Chapter 3944 - Fantastic Treasure

Chapter 3944 - Fantastic Treasure

“However, since Lord Asura agreed to help you all find that porcelain bowl, why would young lady Yueyue still leap into the lake?” Pang Bo asked Linghu An’an out of confusion.

He was able to tell that she had a very good relationship with Linghu Yueyue. Thus, he felt that she should be able to provide an answer to that question.

“I think that my young miss must be worried about Lord Asura.”

“Lord Asura had saved the two of us. Thus, I think my young miss must be worried that some sort of mishap might happen to him, and thus decided to follow into the lake,” said Linghu An’an.

“In that case, why didn’t she directly give that bottle gourd to him?” asked Pang Bo.

“That’s because only Yueyue is able to use the bottle gourd,” the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster said all of a sudden.

“Only she can use it?” Linghu An’an, Pang Bo and Pang Bo’s father were all surprised.

Shouldn’t the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster also be able to use the bottle gourd?

“Back then, that mysterious expert taught me a technique. Using that technique, one can activate the bowl and train with it.”

“However, the way to use that bottle gourd is not through a simple technique. There’s also an imprint.”

“That mysterious expert handed the imprint to me. With that, I was able to activate the bottle gourd. That said, that imprint is capable of being passed on to other people too. I have already passed that imprint to Yueyue.”

“Furthermore, there is a need to wait eight years before the imprint can be passed to another person.”

“Thus, only Yueyue will be able to use the bottle gourd over the next eight years,” said the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.

“So that’s the case.”

Hearing those words, Pang Bo and Pang Bo’s father finally came to a realization.

“Truly never would I have imagined that there are actually Ancient Era’s organisms hidden in Mount Ivory Valley.”

“I hope that young lady Yueyue and Lord Asura will both be able to return safely,” said Pang Bo’s father.

As matters stood, there was nothing they could do. They could only pray for Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue’s safety.


Meanwhile. Chu Feng had arrived at the depths of the lake.

He had actually entered the submerged palace first.

However, he did not manage to find the green porcelain bowl that Linghu Yueyue spoke of in the submerged palace.

Chu Feng then searched the vicinity of the submerged palace. Yet, he still didn’t manage to find it.

Because of that, he no longer bothered to continue the search for the porcelain bowl.

He was able to tell that there were a lot of destroyed items in the palace.

However, not a single one was of value. This meant that all of the treasures in the palace had been taken away.

Chu Feng felt that those treasures had been taken away by the Ancient Era’s organisms, the people who had entered the lake earlier or, the greatest possibility of all, put away by the people from the Cloudspirit Clan ahead of the disaster.

The Cloudspirit Clan were no fools. Since they knew that there were treasures in the palace, they would naturally not leave them there.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that there was no longer any meaning to continuing to search for the porcelain bowl.

As such, he did not continue to linger in the vicinity of the submerged palace. Instead, he began to proceed towards the depths of the lake.

Due to the cracks, the interior of the lake was enormous and complicated like a maze.

It was not as simple as it appeared from the outside at all. The inside of the lake had formed an underwater world.

Furthermore, Ancient Era’s organisms were present everywhere in the lake. Their numbers were extremely high, and simply inestimable. Even though a lot of Ancient Era’s organisms had rushed out of the lake earlier, they were merely the tip of the iceberg when compared to the amount of Ancient Era’s organisms still in the lake.

Furthermore, it was as Pang Bo’s father had said, there were multiple peak Exalted-level Ancient Era’s organisms moving about the lake.

Although the cultivation of the Ancient Era’s organisms that rushed out from the lake earlier were not weak, none of them were peak Exalted.

That said, not even peak Exalteds were able to bring fear to Chu Feng.

However, after Chu Feng entered the lake, even he hurriedly concealed himself with a concealment formation.

He did not dare to act carelessly. His every movement was made with great caution.

The reason for that was because he sensed enormous oppression from the depths of the lake.

