Chapter 3948 - Returning To Mount Ivory Valley

Chapter 3948 - Returning To Mount Ivory Valley

Such a powerful spirit formation would not have appeared out of thin air. Because of this, the crowd realized that someone must’ve set up the spirit formation there ahead of time.

This also confirmed Chu Feng’s claims that there was a spirit formation deep inside Mount Ivory Valley’s lake blocking those Ancient Era’s organisms.

Because of this, the crowd felt that the spirit formation before them and the spirit formation inside Mount Ivory Mountain’s lake had been set up by the same individual.

That said, with the spirit formation before their eyes, the crowd all gasped with admiration.

The spirit formation was simply too powerful.

The imposing and magnificent spirit formation caused the crowd’s hearts to tremble.

Even though everyone present were martial cultivators and had, more or less, experienced these aspects of the world, it was still the first time that they’d witnessed a sight like the one before them.

As they looked to the spirit formation that trapped numerous Utmost Exalted-level Ancient Era’s organisms, the crowd felt how weak and irrelevant they were. And, more than that, they felt great excitement.

The spirit formation before them had most definitely been set up by a cultivator; by a world spiritist, by a powerful existence.

This made them once again realize that, in the vast world, there were existences so powerful that they could utterly stun them.

At the same time, they also became very curious as to what sort of person it was that had set up that spirit formation to seal off those Ancient Era’s organisms.

That said, regardless of who that person might be, that person was still a god-like existence..

After being momentarily stunned, the crowd once again realized the circumstances before them.

Although the Ancient Era’s organisms were contained, the danger they posed remained.

Because of that, the great majority of the crowd continued to flee. Taking advantage of the fact that the Ancient Era’s organisms had been stopped, they felt that they must seize the opportunity to quickly escape.

That said, there were also some more daring people who felt that those Ancient Era’s organisms were no longer able to cause them harm with the spirit formation present, and decided to stay to observe things.

People from the Cloudspirit Clan and people from other powers were among those people. Of course, Pang Bo, Pang Bo’s father, Linghu An’an and Chu Feng were also amongst them.


Suddenly, the voices of the Ancient Era’s organisms changed. They seemed to be howling miserably.

In the beginning, the crowd were confused by their howls. However, as the Ancient Era’s organisms that were charging at the spirit formation from the sky and on the ground repeatedly began to fall and roll on the ground with pained looks on their faces, the crowd were finally able to confirm that they were indeed howling in grief.

But, why would they suddenly be in so much pain?

The crowd were all confused by that.

After all, the crowd did not see anything that could possibly cause harm to those Ancient Era’s organisms.

There was simply no reason or cause for their current pain and suffering.


Then, before the crowd’s focused eyes, the bodies of the Ancient Era’s organisms began to disintegrate. Before the crowd’s very eyes, they shattered into ash. Not even a bone remained.

In merely the blink of an eye, all of the Ancient Era’s organisms within the spirit formation had disappeared.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the destruction caused by them still remained, the crowd would even have suspected if there had really been Ancient Era’s organisms.

“What a powerful spirit formation. It’s actually able to completely obliterate all those Ancient Era’s organisms.”

“Great! Great killing! Those things that don't belong in this era should be killed.”

Suddenly, ear-splitting cheers sounded throughout heaven and earth.

Even though the crowd did not notice anything attacking those Ancient Era’s organisms, they still felt that those Ancient Era’s organisms had all been killed by the power of the spirit formation.

That said, compared to the others, Chu Feng was frowning. His gaze became deep.

Although he was unable to determine what level the world spiritist who had set up that spirit formation had achieved, he was able to tell that the spirit formation had only blocked those Ancient Era’s organisms, and did not attack them.

It seemed to him that those Ancient Era’s organisms were killed by a different sort of power.

But, what power could it be?

“Could it be that the Ancient Era’s organisms are truly unable to survive in this era?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng remembered the rumors of the Galewind Hunting Clan.

According to the rumor, a catastrophe had befallen the Ancient Era.

It was that catastrophe that had caused all the creatures and cultivators of the Ancient Era to disappear.

