Chapter 3938 - Being Ridiculed

Chapter 3938 - Being Ridiculed

“Madness. She’s simply throwing her life away for wealth.”

“So many people have already died, yet she’s still planning to throw her life away.”

“Tsk tsk. Since she wants to die so much, just let her do her thing. Let’s watch and see how she dies.”

Even though the old lady was heading straight toward the lake, no one attempted to stop her. Instead, constant mockery and ridicule began to sound from all directions.

The twisted looks on those people's faces and those gazes filled with anticipation were simply waiting for the old lady to fall into the lake and then die in there.

Human nature was truly a frightening thing.

However, the old lady did not step into the lake. Instead, she stopped beside the lake. Then, she took out a handkerchief and squatted down.

She was simply not planning to step into the lake. Instead, she seemed to be planning to use the lake water to wash her face.

Seeing that, Chu Feng immediately moved. He arrived before the old lady and grabbed her wrist. He stopped her from placing her hand into the lake water.

After all, the water was poisonous.


However, the instant Chu Feng grabbed the old lady’s wrist, he suddenly felt a jolt to his surroundings.

Then, everything around him changed.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt as if he had left that place and had fallen into an ice cave. The cold of that place was bone-piercing. It was clearly a route to death.

Chu Feng was unable to see anything before him. However, he felt as if there were two eyes looking at him from above.

Those two eyes were like two bright suns. They stood high above, and looked down on everything.

However, those bright suns were not emitting heat. Instead, they emitted ice-cold killing intent.

It was that old lady’s gaze. That old lady had only taken a single glance at Chu Feng. Yet, her glance brought such an intense feeling to him.

That illusory feeling lasted but an instant.

Chu Feng noticed that the old lady’s gaze had changed. There was no longer any killing intent, anger or alertness.

Instead, the feeling emitted by her gaze was one of surprise, and a slight amount of benevolence. In fact, her gaze was even slightly warm. It seemed as if she was very happy to see Chu Feng.

But, what was that earlier?

That was killing intent. Chu Feng knew that it was most definitely killing intent.

At the instant Chu Feng came in contact with the old lady, the old lady unleashed her killing intent. However, after she saw Chu Feng, she not only retrieved her killing intent, but happiness even emerged in her gaze.

What was going on?

Even Chu Feng was confused by this situation.

“Grandma, are you planning to wash your face? You can’t use the water here to wash your face. It’s poisonous.”

“If you want to wash your face, use this water instead.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a copper basin and filled it with clean water.

“Grandma, please use this.”

Chu Feng pushed the basin filled with clean water to the old lady.

The old lady took a glance at Chu Feng. Then, without saying anything, she began to use the water Chu Feng had prepared to wash her face.

Chu Feng discovered that the gaze with which she looked at him had changed again.

She no longer looked at him with the intimate gaze from before. There was no longer warmth in her gaze.

She acted as if he was a complete stranger. She showed no signs of being grateful or moved by Chu Feng’s help.

Of course, Chu Feng did not mind any of this.

Chu Feng had only decided to help because he didn’t want the old lady to harm herself.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that her mental state seemed to be abnormal.

How could ordinary people dare use poison water to wash their face?

However, after coming into contact with the old lady, Chu Feng became deeply curious about her.

Chu Feng was unable to determine her cultivation.

However, the gaze that the old lady had looked at him with earlier made Chu Feng realize that her cultivation was most definitely very powerful.

Very few people were able to bring such a strong sense of oppression to Chu Feng with a mere gaze.

This was even more so when the current Chu Feng was much stronger than before.

Yet, that old lady had actually been able to do just that. This meant that her strength was extremely powerful.

Merely, why would such a powerful existence appear to be suffering from mental issues?

Furthermore, why would she appear here?

Could she also be here for the sake of the Spirit Spring Water?

Or could it be that she was here due to the changes that had occurred here?

All sorts of questions and confusion filled Chu Feng’s heart.

The old lady was like a puzzle to him, filling him with curiosity.

The old lady finished washing her face, stood up and walked back to a place near the lake. However, she did not leave. Instead, she took out a cushion and sat down.

Sitting down cross-legged, she closed her eyes. She appeared as though she was training.

She acted like she could not hear any of the sounds in her surroundings. She was paying no attention to anything.

“Forget it. Let’s not bother with that fool or that hypocrite pretending to be someone good.”

“Everyone, let’s think about how we’re going to solve the matter here. The Cloudspirit Clan is washing their hands of this matter completely. Thus, we can only rely on ourselves.”

“Everyone, let’s think of a way together. We can't possibly resign ourselves to fate, no?”

“Furthermore, exactly what is going on with the changes to this place?”

The crowd did not continue to pay attention to the old lady. The reason why they'd bothered to pay attention to her before was because they were trying to enjoy a show. Seeing that there was no longer a show, they turned their gazes back to the lake.

After all, the people from the Cloudspirit Clan were not even showing themselves.

The crowd were fully aware that they would not receive the Cloudspirit Clan’s assistance. And they were all powerless with regards to the situation before them. If they wanted to gain anything, they would have to work together.

Unfortunately, even though the crowd knew the logic behind that, they were all from different places, different powers and different camps. All of them had ulterior motives.

If they were tasked with being totally devoted to working together, they would definitely not be able to do so easily.

At the moment when the crowd were discussing how they could act, Chu Feng revealed a look of joy.

The battle in his dantian had stopped, and his cultivation was rapidly recovering.

His cultivation was recovering, and he was able to use his world spirit techniques too.

Chu Feng felt that it was time for him to enter the lake and investigate things.

“Everyone, allow me to offer you all a word of advice. It’s best to keep far away from this lake, for beneath this lake are monsters. The flesh of the dead were not devoured by the lake’s poison. Instead, they were devoured by the monsters beneath the lake,” Chu Feng said to the crowd.

“What monster?”

“How come I am unable to see any monsters?”

The crowd narrowed their brows. They showed expressions of suspicion.

Although the multicolored lake appeared extremely gorgeous, the water was not at all turbid. If there were truly monsters below, even if the crowd could not see the details of said monsters, they should be able to make out a rough outline.

However, when they looked into the lake, they were only able to see the vague image of the submerged palace. As for monsters, they saw none at all. It was only natural that the crowd would be skeptical of Chu Feng’s words.

“Everyone, it’s only natural for you all to not be able to see it. After all, that man is a scammer!”

“He’s trying to scam everyone to leave so that he can enjoy all the Spirit Spring Water by himself!”

“That’s right! I can testify! This guy tried to scam us earlier! Unfortunately for him, we saw through his lies.”

“Never would I have imagined him to be so shameless as to try to scam everyone here!”

Suddenly, mocking voices exploded from nearby in succession.

Looking towards the voices, one could see that the people that had spoken were actually the baldy and his companions.

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