Due to the fact that the strength of that oppression was simply too strong, Chu Feng was unable to determine the cultivation of the Ancient Era’s organisms emitting those oppressive auras.

Existences of that caliber were extremely deadly to Chu Feng.

Fortunately, although those beings were terrifyingly powerful, they were all sealed away by the spirit formation. For the time being, they would not be able to pose a threat to him.

Most importantly of all, Chu Feng discovered that the Spirit Spring Water had not disappeared. It was instead still steadily flowing outward.

It was merely that its quantity was extremely sparse, and it was mixed with the poisonous lake water, so it was not detected by others. Chu Feng, however, was able to clearly see it.

As the depths of the lake were split open, Chu Feng was able to dive further down nonstop. As long as he followed the Spirit Spring Water, he would be able to find its source.

That said, the underwater world was simply too enormous. It appeared to be endless. Even though Chu Feng was rapidly diving downward, it still took him a very long time.

Finally, Chu Feng stopped.

Multi-colored lake water still filled his field of vision. It did not appear to be special in the slightest.

Yet, an overjoyed look was present in Chu Feng’s eyes.

“Finally found you.”

Chu Feng had discovered the source of the Spirit Spring Water.

Furthermore, there were no Ancient Era’s organisms present there.

Thus, Chu Feng began to set up a spirit formation.

Chu Feng did not plan to conduct his training there. After all, that place was simply too dangerous.

According to Chu Feng’s observation, he felt that the powerful spirit formation there. was the key to stopping the Ancient Era’s organisms.

However, that spirit formation had already been breached. That was why the Ancient Era’s organisms were able to escape.

And now, powerful Ancient Era’s organisms were still attacking that spirit formation nonstop. Should that spirit formation be completely destroyed, the unfathomably powerful Ancient Era’s organism hidden in the depths of the lake would be able to break out.

Furthermore, according to Chu Feng’s analysis, that spirit formation was on the verge of being destroyed, and would not be able to last for much longer.

Thus, Chu Feng was on the clock. He must collect the Spirit Spring Water and then leave.. Only then could he slowly train with the Spirit Spring Water.

That being said, the Spirit Spring Water was already mixed with the poisonous lake water. Chu Feng had to use a spirit formation to remove the Spirit Spring Water.

Fortunately, this was not a difficult task for him.

In merely an hour, Chu Feng had successfully managed to gather a large amount of Spirit Spring Water. He then put away the gathered Spirit Spring Water.

There was actually a great amount of Spirit Spring Water there, much more than he had gathered.

However, Chu Feng was not greedy. He only gathered enough Spirit Spring Water to train with. With that, he prepared to leave.


However, all of a sudden, a body of light rapidly streaked past far away.

“That is?”

Seeing the body of light, the eyes of Chu Feng, who was already preparing to leave, started to shine.

Then, without any hesitation, his body shifted, and he began to chase after that body of light.

The reason for that was because what was flying past him was a cultivation treasure. Although it was useless to him, Chu Feng could tell that it was very useful for world spirits.

“What a surprising harvest.”

Chu Feng became happier the closer he got to that body of light. He was able to sense how powerful that treasure was.

If he were able to capture that treasure, Chu Feng wouldn’t even have to wait for Her Lady Queen to wake up. He would be able to directly use it on Her Lady Queen.

Rather than saying that it was a treasure for training, it would be more accurate to say that it was a treasure that could directly strengthen the cultivation of a world spirit.

A training treasure would still require one to train. It would still depend on whether one was talented enough to properly utilize it.

However, that treasure was different. It was simply akin to a medicinal pellet that could directly increase one’s cultivation.

Should a world spirit obtain it, they would be able to gain its full power without any effort. At the very most, it would take some time for it to be completely absorbed.

Chu Feng would naturally not allow himself to miss out on such a precious treasure. Besides, it was so easily obtainable at that moment.


However, all of a sudden, that body of light started to blossom with a strange brilliance. Then, it actually disappeared.

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