Chapter 3940 - Too Humiliating

Chapter 3940 - Too Humiliating

Those monsters had all been killed by Chu Feng.

However, there were no cheers to be heard. It was so silent that it was somewhat oppressive.

Some people even turned green. Some others had their eyes wide open and, without any signs, fell to the ground unconscious.

Seeing their terrified looks, it seemed like they'd all been scared unconscious.

“Milord, please spare us, please spare us!”

Following that, someone started to beg very miserably. At the same time, that person knelt on the ground and began frantically kowtowing.

It was the bald man.

He was not the only one. His friends and many others present were also kneeling in fear.

Even the people that were not kneeling were also begging for forgiveness.

The crowd were simply about to be scared to death. After all, just a moment before, they'd nearly attacked Chu Feng.

Yet, Chu Feng was an existence capable of obliterating those terrifyingly powerful monsters in an instant.

Thus, how could they not be afraid of him?

Chu Feng completely ignored the begging crowd. He had never thought about making things difficult for them.

That said, he was still delighted to see their terrified looks.

After all, it was a good thing to teach them a lesson.

“Brother Asura, it really is you. You’re simply too powerful, no?”

“Never would I have imagined that you’re so unfathomable. Your cultivation even surpasses my father's.”

Pang Bo arrived before Chu Feng. He was overjoyed.

He already knew that Chu Feng had an extraordinary identity. However, he'd never imagined for him to be so powerful himself.

This truly came as a pleasant surprise to him.

“Lil Bo, could this person be your friend that gave you that Immortal Armament?”

At that moment, even Pang Bo’s father had arrived before Chu Feng.

“That’s right. Father, he’s the one. It is this brother Asura who gave me this Immortal Armament.”

“Speaking of it, I am truly ashamed. I’ve simply never helped brother Asura with anything. The oppression grew stronger and stronger. In the end, I was only able to help him halfway. Never would I have imagined that he’d present me with such a precious weapon.”

As Pang Bo spoke, he even took out the Immortal Armament Chu Feng had given him and waved it before the crowd several times.

That Immortal Armament was a top quality Immortal Armament even among top quality Immortal Armaments. Merely from the aura it emitted, the crowd could tell how powerful of a weapon it was.

Seeing the Immortal Armament in Pang Bo’s hand, many people felt like vomiting blood.

This was especially true for the baldy and his group. They were simply filled with regret.

If they hadn’t looked down on Chu Feng, they might’ve also been able to obtain such top quality Immortal Armaments like the one Pang Bo held.

“Paa, paa~~~”

Suddenly, someone ruthlessly slapped himself twice.

The bystanders were confused as to why he'd slapped himself.

Only the person who slapped himself knew well how regretful he was.

Earlier, he'd brushed past the opportunity to obtain a precious treasure!

That was a treasure that he could not obtain in his entire life.

He was filled with so much regret that he simply felt like beating himself to death.

“Young master, could you save our senior sister Mu?”

Right at that moment, several women wearing the same attire descended from the sky and landed before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng recognized those women. They were people from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion.

“What happened?”

Chu Feng asked immediately. He felt that the senior sister Mu that they spoke of was very likely the young lady by the name of Mu Ziwei from earlier.

If it were other people, Chu Feng might not necessarily help them.

However, if it was that Mu Ziwei, Chu Feng was willing to provide help.

“Our senior sister has been poisoned.”

“Milord, please check out our senior sister. We are unable to help her. Perhaps Milord might be able to help her.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually willing to help them, the women immediately soared into the sky to guide him.

Not only did Chu Feng follow them, but Pang Bo, Pang Bo’s father, Linghu Yueyue, Linghu An’an and many other people present also flew after the Scarlet Wind Pavilion’s disciples.

Guided by the Scarlet Wind Pavilion’s female disciples, the crowd arrived atop a mountain.

The people Chu Feng had met from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion earlier were all present. Mu Ziwei was also there.

It was no wonder Chu Feng did not see Mu Ziwei and the others after he'd arrived at the lake. It turned out that they were atop a mountain.

Merely, Mu Ziwei’s current condition was very bad. Her entire body had turned purple. She was lying on a treasure emitting freezing cold air. Yet, even with that, her body was still emitting heat.

Her body seemed like it was on the verge of being burned away and dissolved by that terrifying heat.

Even though the disciples from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion were trying their hardest to activate the treasure and make it emit even chillier cold air to counter the intense heat emitted by Mu Ziwei, it was very ineffective.

“How did this happen?”

“Was she attacked by the monsters inside the lake?” asked Chu Feng.

“We’re not sure. Senior sister used our pavilion’s treasure and entered the lake.”

“After she exited the lake, she was unable to even speak.”

“We only know that she was poisoned, and know nothing else,” said the disciples of the Scarlet Wind Pavilion.

“Didn’t you all go to seek help from the Cloudspirit Clan? Are they also unable to help?” asked a curious bystander.

Many people had actually witnessed what happened to Mu Ziwei. Many people had also tried to help her.

After all, Mu Ziwei was renowned. Many people wanted to take the opportunity to win the favor of the Scarlet Wind Pavilion’s strongest genius.

Unfortunately, the crowd were all powerless to help her. Thus, someone suggested they find the Cloudspirit Clan to seek their help.

The people from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion really did end up bringing Mu Ziwei to seek help from the Cloudspirit Clan.

The crowd had never expected that they had returned, and were atop the mountain.

However, Mu Ziwei’s current condition was even worse than before.

Thus, the crowd felt that the people from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion had either not really gone to seek the help of the Cloudspirit Clan, or they'd been refused by the Cloudspirit Clan.

The crowd felt that it was more probable that they'd been refused. After all, the Cloudspirit Clan had an eccentric nature to begin with. They refused to give face to even the Red-dress Holy Land. Thus, how could they possibly give face to the Scarlet Wind Pavilion?

“The Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief said that senior sister Mu has been inflicted with a very powerful poison. Unless a Saint-cloak World Spiritist is to help her, she cannot be treated,” said a Scarlet Wind Pavilion’s disciple.

“What? Her poison can only be removed by a Saint-cloak World Spiritist? The poison is that powerful?”

The crowd were all greatly alarmed. When they looked to Mu Ziwei again, they felt pity and sympathy for her.

Her condition didn’t seem hopeful in the slightest. If this were to continue, she would not be able to last for much longer. She might really end up dying.

The crowd all felt that it was a pity for a genius of her caliber to die just like that.

Even Linghu Yueyue and Linnghu An’an, people who didn’t know much about Mu Ziwei, felt sympathy for her.

Compared to the others, Chu Feng folded his hands and placed them on his abdomen with his eyes closed. He seemed like he was training.

“Milord, earlier, we were completely blind. We didn’t know how powerful Milord is.”

“However, our senior sister is truly a kindhearted and benevolent person. I beg of you, please save our senior sister.”

At that moment, the disciples that had gone to find Chu Feng for help once again arrived before him and began begging for his help.

“Have you all gone mad?! Why are you seeking his help?!”

“Didn’t the Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief say that only a Saint-cloak World Spiritist is able to save senior sister?! What use is there in begging for his help?!”

“He’s only an Exalted. Right now, not even Utmost Exalted-level experts would be able to help senior sister. Only Saint-cloak World Spiritists can save her.”

At that moment, there were disciples from the Scarlet Wind Pavilion that stood out and began to criticize the disciples begging for Chu Feng’s help. They felt that Mu Ziwei was unable to be saved.

They felt that it was simply too humiliating for them to lower themselves to begging for someone’s help when their senior sister was beyond help.

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