Chapter 3941 - Even More Terrifying (Teaser)

Chapter 3941 - Even More Terrifying

Soon, the Scarlet Wind Pavilion’s disciples began arguing.

The people who had begged for Chu Feng’s assistance felt that, no matter what, even if it was only a single iota of a chance, they must still try. That was why they went to ask for Chu Feng’s help.

As for the other side, they felt that there was simply no need to request help from someone who did not possess the ability to help them. They felt that doing so would only disgrace their Scarlet Wind Pavilion.

With the situation like that, the bystanders were at a loss as to what to do.

As they looked to the dying Mu Ziwei, the crowd felt even greater distress and pain.

They were able to tell that if the situation continued, she would not be able to last for more than two hours.

The Scarlet Wind Pavilion would not be able to find an expert to assist them in time. Besides, they didn’t have any Saint-cloak World Spi...

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