Chapter 3951 - Ruthless Character

Chapter 3951 - Ruthless Character

Chu Feng looked to the depths of the water, and once again felt terror that reached the bottom of his soul.

This was a different sort of terror than when he had been confronted with death earlier.

The terror Chu Feng felt this time around originated from being confronted with the unknown.

Compared to facing death, facing the unknown caused Chu Feng even greater terror.

The waters had filled with living beings earlier. However, in an instant, all of them had been killed.

The vast body of water had been dyed red by blood.

Together with the redness, the deathly stillness of the waters not only presented a sort of visual impact, but it also gave off a feeling of strangeness.

That said, although this was the case, Chu Feng was still observing. Curiosity filled his heart, making him very curious to understand more.

Exactly what was that formless power? He also wanted to know exactly what sort of ending those Ancient Era’s organisms located at the depths of the lake had received.

However, the waters were simply too deep, unfathomably deep.

Chu Feng’s perception was limited. Unless the existences in the depths of the lake were to release their auras of their own accord, he was simply unable to sense the circumstances at the depths of the lake.

Because of that, he had no idea what the situation in the depths was like.

However, Chu Feng was able to imagine a doomsday-like sight.

Although he did not personally witness it, Chu Feng felt that even those Ancient Era’s organisms located at the depths had likely been completely annihilated by the catastrophe.


Suddenly, violent trembles sounded from the depths of the lake. Energy ripples were pulsing from beneath. Even the body of water beside Chu Feng was instantly engulfed by the energy ripples.

The energy ripples were too powerful. Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue were directly pushed to the surface of the lake.

Fortunately, they were protected by the power of the bottle gourd. Otherwise, the energy ripples from earlier would’ve likely seriously injured them.

Chu Feng sighed. It was a helpless sigh.

He truly wanted to know what happened at the depths of the lake.

Unfortunately, he was simply too small and weak.

Even though he was the strongest genius of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, even though there were none among even the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations that could match him, he still, at that moment, deeply realized how small and weak he really was.

That place was too dangerous. It was so dangerous that even Chu Feng did not dare to linger.

Thus, he grabbed Linghu Yueyue and removed the power of the bottle gourd. Whilst treating her injuries, Chu Feng soared into the sky and began flying away with her.

Soon, Chu Feng found Linghu An’an and the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.

The two of them were overjoyed to see Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue returning safely.

Evidently, they had not noticed what had happened in the lake in the slightest. Because of that, they only felt joy, and did not panic.

Chu Feng did not bother to explain too much to them either. Bringing them with him, he began to quickly flee.

Chu Feng knew that the region would no longer be as peaceful as it was at that moment. Terrifying energy ripples would definitely erupt from the lake and engulf the entire region.

Chu Feng was unable to even be certain if the spirit formation that connected heaven and earth would be able to withstand the ensuing energy ripples.

That was why he needed to immediately bring Linghu Yueyue and the others away from there.

Things went exactly as Chu Feng had guessed.

Not long after they left, violent trembles once again sounded from the depths of the lake.

Wave upon wave of powerful energy ripples began to devastate everything in their path as they rushed out from the depths of the lake.

Whilst the energy ripples that had pushed Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue to the surface of the lake were still within the level of power where the bottle gourd could defend against them, the energy ripples this time around were more than capable of completely destroying the power of the bottle gourd.

The energy ripples grew stronger and stronger. The rumbles grew more and more ear-piercing. The disturbance caused by the energy ripples was no longer limited to the insides of the lake.

Mount Ivory Valley’s mountain range made up of tens of thousands of continuous mountains all collapsed.

Thick smoke soared into the sky and covered hundreds of thousands of miles.

Even the earth was covered in cracks. Volcanic eruptions could even be seen. Magma was even bubbling out.

The entire place resembled hell.

Fortunately, the protective formation was present.

The protective formation that sealed heaven and earth had sealed the terrifying sight within it, keeping it from spreading.

If the protective formation wasn’t there, who knew how far the devastation would spread.

That being said, compared to the depths of the lake, the disturbances on the surface were simply nothing.

