Chapter 3947 - Sealing Off Heaven And Earth

Chapter 3947 - Sealing Off Heaven And Earth

The roar from the divine deer did not only jolt Chu Feng’s ears, causing him to feel a sharp buzz, but it also made him realize that the current situation was extremely bad.

Although the divine deer was very powerful, it was unable to remain for a long time.

Thus, Chu Feng looked to the old lady. “Senior, please excuse me.”

Chu Feng directly grabbed the old lady and placed her on the divine deer.

However, even with that, the old lady still had her eyes closed. Furthermore, her posture did not change at all. She remained as stiff as a stone statue.

Chu Feng suspected that even though the old lady had some sort of mental issue, she must be using some sort of special cultivation method that caused her to become like that.

That said, he no longer had the time to think too much.

Chu Feng was able to sense that those Ancient Era’s organisms had not given up the chase. They were rapidly approaching his position.

Thus, bringing the old lady, Chu Feng began to rush outwards.

Not long after escaping from Mount Ivory Valley, Chu Feng saw people.

There were even people from the Cloudspirit Clan among them.

It seemed like the Cloudspirit Clan had also realized that the situation was bad, and had left Mount Ivory Valley with the crowd.

However, they had evidently not gone far.

“Everyone, quickly, run away! This place is extremely dangerous!” Chu Feng shouted.

“Who’s shouting that?”

“That voice, it sounds like… Lord Asura?!”

“Lord Asura?! Where’s Lord Asura?”

Although the crowd were able to hear Chu Feng, they were unable to see him at all.

The reason for that was because his speed was simply too fast.

By the time the crowd reacted to his shout, he had arrived among them.

Riding the divine deer in midair, Chu Feng shouted at the crowd, “Everyone, the Ancient Era’s organisms have escaped from the restriction of the spirit formation! It’s no longer only Exalted-level Ancient Era’s organisms this time around. Instead, it’s Utmost Exalted. There’s at least several tens of thousands of Utmost Exalted-level Ancient Era’s organisms that have rushed out from the lake. Everyone, run away now! Run as far as you can! Do not stop!”

“It really is Lord Asura!”

“When did Lord Asura arrive here? Why didn’t I see him?”

“Lord Asura, you… what’s with your posture?”

Compared to Chu Feng’s words, the crowd were even more concerned with his movements.


Chu Feng was surprised by the crowd’s words. He found them completely baffling.

He was clearly trying to tell them that this place was very dangerous. Yet, what were they talking about?

“Due to the fact that your cultivation is too weak, this god is unable to unleash my true power. Apart from you, they are simply unable to see this god.”

“Thus, to them, you’re standing in midair with your legs wide open like a fool. Oh, that’s right, you’re also carrying a sleeping old woman on your back.”

The divine deer’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears when he was confused as to why the crowd were reacting like that.

“So that’s the case.”

Chu Feng realized why the crowd was so surprised after hearing the divine deer’s explanation.

At the same time, he also recalled the way those Ancient Era’s organisms in the lake had looked at him earlier. They too seemed to be in great shock.

It turned out that they were not only shocked by his speed, but they were also shocked by his posture.

“Lord Asura!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard.

Looking over, Chu Feng saw three figures flying toward him and then landing before him.

They were Linghu An’an, Pang Bo and Pang Bo’s father.

“Lord Asura, you said those Ancient Era’s organisms managed to break through the spirit formation? Furthermore, their cultivations are that of Utmost Exalted?”

“Is that true?”

Pang Bo’s father asked with a stern expression.

“That’s something I witnessed personally. It’s absolutely certain! Furthermore, they are currently rushing in this direction!”

“Everyone, run away immediately! Otherwise, you will all die here!”

Chu Feng shouted to the crowd with a stern expression.


“Ancient Era’s organisms managed to escape?”

“Furthermore, their cultivation were that of Utmost Exalted?”

Earlier, the crowd had only noticed Chu Feng’s peculiar posture when he appeared, and had completely neglected the things he'd said.

However, after Chu Feng repeated himself, they finally realized how serious the situation was.

“Run! Run away! Run away or we’re all going to die!”

Immediately, the crowd began to soar into the sky, fleeing in all directions.


However, right after they began fleeing, an ear-piercing sound sounded from Mount Ivory Valley.

Regardless of whether it was the ones fleeing, the ones hesitating or the ones stunned by terror, everyone subconsciously turned their eyes to Mount Ivory Valley.

The instant they did that, everyone was stunned.

The mountain rocks and trees on Mount Ivory Valley were flying. The earth itself was bursting open. Even space was shattering. Mount Ivory Valley was being completely destroyed. That region was completely dark, with continued devastation wrecking havoc. It was simply akin to the arrival of doomsday.

Furthermore, the devastation was spreading. It was sweeping towards their direction.

An extremely terrifying power appeared from the direction of Mount Ivory Valley. With earth-shattering might, that power caused major disasters everywhere it passed.,

Most importantly, by the time the crowd saw that terrifying sight, the power was already extremely close to them.

At that instant, even the fleeing crowd turned ashen.

They were able to tell that, with the speed at which the destruction was spreading, that power would engulf them in no time.

Flee? With their speed, they would simply not be able to escape.

Thus, they gave up on the thought of fleeing. People began to close their eyes or grab onto those important to them. They made preparations to face death.


However, in the following instant, rumbles sounded continuously from nearby.

The crowd were even able to see terrifying energy ripples devouring heaven and earth like overwhelming ferocious beasts.

But, no matter how powerful those energy ripples were, they were unable to reach anyone present.

It seemed like an invisible barrier had appeared. That barrier sealed heaven and earth and blocked the terrifying energy ripples.


Then, the crowd saw the Ancient Era’s organisms.

The ferocious Ancient Era’s organisms had their fierce mouths wide open as they charged towards the crowd.

Yet, not long afterward, they all began to howl in pain. They had been forcibly stopped in midair.

They seemed like they had smashed into something as looks of pain filled their faces.

It was that invisible barrier again!

The invisible barrier that blocked the oppressive might and the resulting energy ripples had also blocked those Ancient Era’s organisms.

“What’s going on?”

The crowd were completely terrified. At the same time, they were completely dumbstruck.

They were completely confused by the scene before them.

Chu Feng had not deceived them. Those Ancient Era’s organisms were indeed all Utmost Exalted-level existences. That was something the crowd could determine merely from the oppressive might those Ancient Era’s organisms had unleashed.

But then, why would those Ancient Era’s organisms appear like they’d stopped?

Those Ancient Era’s organisms were clearly able to easily obliterate all of them. Why would they seem like they could not do anything to the them?


At the moment when the crowd were confused, a wondrous light appeared between heaven and earth.

That light was filled with runes and symbols. Countless runes and symbols appeared from beneath the ground and rose neatly into the sky.

Together, they formed a wall of runes and symbols between the crowd and the Ancient Era’s organisms.

It was a spirit formation, a spirit formation that connected heaven and earth.

The spirit formation created an enormous cage. With Mount Ivory Valley as the center, the surrounding ten thousand miles were completely sealed.

It was precisely that spirit formation that forcibly blocked those Ancient Era’s organisms and their terrifying oppressive might.

Seeing the spirit formation that reached above the clouds and sealed both heaven and earth, many people were completely speechless.

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Chu Feng was completely stunned.

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