Chapter 3942 - Not Simple

Chapter 3942 - Not Simple

Regardless of whether the crowd were astonished, terrified or were flattering him, Chu Feng paid absolutely no attention to them.

He had already anticipated that they would behave like that once he revealed his strength to them.

He had experienced this sort of thing many times.

“You all have witnessed how dangerous this place is. Thus, do not wait for me here. It’s best to distance yourselves from this place.”

“Furthermore, if you are to sense that the situation is strange, leave immediately. Understand?” Chu Feng said to Linghu Yuueyue and Linghu An’an.


Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an nodded.

“The same goes for you all. If the situation seems strange, leave immediately.”

“In fact, it’s best to leave right now. The change to this place is definitely not merely the Spirit Spring Water. It is very possible that the Ancient Era’s organisms hidden in this place are about to breach the formation containing them to break out from this place,” Chu Feng said to the crowd.

“What? Ancient Era’s organisms?”

“Milord, are you talking about those Ancient Era’s organisms from earlier?” asked someone.

“Do those Ancient Era’s organisms from earlier seem like they could breach the formation containing them?”

“Although I do not know who set up the spirit formation in this place, it is very powerful. It’s purpose is precisely to suppress those Ancient Era’s organisms.”

“Yet now, that spirit formation is being destroyed.”

“It might be precisely because those Ancient Era’s organisms from earlier were weak that they were able to pass through the spirit formation to come here.”

“Those with truly powerful cultivations are still behind. They will only be able to come out once the spirit formation is completely breached.”

“I suspect that if those Ancient Era’s organisms from behind are to come out, even the people from the Cloudspirit Clan will suffer,” said Chu Feng.

“They’re that terrifying?”

The crowd all revealed looks of panic and worry after hearing Chu Feng’s words.

When he had been urging them to leave before, they had believed that he was deceiving them.

However, things were completely different now. After they witnessed Chu Feng’s ability, their image of him had changed completely.

To them, Chu Feng was not only a genius. He was also a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

Who among them could possibly dare to declare that they knew the situation there better than a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist?

Thus, they firmly believed in everything Chu Feng said.

“I wish you all the best of luck.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng’s body shifted as he leapt into the lake.

“Lord Asura will not deceive us. We’ve personally witnessed the situation inside the lake. Earlier, I felt the aura of a peak Exalted. However, at the depths of the lake was an even more terrifying aura.”

“Earlier, I thought I was having a misperception. However, since Lord Asura has explained how dangerous things are, the aura I felt must be real.”

“I urge everyone to quickly leave this dangerous place,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“That’s right. Lord Asura wouldn’t deceive us. This place is truly dangerous. If it wasn’t for Lord Asura earlier, all of us would’ve died.”

“Damned Cloudspirit Clan, it’s no wonder they’re not involving themselves in this. They must know how dangerous this place is. That’s why they’ve hidden themselves, and are having us throw our lives away instead.”

“Forget it. Stop complaining. Let’s all quickly leave this place so that we don’t end up losing our lives in vain.”

“Right, let’s leave this dangerous place.”

After Chu Feng entered the lake, the crowd’s final sense of security disappeared. They felt that simply no one besides him would be able to protect them.

They no longer dared to linger there.

Thus, countless figures soared into the sky. Like a flock of startled birds, they began to fly away in all directions.

Even the people from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion brought Mu Ziwei with them and left.

However, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an showed no intentions of leaving.

“Young ladies, why aren’t you two leaving?” Pang Bo’s father asked with concern.

“We’re waiting for Lord Asura here,” said Linghu Yueyue.

“It’s meaningless to wait here. The two of you will not be able to provide any help to Lord Asura,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“Although we won't be able to help Lord Asura, we’ll at least be able to go through trials and tribulations together with him.”

“Senior, you don’t have to urge us anymore. It is Lord Asura who saved our lives. Besides, Lord Asura entered the lake for the sake of helping us. We cannot leave this place,” said Linghu Yueyue.

“But, don’t you think that the two of you will cause an inconvenience for Lord Asura should some sort of mishap truly occur?”

