Chapter 3949 - The Embarrassed Chu Feng

Chapter 3949 - The Embarrassed Chu Feng

“Could it be that the spirit formation has lost its effect?”

Seeing the old lady passing through the spirit formation, the crowd all began to panic.

They did not realize that the spirit formation was only capable of stopping those Ancient Era’s organisms, and could not stop anyone else.

Their first reaction was that the spirit formation had lost its effect, and that if the Ancient Era’s organisms were to appear again, they would no longer be contained by that spirit formation.

Thus, many people leapt up and quickly flew away from that place.

At that moment, only the people from the Cloudspirit Clan, Linghu An’an and a few other people remained.

“Lord Clan Chief, the change occurring in Mount Ivory Valley is simply exactly the same as that lord said.”

“We should also be leaving. If we are to continue to stay here, I’m afraid that our entire clan will be extinguished.”

Many Cloudspirit Clansmen had surrounded a tall and robust man.

That man was naturally the strongest expert of the Cloudspirit Clan, the renowned Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief, who refused to give even the Red-dress Holy Land face.

As that man was renowned for his fearlessness saw the change to Mount Ivory Valley, deep unease appeared in his eyes.

He knew very well that his Cloudspirit Clan could not settle on Mount Ivory Valley anymore.

“Truly never would I have imagined that beneath our Cloudspirit Clan’s territory really existed Ancient Era’s organisms.”

The Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief sighed. Then, he looked to Linghu An’an and shouted, “Young lady.”


After shouting those words, the Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief raised his arm, and a green light flew towards Linghu An’an.

Linghu An’an extended her arm and caught the green light. Upon doing so, she was shocked to discover that it was a green porcelain bowl.

“Senior, could it be that you’d… long retrieved this porcelain bowl?”

Linghu An’an looked to the porcelain bowl in her hand. Her gaze became very complicated.

After all, Linghu Yueyue had only fallen to her current state of danger because of this bowl. In fact, it was very possible that she had already died.

“How could I not retrieve such a precious item?”

“You all are truly too young and inexperienced. You should’ve sought me out directly to ask for this bowl. How could you rashly enter the lake?”

“Forget about it. As matters stand, criticisms are useless.”

“Quickly, leave this place. Remember to inform the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster that the words spoken by that lord from back then have come true. One must not stay at this place. She should immediately leave together with the disciples of the Whiteclothes Nunnery.”

After saying those words, the Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief soared into the sky.

Following him, the others from the Cloudspirit Clan also shot into the sky like countless arrows. They too began to fly far away.

After the entire Cloudspirit Clan left, the others that remained also began to flee in succession.

With this, only Linghu An’an, Pang Bo and Pang Bo’s father remained.

“Miss An’an, we should leave too,” Pang Bo said to Linghu An’an.

“I’m going to stay here to wait for my young miss. You two can go.”

“Oh, that’s right. I’ll have to trouble the two of you in bringing this to my headmaster.”

Linghu An’an handed the green porcelain bowl to Pang Bo and his father, who sighed.

“Very well then.”

Although they’d only known one another for a short period of time, Pang Bo and Pang Bo’s father had already realized what sort of person Linghu An’an was.

Thus, they did not bother to persuade her. They accepted the green porcelain bowl and began flying toward the Whiteclothes Nunnery.

Not long after Pang Bo and his father left, a figure flew over.

It was the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.

“Lady headmaster, why did you come here?”

Linghu An’an was very surprised to see her.

“Could it be that they didn’t inform you of the porcelain bowl?”

“Could they have…”

Suddenly, Linghu An’an started to blame herself. She felt that it was very possible that Pang Bo and his father had decided to take the green porcelain bowl for themselves.

“An’an, do not speak such nonsense.”

As the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster spoke, she extended her palm from her sleeves. She was actually holding the green porcelain bowl in her hand.

“I’ve rushed here after hearing about what the two of them told me.”

“The disciples of our Whiteclothes Nunnery have all left. You and Yueyue were drawn into this matter because of me. As such, I should bear the outcome of this with you,” said the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.

Hearing those words, ripples emerged in Linghu An’an’s heart.

She knew that the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster was a very good person. She also understood her personality, and knew that she was extremely stubborn. Thus, it was simply impossible for her to persuade her headmaster to leave.

Because of that, she did not attempt to persuade the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster. Instead, she decided to guard that place and wait for Lord Asura’s return with her headmaster.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was rapidly traveling atop the divine deer.

He had not only entered the lake, but he was also searching all over it.

Ultimately, at a corner in the depths of the lake, Chu Feng discovered Linghu Yueyue.

She was trapped.

Countless powerful Ancient Era’s organisms were frantically besieging her.

Fortunately, Linghu Yueyue had a layer of spirit formation around her body protecting her. Otherwise, with her cultivation, she would’ve long died without any remains.

“Animals, come catch your daddy! What skill is it to bully a young lady?!” Chu Feng shouted suddenly.

Chu Feng’s shout not only caught Linghu Yueyue’s attention, but it also caught the attention of those Ancient Era’s organisms.


The Ancient Era’s organisms that were besieging Linghu Yueyue all rushed towards Chu Feng.

Even though there were Utmost Exalted-level existences amongst those Ancient Era’s organisms, they were simply unable to catch up to Chu Feng with the speed of the divine deer.

In fact, when they relaxed their siege of Linghu Yueyue, Chu Feng turned around and arrived beside Linghu Yueyue.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you out of here,” Chu Feng said to Linghu Yueyue.


However, right after Chu Feng finished saying those words, he was completely dumbstruck.

He discovered to his surprise that the divine deer he was riding had disappeared.

Most importantly, those Ancient Era’s organisms that he had lured away were rapidly flying toward him.

This time around, it was no longer only Linghu Yueyue that was trapped. Chu Feng was also trapped!

“Miss Yueyue, let me in!”

Helpless, Chu Feng cried for Linghu Yueyue’s help.


Even though Linghu Yueyue was very surprised, she understood Chu Feng.

Thus, she immediately activated the bottle gourd to allow the protective formation’s power to envelope Chu Feng too.

At that moment of life and death crisis, the attacks from those Ancient Era’s organisms had arrived before them.

Terrifying energy ripples began to wreak havoc nonstop outside the protective formation.

Fortunately, the defensive power of the bottle gourd was truly strong. Thus, no matter how fiercely the Ancient Era’s organisms attacked, Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue were completely unharmed.

“Milord, weren’t you going to bring me out of this place?” Linghu Yueyue blinked her large eyes as she looked to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng coughed as he revealed an embarrassed smile. “About that, I might not be able to do so for the time being.”

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