Chapter 3932 - The Helpless Chu Feng

Chapter 3932 - The Helpless Chu Feng

Chu Feng was proceeding towards the location of the Spirit Spring Water.

He was not the only one. There were a lot of other people on the road.

However, some people began to pant as they continued walking. Then, they started sweating, and having difficulty walking.

Some even sat powerlessly on the ground, expressing their inability to continue.

The reason for this was due to that strange power.

That strange yet special power not only sealed away everyone’s spirit power, it also produced an enormous feeling of oppression.

The further in one proceeded, the stronger the oppression became. Those without sufficient cultivations were naturally unable to withstand it.

Because of this, it was clear that the strange power likely originated from the Spirit Spring Water. Otherwise, the oppression wouldn’t be stronger the closer one came to it.

Of course, to Chu Feng, this level of oppression was merely akin to a passing breeze. It did not cause any obstruction to him at all.

After all, Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation was that of a rank eight Exalted.

Because of that, the others were walking slowly because they had no choice, as they were being oppressed. As for Chu Feng, he was walking slowly because he was observing his surroundings.

Although Chu Feng’s spirit power was restricted, making him unable to perceive anything with it and also unable to use his Heaven’s Eyes, it remained that Chu Feng was a world spiritist.

Thus, he had the experience of being a world spiritist. Even without special methods, his naked eye was still able to detect a lot more things than ordinary people.

In that place, both spirit power and that indescribable power were extremely powerful. That place also emitted an Ancient Era’s aura. The further they proceeded, the more intense the Ancient Era’s aura became.

Chu Feng felt that that place was much stranger than people had anticipated.

The treasures there might not be limited to only Spirit Spring Water. It might be possible for there to be an enormous opportunity here.

If Chu Feng were to examine things carefully, he might be able to see a decisive opportunity.


However, all of a sudden, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

It was an expression of detecting that something was bad.

“Say, my great uncles, please don’t mess with me at a time like this.”

Chu Feng frowned as he looked to his dantian.

The reason for that was because he noticed his cultivation was rapidly decreasing.

It was the enormous lightning beasts in his dantian. They were attempting to refine the Sacred Tree Seed again.

Whenever the enormous lightning beasts attacked the Sacred Tree Seed, the Sacred Tree Seed would resist their attacks.

The fight between the two different powers would lead to a decrease in Chu Feng’s cultivation.

Furthermore, their battle this time around was extremely intense. Because of that, Chu Feng’s cultivation was rapidly decreasing.

Chu Feng felt as if his rank eight Exalted-level cultivation could disappear in a flash. He felt that he could become someone without cultivation at any moment.

“Damn it!”

Originally, Chu Feng had wanted to carefully observe his surroundings. However, with the situation at hand being like that, he was unable to continue with his observation.

After all, he didn’t know how long this situation would last.

Thus, taking advantage of the fact that he still had his cultivation, Chu Feng gathered all his strength to quickly proceed towards the Spirit Spring Water.

Unfortunately, the speed at which Chu Feng’s cultivation was decreasing was simply too fast.

Before Chu Feng could even see the Spirit Spring Water, he was unable to continue onward.

In a short period of time, his cultivation had decreased to the True Immortal realm.

Even though his cultivation stopped decreasing after reaching the True Immortal realm, he was no longer able to continue onward.

“I am truly in submission to you all. Of all times, why must you mess with me now?”

Chu Feng felt truly helpless as he sat powerlessly on the ground.

What could he possibly do now? He could only wait for his cultivation to return.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, once he began waiting for his cultivation to return, he continued to wait for six entire hours.

Six hours passed. Although Chu Feng’s cultivation did not continue to decrease, it remained at that of a rank one True Immortal.

The battle in Chu Feng’s dantian was still ongoing.

Chu Feng saw people passing by him while he could only sit and wait anxiously. This caused him to realize that he could not resign himself to fate.

He felt that he must think of a way.

“Brother, can you help me? If you bring me to the Spirit Spring Water, I will definitely be extremely grateful, and thank you properly.”

“Brother, please trust me.”

“Young Heroine, might you be willing to come to my aid? Help my journey forward. I will definitely repay you for your help.”

Helpless, Chu Feng began to request help from the passers-by. He hoped that a passer-by would be able to bring him along.

However, those passers-by simply ignored Chu Feng. In fact, they were all avoiding him like a plague as they walked by him.

At that moment, Chu Feng fully experienced what was meant by the ‘fickleness of human nature’ and how people judged a person by their appearance.

Sure enough, benefactors were not people that could be encountered every time.

Chu Feng was not fond of asking others for help. Although he was not thin-skinned, he knew what it meant by ‘do it yourself if you want it done right.’

Thus, Chu Feng was planning to give up.

However, at the moment when Chu Feng was planning to give up, a voice sounded.

“What sort of reward are you going to give?”

Looking towards the voice, Chu Feng saw a group of people arriving beside him.

As Chu Feng’s spirit power was currently sealed, he was unable to detect their cultivations. However, from their exhausted appearances, Chu Feng could tell that they should be Heavenly Immortals.

Truth be told, Chu Feng didn’t think that Heavenly Immortals would be able to reach the Spirit Spring Water.

However, as matters stood, he had no other choice. Thus, Chu Feng said to that person who asked earlier, “As I’m the one making the request, you can give your conditions. As long as it’s not too excessive, I will not have an issue with it.”

“I want an Immortal Armament,” said the sparse-haired and slightly bald middle-aged man who led the group.


“Brother Zhang, you’re being a bit too excessive here, no?”

“That’s right. Look at him, how could he possibly have an Immortal Armament?”

“Besides, even if he does possess an Immortal Armament, he wouldn’t be willing to give it to you.”

After that semi-bald man spoke, the passers-by began to roll their eyes at him, and even his friends behind him were telling him that he was being excessive with his demand.

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