Chapter 3951 - Ruthless Character (Teaser)

Chapter 3951 - Ruthless Character

Chu Feng looked to the depths of the water, and once again felt terror that reached the bottom of his soul.

This was a different sort of terror than when he had been confronted with death earlier.

The terror Chu Feng felt this time around originated from being confronted with the unknown.

Compared to facing death, facing the unknown caused Chu Feng even greater terror.

The waters had filled with living beings earlier. However, in an instant, all of them had been killed.

The vast body of water had been dyed red by blood.

Together with the redness, the deathly stillness of the waters not only presented a sort of visual impact, but it also gave off a feeling of strangeness.

That said, although this was the case, Chu Feng was still observing. Curiosity filled his heart, making him very curious to understand more.

Exactly what was that formless power? He also wanted to know exactly what sort of ending those Ancient Era’s organisms located at the depths of the lake had...

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