Chapter 3939 - Refusing Face

Chapter 3939 - Refusing Face

They’d arrived there before Chu Feng, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an. When Chu Feng was helping the old lady, they'd noticed him.

However, what Chu Feng did at first was, after all, an act of kindness. Furthermore, standing behind him were Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an. Thus, even though they viewed Chu Feng as an enemy, they did not dare to do anything.

At the very most, they would only dare to declare him to be a hypocrite in their hearts.

However, the situation was different now.

There were a lot of experts gathered there. Many among them were even Exalted-level experts.

What Chu Feng said held no credibility in the slightest. Thus, they'd decided to use the opportunity to frame him in hopes of leading the crowd into teaching him a lesson.

“I remember now. That guy was the one we passed on the road up here earlier. He’s indeed a scammer. He was saying that if anyone could bring him here, he would reward them with an Immortal Armament. But look at him, how does he resemble someone with an Immortal Armament?”

“Right, right, right. I also saw him. I already thought that guy to be a scammer then. However, seeing that no one bothered to pay attention to him, I didn’t bother to bicker with him either.”

“Never would I have expected that he would actually try to deceive me too. Fucking bastard’s truly shameless!”

“Scram! Scram immediately! Otherwise, I’ll break your damned legs!”

“That’s right! Damned scammer, scram immediately! This place doesn’t welcome vile people like you!”

The words spoken by the baldy and his group successfully incited the crowd. Already feeling annoyed by being unable to enter the lake, the crowd turned their anger on Chu Feng.

“All of you shut up! Lord Asura is warning you all out of kind intentions, but not only did you all not appreciate his kindness, but you’re actually insulting him?!”

Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an were no longer able to contain themselves. They arrived beside Chu Feng and began to question the people that were criticizing him.

“These two lasses are pretty good-looking. Yet, why are they so feeble-minded? They must’ve been deceived by that scammer.”

“Right. They’re actually even speaking up for him, unable to differentiate good from bad. The way I see it, there’s an issue with their heads.”

After Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an spoke, they also began to be criticized and ridiculed.

“You all are the ones with mental issues! A bunch of fools. Likely, you won’t even know how you died later.”

Facing the crowd’s criticisms, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an stood on either side of Chu Feng, protecting him, and continued to trade insults with the crowd.

They looked like they were willing to take on the world for his sake.

“Forget it. There’s no need to pay attention to them. If they don’t believe me, let them.”

Compared to Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an, Chu Feng only smiled indifferently.

He had no duty to protect the crowd. He'd only warned them earlier out of kindness. If the crowd refused to appreciate his kindness, so be it.

Chu Feng had already warned them. If they did not trust him and ended up dying, it would have nothing to do with him.

“Pay no attention to us?”

“Are you trying to pay no attention to us, or are you trying to run away?”

“What’s this? You’re trying to flee after a failed scam? Did you really take us as fools?”

“We can’t let this bastard get away with this. We must properly teach him a lesson. Otherwise, scum like him will continue to scam others even after leaving this place.”

“Right! We cannot let him get away! We must properly teach him a lesson!”

Faced with Chu Feng’s indifference, the crowd not only grew more intense, but Chu Feng was able to even sense people unleashing their oppressive might towards him.

They were actually really planning to attack him.

At that moment, Chu Feng finally narrowed his brows.

“You are truly people to refuse the face that is given to you.”

Faced with the overbearing crowd, displeasure appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

“Oh-ho, he’s actually giving us such a look?”

“Who does he think he is? Did he really think he was some sort of expert?”

“Motherfucker, you’re nothing more than a scammer. Utterly fucking shameless! Beat him the fuck up!”

Faced with the displeased Chu Feng, the crowd not only showed no sign of fear, but they instead started mocking him even more.


However, right at that moment, a pillar of water exploded from the lake straight into the sky.

Soon, the crowd noticed that the pillar of water was lifted by two people.

Many people among the crowd recognized those people.

In fact, even Chu Feng recognized one of them.

They were a young man and a black-haired old man.

The young man was Pang Bo.

As for the black-haired old man, his appearance greatly resembled Pang Bo. He must be his father.

A body of light enveloped the two of them. That body of light had an anti-poison effect.

It was likely due to that body of light that they were able to enter the lake and return unharmed.

“How was it? Lord Pang, did you manage to find anything?”

“Brother Pang, did you manage to find the location of the Spirit Spring Water?”

Many people rushed up to the two men when they saw them. However, they were only concerned about the Spirit Spring Water.

“Everyone, run away! There are monsters below the lake! The monsters are too powerful! The strongest among them might be a peak Exalted! We’re no match for them!”

“Run away! Run away! If the Cloudspirit Clan doesn’t do anything, we’re all going to die!”

Pang Bo’s father shouted loudly.

“What? Monsters?”

“Brother Pang, what are you saying? Are you also trying to deceive us so that you can seize the Spirit Spring Water for yourself?”

However, the crowd not only did not believe Pang Bo’s father, but they instead revealed looks of suspicion. They were suspecting that Pang Bo’s father had deliberately said those things in order to deceive them.


However, right at that moment, countless roars sounded from below.

The roars were so terrifying that the crowd felt completely disturbed just by hearing them.


Following that, water soared into the sky.

The crowd were able to see countless black monsters flying out from the lake like arrows. With their ferocious mouths wide open, they flew towards the crowd.

At the instant they saw the monsters, the crowd were all stunned. They were able to sense that even the weakest of those monsters were Exalted.

Furthermore, some among them were very likely rank seven Exalted.

Even though there were quite a lot of Exalted-level experts among the people present, even the strongest of them was not a rank seven Exalted.

At that moment, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

They realized that Chu Feng had not deceived them.

They realized that Pang Bo’s father had also not deceive them.

It turned out that there really were powerful monsters hidden in the lake. Not only did they possess powerful cultivations, but their numbers were also very numerous.

With lake water splashing about, the crowd were able to see countless black figures appear on the lake.

Although those monsters were not very tall, measuring only several meters in length, their number was extremely great. There were over ten thousand such monsters.

Most importantly, they were no longer able to move by the time they saw them.

The reason for that was because those monsters had unleashed their oppressive might, and restricted the movement of the crowd.

They had all turned into fish on the chopping block. They could only watch helplessly as the monsters tore them to pieces.

At that moment, the crowd felt endless regret.

If they had believed Chu Feng’s words, then perhaps they might have escaped the crisis.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for regret.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At the moment when the crowd felt that they were undoubtedly going to die, wind whistled past them. Following that, anguished wailing could be heard.

That was the sound of weapons piercing through the air and the monsters’ screams.

The crowd looked around, and were immediately alarmed.

They saw countless golden blades flying around above the lake.

As the golden blades flew past, blood would splatter everywhere. The terrifying lake monsters were all sliced to pieces and killed by the golden blades.

In merely an instant, over ten thousand Exalted-level monsters had all been obliterated by the golden blades.

“Which expert saved us?!”

“Is it the Cloudspirit Clan?!”

“We’re saved! We’re saved! Regardless of who it was, we’re saved!”

Seeing those monsters being obliterated, the despairing crowd were immediately overjoyed.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Soon, the crowd were able to see the flying golden blades turning into a single blade of light. Ultimately, that blade of light landed in the hand of a person.


However, when the crowd noticed who the golden blade of light had returned to, they were once again stunned.

The reason for that was because the person currently holding the golden blade of light was the person they had been cursing and insulting earlier. Chu Feng.

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