Chapter 394 - Might of the Asura Ghost Axe

MGA: Chapter 394 - Might of the Asura Ghost Axe

Chu Feng’s plan was very simple…

When he discovered that Jie Yan and the others were already determined, and no matter what the price, had to take away his Asura Ghost Axe, Chu Feng decided to make a plan against their plan.

He lied about making a trade with Jie Yan and the others. In reality, he had never intended to make a trade. He wanted to use their desires of wanting his Elite Armament to trick a million Profound beads from them and use them to increase his own cultivation.

After getting the Profound beads, not to mention cutting off his own arm, he wouldn’t even leave the Elite Armament behind. He would unhesitantly leave. The Forbidden Medicine and Attacking Talisman he wanted from Vice-head Gao was prepared exactly for that.

Although his preparations were quite sufficient, it could not be denied that there were still huge risks within his plan....

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