Chapter 3935 - Fighting Over Him? (Teaser)

Chapter 3935 - Fighting Over Him?

As they continued onward, the oppression grew stronger and stronger. Pang Bo found it more and more difficult to endure it.

Chu Feng suggested for Pang Bo to leave him and continue on his own.

However, Pang Bo was beyond stubborn. He insisted on journeying with Chu Feng. He declared that he would drag Chu Feng with him if he must, and would only stop should he himself not be able to move anymore.

Suddenly, a mocking voice was heard, “Oh my, if this isn’t young master Pang?”

“You’re really helping that boy?”

“Could it be that you think he’ll reward you with an Immortal Armament?”

Looking to the voice, it was the baldy and his group.

They were all sitting ahead, panting and drenched in sweat. It would appear that they were unable to go any further themselves.

The person who'd spoken those mocking words was that baldy.

That baldy actually did not fear Pang Bo. When he said that he was going to give him face earlier, he only...

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