The depths of the lake were covered in waves. Terrifying energy ripples were wreaking havoc all around like ferocious beasts. They seemed to be intent on causing utter and complete destruction.

Evidently, a battle that surpassed one’s imagination had erupted at the depths of the lake.

Most importantly, that oppressive might was so profound that the inestimably powerful Ancient Era’s organisms were once again roaring thunderously.

“Who are you?! Why are you attacking our clan? There is no grievance or hatred between us, why do you insist on killing us?”


“Enough, it’s enough.”

“That individual back then only sealed us here. Why must you be so ruthless as to insist on eradicating us?”

“I’m wrong. I will no longer have the delusion of leaving this place. Please spare us this once. I beg of you, please…”

The Ancient Era’s organism that Chu Feng had deemed to be the strongest was speaking with a weak and suffering voice. It was even beginning to beg for forgiveness.

However, apart from its voice, there was no response at all.

Soon, its voice disappeared completely.

After its voice disappeared, there were no longer any voices in the water. The terrifying oppressive might enveloping the waters also started to gradually settle.

Once again, the water returned to its former tranquility.

However, the terrifying aura grew increasingly strong.


After a long time passed, two figures flew over from afar. They passed the protective formation and made a straight line for the depths of Mount Ivory Valley’s lake.

They were Yuan Shu and his master, Grandmaster Tang Chen.

Grandmaster Tang Chen was holding onto a special compass.

There was an image on the compass that somewhat resembled Mount Ivory Valley.

Apart from that image, the compass also illustrated a grand formation. Merely, that grand formation had completely shattered.

Grandmaster Tang Chen’s gaze was no longer on the compass. Instead, he was surveying the surroundings with a deep gaze.

“Master, the scent of this blood is likely not the blood of cultivators or ordinary monstrous beasts. Could it be from the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts that were sealed here?” asked Yuan Shu after observing the surroundings.

“You’re right, it’s the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. All of them are dead.”

“Even that intelligent beast king is dead,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Even the beast king died?”

“Was it master’s spirit formation that killed them?” Yuan Shu looked to Grandmaster Tang Chen with a slight amount of uncertainty.

He knew that the protective formation around that place had been set up by his master.

It was because his master had noticed that the spirit formation had shattered that he brought him there. Their purpose was to restore the spirit formation and once again seal those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts.

That said, he had not heard from his master that there was a slaughtering formation left there too. That was why he was uncertain as to whether or not the deaths of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were related to his master.

“No, it was not done by me. My spirit formation was only able to stop them. It was unable to kill them,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Then what’s going on?” Yuan Shu became even more puzzled.

“Someone else did this. Someone else has exterminated all these Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Someone else did this?”

“In that case, wouldn’t that mean that there’s an existence as powerful as master in the Reincarnation Upper Realm?”

“Master, who is it?” Yuan Shu was very curious.

He had long since heard of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts trapped in that place from his master.

Although, with the exception of that beast king, the other ferocious beasts only knew slaughter, and did not have much intelligence, though they were very powerful.

Especially that beast king, it was an existence that surpassed the Utmost Exalted realm.

To be able to kill all the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, including even that beast king, one could tell just how ruthless and fierce of a character the killer was.

Yuan Shu wanted to know exactly who that ruthless character was.

“I don’t know who did this. According to my judgement, that person obliterated these Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts extremely quickly. Indirectly, I can deduce their strength from that,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“In that case, senior, what cultivation do you think that person has?” asked Yuan Shu.

“I’m afraid that person’s cultivation surpasses this old man's.” sighed Grandmaster Tang Chen.


“It’s someone even more powerful than master?”

The look of astonishment in Yuan Shu’s eyes grew even more intense.

He had grown up by his master’s side. Yet, even we that moment, he didn’t even know exactly how powerful his master was.

The reason for that was because his master was simply too powerful, unfathomably powerful.

Up until that moment, Yuan Shu had never met a cultivator stronger than his master.

Yet, his master actually said that someone even more powerful than him had appeared. How could Yuan Shu not be astonished by this?

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