Even though the Galewind Hunting Clan and the fierce and beast-like Ancient Era’s organisms of that place managed to survive the Ancient Era, they did not manage to completely avoid the catastrophe.

They had to remain hidden deep underground, and rely on some sort of special power to survive.

If they were to leave the protection of that special power to return to the surface, they would die.

Even though Chu Feng could not be certain if the deaths of those Ancient Era’s organisms might be related to that so-called catastrophe, they had indeed died very strangely.

“Milord, where’s my young miss? Could it be that my young miss has encountered an accident?” Linghu An’an’s voice was suddenly heard.

When Chu Feng looked to Linghu An’an, he saw that she was completely covered in tears. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks nonstop.

“Shouldn’t your young miss be together with you all?”

Even though Chu Feng asked that question, he had already realized that something bad might have happened.

Linghu An’an and Pang Bo then informed Chu Feng about what had happened after he'd left.

Of course, they also informed him of all the information they learned from the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.


Chu Feng felt extremely helpless after learning what had happened.

He knew very well how dangerous the lake at Mount Ivory Valley was at that moment.

Even if Linghu Yueyue had the protection of a bottle gourd left behind by a mysterious expert, it was still unknown if she could survive in an environment filled with Ancient Era’s organisms.

“Listen carefully.”

“If that spirit formation disappears, leave immediately. Flee as far away as you possibly can.”

“If that spirit formation remains, wait for me here. However, no matter what, you all are not allowed to enter Mount Ivory Valley again.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng disappeared.

“Lord Asura?”

Seeing Chu Feng disappearing before their eyes, Linghu An’an, Pang Bo and Pang Bo’s father looked to one another in dismay. They were all bewildered.

Chu Feng had disappeared too quickly, and caught all of them off-guard. Furthermore, they simply had no idea where he had gone.

However, judging from his words, it seemed like he'd went to save Linghu Yueyue.

But, why did they see no sign of Chu Feng when they looked towards Mount Ivory Valley?

Chu Feng had actually really proceeded for Mount Ivory Valley to find and rescue Linghu Yueyue.

Even though it would be very dangerous, he must still try. As the divine deer had yet to disappear, he would at least be able to move about unhindered in the lake.

The reason why Chu Feng told Linghu An’an and the others to not enter Mount Ivory Valley was because he was able to tell that the spirit formation, whilst very powerful and able to withstand the attacks of Utmost Exalted-level existences, its shielding was aimed only at one direction -- the direction of Mount Ivory Valley.

If people from outside the spirit formation wanted to enter Mount Ivory Valley, the spirit formation would not stop them at all.

Chu Feng was not the only person capable of entering the spirit formation. If Linghu An’an and the others also wanted to enter, they could very well enter the spirit formation too.

“Something’s amiss. If that spirit formation is so powerful, Lord Asura shouldn’t be able to enter it either, no?”

“In that case, where exactly did he go?”

Sure enough, Pang Bo began to voice questions with a look of confusion on his face.

He suddenly realized that, with the spirit formation present, none of them should be able to enter Mount Ivory Valley.

Even if Chu Feng wanted to rescue Linghu Yueyue, he should not be able to.


Right at that moment, the sleeping old granny opened her eyes.

After opening her eyes, she began to walk upwards step by step. As if she were stepping on an invisible and formless flight of steps, she walked from the surface of the ground to ten thousand meters in the air, and continued to walk forward.

Walking on air, her pace was very slow. Seeing her walking like that, the crowd were all flabbergasted.

They realized that the direction the old lady was walking towards was Mount Ivory Valley.

“It’s that old woman again? She’s truly one with a deathwish. That spirit formation is capable of obliterating even the Ancient Era’s organisms, what exactly does she want to achieve by going towards it?”

“Grandma, you must stop immediately! That spirit formation is very dangerous!”

Seeing the movements of the old lady, there were people that began to scoff at her, and people that began to urge her to stop.

However, regardless of what sort of words they were, the old lady completely ignored them.

Then, a bizarre thing happened.

The crowd were able to clearly see the old lady passing through the spirit formation that separated heaven and earth without any obstruction, completely uninjured.

Just like that, she walked past the spirit formation completely unhindered. With that, the old lady continued to walk towards Mount Ivory Valley.

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