“With Lord Asura’s ability, if something were to truly happen, I believe he would be able to escape safely.”

“However, if he had to rescue the two of you, it would instead make his escape problematic. It is very possible that the two of you will end up implicating him,” Pang Bo’s father said with sincerity.

“Young ladies, what my father said is very correct. This is not something as simple as going through trials and tribulations together,” echoed Pang Bo.

“Young miss, what this senior said is not without reason. Perhaps we should first leave this place and wait for Lord Asura outside,” even Linghu An’an began to urge Linghu Yueyue.

At that moment, Linghu Yueyue revealed a hesitant look.“Senior, could you help me with something?”

Suddenly, Linghu Yueyue looked to Pang Bo’s father.

“What is it? You can speak away,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“No matter what, bring her away from here,” Linghu Yueyue pointed to Linghu An’an.


Then, Linghu Yueyue’s body shifted, and she actually leapt into the lake.

“Young miss!”

Seeing that, Linghu An’an immediately leapt forward. She tried to jump into the lake after Linghu Yueyue.

However, before she was even able to touch the lake, when she was still in midair, an oppressive might bound her and forcibly pulled her back. Then, she began flying towards the outside of the valley.

It was Pang Bo’s father.

“Release me! Senior, release me!” Linghu An’an shouted frantically.

“Young lady, are you trying to die? That lake is not only poisonous, but there’s also Ancient Era’s organisms inside. With your level of cultivation, you will only be throwing your life away after entering the lake,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“Since you knew the lake was dangerous, why didn’t you stop my young miss from entering it?! Why are you insisting on stopping me instead?!”

“Release me! Even if I am to die, I must die with my young miss!”

Linghu An’an was enraged.

“It’s different for your young miss. She has a treasure on her. I could tell that that treasure was capable of preventing the poisonous water from corroding her body, and even allowing her to evade the Ancient Era’s organisms,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“Treasure? Impossible. My young lady’s treasures were all taken away, how could she still have such a treasure?” Linghu An’an had a look of disbelief on her face.

After all, she knew that Linghu Yueyue’s treasures were all taken away by the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen. And now, she did not have any powerful treasures on her at all.

“Your cultivation is lacking, that’s why you’re unable to see things clearly. However, I can tell with certainty that the bottle gourd your young miss held in her hand was emitting a formless spirit formation that protected her within it.”

“That spirit formation is not only able to guard against the poisonous water, but it is also able to conceal your young miss’s aura.”

“Furthermore, it’s effect is most likely going to change somewhat after your young miss enters the lake,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“Bottle gourd?”

Hearing those words, Linghu An’an’s expression changed. She suddenly recalled something, and muttered quietly, “Could it be the bottle gourd from Lady Headmaster?”

“Lady Headmaster? Could the Lady Headmaster you speak of be the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster?” asked Pang Bo’s father.

“That’s right. It is our Lady Headmaster who gave my young miss that bottle gourd. Merely, I did not know the usage of that bottle gourd, as I did not hear what Lady Headmaster said to my young miss later on,” said Linghu An’an.

“It would appear that your Lady Headmaster is not simple at all,” Pang Bo’s father said.

“Not simple? What do you mean?” Linghu An’an had a look of confusion.

Even Pang Bo asked curiously, “Father, why do you say that?”

At that moment, Pang Bo’s father’s expression became complicated.

“I don’t know if it’s my misperception or something else. However, when that young lady unleashed the spirit formation from the bottle gourd, I felt a familiar aura from it.”

“That aura is identical to the aura emitted by the Ancient Era’s organisms inside the lake,” said Pang Bo’s father.

“Identical auras?”

“Identical to the Ancient Era’s organisms?”

Hearing those words, Linghu An’an and Pang Bo both revealed looks of shock.

When Linghu Yueyue was insisting on staying, they all felt that she was really planning to undergo trials and tribulations together with Chu Feng.

However, after hearing Pang Bo’s father’s words, they suddenly felt that things were not as simple as they had imagined.

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