Chapter 3934 - Uneasy Gaze

Chapter 3934 - Uneasy Gaze

A person was standing behind the bald man.

It was a tall and robust fellow. He was the one who had grabbed the bald man’s fist and stopped him from attacking Chu Feng.

That man was over three meters tall. His muscles were extremely pronounced. Even though he was wearing clothes, one could still see the outline of his muscles.

Standing there, he simply resembled a beast of a man.

Most importantly, although the man had a very tall and robust build, his face appeared very young. He was likely a person of the younger generation.

“Young… young master Pang?”

The bald man was rather surprised to see the man.

The friends of the bald man also gasped in surprise.

Hearing the discussions of the people nearby, Chu Feng learned exactly who that robust young master Pang was.

His cultivation was actually not very strong. He was only a rank five Heavenly Immortal, the same cultivation as that bald fellow.

However, that bald man was close to a thousand years old, whereas this young master Pang was still a person of the younger generation.

In terms of talent, there was an enormous disparity between the two of them.

Most importantly, young master Pang’s father was renowned for his might.

Thus, in that region, young master Pang was someone with quite a reputation too.

“Young master Pang, are you planning to meddle in other people’s business?” The bald man asked with a stern voice.

Although young master Pang had a reputation, the baldy seemed to be afraid of him.

“Zhang Fan, it’s one thing to refuse to help him, but why must you ridicule him?”

“You were the one in the wrong first. In my opinion, it’s better that this matter be dropped.”

Young master Pang released the baldy’s fist. He did not intend to make things difficult for him.

Even though he had a very fierce build, his manner of speech was very gentle. It would appear that he was a very reasonable fellow.

“I was merely teasing him, yet he actually spat on my face. How am I the one at fault?” That baldy was unwilling to drop the matter.

“Joking and teasing are things to be done to one’s close friends. You don’t even know him, thus how could you joke around like that?”

“Do you dare to joke around like that with your master? Do you dare to joke around like that with the Cloudspirit Clan? What about with the people from the Red-dress Holy Land?” young master Pang asked in succession.

The baldy was left speechless. He naturally would not dare to joke around in such a manner towards the people of the Red-dress Holy Land.

Besides, he was not joking around with Chu Feng. He was merely bullying him because his cultivation was weaker than his.

“Forget about it. None of us are fools. Give me face and drop this subject,” said young master Pang.

“Since young master Pang has spoken, I, Zhang, will give you face.”

“Boy, remember this. Your daddy I am not afraid of you. I am merely giving young master Pang face. However, your daddy I will only spare you this once. Do not let me see you again. Otherwise, I will definitely teach you a lesson.”

As the baldy spoke, he released Chu Feng.

Chu Feng tidied his collar and revealed a faint smile. Then, he said to the baldy, “You should be thanking him.”

“What do you mean?” The bald man revealed a look of confusion.

“Him stopping you has actually saved you,” said Chu Feng.

“Bullshit! Are you retarded or what?!”

The baldy was furious. However, he was also feeling helpless. He was furious because he had chosen to get out of this difficult situation, yet Chu Feng was actually making cutting remarks at him.

‘He’s but a mere True Immortal. Yet, he’s here boasting?’

He was feeling helpless because, ignoring the appearance of young master Pang, merely the gaze Chu Feng had shown him earlier had made him uneasy.

Thus, that baldy no longer attempted to tangle with Chu Feng. Instead, he directly turned around and left.

Young master Pang clasped his fist as he asked Chu Feng, “Brother, I am Pang Bo. How should I address you?”

“I am Asura. Thank you for coming to my help, Brother Pang.” Chu Feng returned the courtesy.

They were mere strangers. Yet, that Pang Bo was willing to come to his assistance. Because of this, Chu Feng had a rather good impression of him.

“Brother Asura is too courteous. The journey ahead will be boring by myself. How about we journey together?” As Pang Bo spoke, he released his oppressive might and covered Chu Feng.

With the oppressive might covering him, Chu Feng was able to withstand the oppression and continue onward.

“Thanks a lot, Brother Pang.”

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He immediately got up and began to walk onward down the path with Pang Bo.

As they walked, the two of them chatted quite a bit.

Chu Feng learned that Pang Bo and his father had rushed towards the Spirit Spring Water right when news of the crack had spread.

According to Pang Bo, the current Spirit Spring Water was completely different from before. It had changed enormously.

The Spirit Spring Water used to be located in the depths of Mount Ivory Valley, inside a palace that was seen as a sacred ground, and extremely well-guarded by the Cloudspirit Clan.

However, as the cracks appeared in Mount Ivory Valley, the palace not only crumbled, but a large amount of Spirit Spring Water also rushed out from underground.

Currently, the Spirit Spring Water had not only submerged the palace, but it had also created a small lake.

However, the water in that lake was not Spirit Spring Water. Instead, it was a sort of poisonous water with an extremely terrifying nature capable of causing massive injuries. Not even martial cultivators dared to enter the lake.

The strange power that covered Mount Ivory Valley was being emitted by that lake of poisonous water. Most importantly, the lake even emitted strange sounds. It seemed like there were living beings inside the lake.

However, as the poisonous water was simply too strong, no one was able to enter it. As such, no one could tell what was going on inside.

Pang Bo’s father had ordered him to leave Mount Ivory Valley and return home.

He wanted Pang Bo to retrieve a treasure passed down in their family. Using that treasure, they might be able to enter the lake and investigate things.

Hearing Pang Bo’s words, Chu Feng became excited.

As he'd anticipated, the change to Mount Ivory Valley was not as simple as a crack appearing.

Everything indicated that the Spirit Spring Water was very likely only the tip of the iceberg. It was very likely that there were hidden treasures deep under Mount Ivory Valley.

Of course, it was also possible that what was hidden underneath was enormous danger.

However, regardless of what it might be, Chu Feng still wanted to investigate.


Suddenly, Pang Bo revealed a look of difficulty.

He seemed to be under pressure.

“Strange. When I came with my father earlier, the journey was very smooth.”

“Why did it become so strenuous now?” mumbled Pang Bo.

Could it be that the power of the Spirit Spring Water has strengthened, in turn causing the oppression to become even more intense?” said Chu Feng.

“Right. That’s very possibly the case.”

“This is simply too strange. This is simply not the power of the Spirit Spring Water at all. Exactly what is inside that lake?”

Pang Bo frowned, Chu Feng noticed a trace of unease in his gaze.

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