed how cold and unfeeling they are. As that individual is extremely powerful, it is difficult for me to determine if this is a blessing or a disaster,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Master, although that person has completely obliterated the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, they didn’t seem to have killed any innocent people. They don’t seem to be evil, no?” asked Yuan Shu.

“It is the first time that this person has done anything. Thus, we still don't know what sort of character they are. With that person’s behavior, if anyone is to provoke them, they will likely be killed.”

“However, I believe that person will not willfully slaughter the innocent. That said, I’m afraid that they will regard the Ancient Era’s survivors as abnormal, and massacre all of them.”

“These Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts had a vicious nature, and were a great threat. It’s fine for that person to have massacred them.”

“However, Ancient Era’s powers like the Galewind Hunting Clan have their own civilization.”

“The heavens have allowed those Ancient Era’s clans to survive till now. As such, it is their fate to be able to live. If they are to be forcibly exterminated by the modern-day cultivators, it would be going against the will of heaven.”

“Besides, to blindly massacre Ancient Era’s organisms will definitely incur their dissatisfaction. They were wary against us to begin with. If we are to thoroughly enrage them, it will be truly unknown as to whether that might be a blessing or a calamity,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“So what master meant when you said it’s unknown if it’s a blessing or a calamity was actually that.”

Yuan Shu came to a sudden realization.

Even though his master frequently taught him that one should not meddle in other people’s business, that the lives and deaths of others were their fate, his master was actually someone who cared about everyone in the world.

Otherwise, why would he put so much effort into setting up spirit formations to prevent the Ancient Era’s organisms from returning to the world?

“Master, it is not only the Reincarnation Upper Realm that possesses Ancient Era’s organisms. There are definitely Ancient Era’s organisms in other worlds, other starfields and other galaxies too.”

“Master, you’ve also said it before, it is impossible to stop those Ancient Era’s organisms.”

“The only thing capable of stopping them is the special power hidden within the world itself. If that power is to disappear, the Ancient Era’s organisms will definitely return to this world.”

“Master is worried that the Ancient Era’s organisms will unleash a massacre upon the people of this era, so you tried very hard to seal them.”

“However, master is now also worrying that the people from this era will unleash a massacre upon the Ancient Era’s organisms.”

“It would appear that master wishes for the cultivators of this era to coexist peacefully with the Ancient Era’s survivors?” asked Yuan Shu.

“If they could coexist, it would naturally be the best,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Master, I have a question. If the Ancient Era’s survivors are to end up waging war against the cultivators of this era, which side will you stand on? Or will you watch with folded arms?” asked Yuan Shu.

“That’s a silly question. As someone from this era, this old man will naturally stand on the side of this era. If the Ancient Era’s survivors are unable to coexist with us, this old man will, with my life at stake, fight a life and death struggle against them,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Master is truly righteous.”

“Although this disciple’s strength is lacking, I am willing to follow in your footsteps,” Yuan Shu said with a smile.

“Enough with that. Have you managed to grasp the Dragon Transformation Sensation yet?” Grandmaster Tang Chen suddenly asked.

“Eh… regarding that…” Yuan Shu started to hesitate.

“What’s with this and that? Did you manage to grasp it or not?” Grandmaster Tang Chen’s tone became stern.

“This disciple is dimwitted. I’ve yet to completely grasp it,” Yuan Shu said with a guilty conscience.

Grandmaster Tang Chen suddenly revealed a look of anger. He flew into a terrible rage and became incomparably strict. “You still didn’t manage to grasp it?”

“It’s been so long, yet you’ve still not grasped it?”

“You still have the time to run your mouth here? You should quickly think about how to fully grasp the Dragon Transformation Sensation!”

“Truly useless. You don't have any heart to push forward.”

“Once we return, you are to immediately enter closed-door training. You are not allowed to exit closed-door training until you’ve managed to reach the first stage of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

He appeared like a completely different person.

Evidently, Yuan Shu had angered Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“This subordinate understands.”

Yuan Shu immediately lowered his head and bowed. He no longer dared to mess around and flatter his master. Instead, he appeared to be extremely afraid.

That being said, in addition to the fear toward his master, there was a different sort of fear in Yuan Shu’s eyes.

He was also afraid of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.

He knew how painful of a process it was to grasp the Dragon Transformation Sensation.

It was so painful that even he felt like avoiding it, afraid to confront it.

However, he was now once again forced to confront the Dragon Transformation Sensation. He had no choice but to challenge it again.

That was the reason why there was fear in his eyes.

Seeing Yuan Shu trembling slightly with fear, a look of pain and distress appeared in Grandmaster Tang Chen’s eyes.

“Yuan Shu, it’s not that master is being strict on you. Instead, master is placing high hopes on you.”

“I’ve heard that Lu Jie has already grasped the second stage of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

“Yet, you’ve yet to grasp even the first stage of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

“Furthermore, his cultivation is simply something that the current you cannot match against.”

“The two of you are similarly aged, and master has high hopes for you.”

“Yet, I have to gradually watch as the disparity between you two grows wider. Because of that, master is truly worried for you.”

Grandmaster Tang Chen suddenly sighed. His sigh was filled with helplessness and sadness.

“Master, please rest assured. This disciple will surpass Luo Jie. I will bring honor to master.”

Suddenly, a different sort of light flashed through Yuan Shu’s eyes.

He was no longer forcing himself. Instead, he seemed to have made his resolution.

Knowing full well of the matters between his master’s generation, he knew very well how important this matter was to his master.

Although grasping the Dragon Transformation Sensation was a very difficult task, Yuan Shu still decided that he would do his utmost, that he would not slack off, in grasping the Dragon Transformation Sensation, so as to bring honor to his master.

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