Chapter 3931 - Awfully Strange Place

Chapter 3931 - Awfully Strange Place

Chu Feng knew that Linghu Zhishi was devoid of conscience.

However, he hadn't expected for him to be so ruthless as to not even spare his own daughter.

No matter how much Linghu Yueyue didn’t get along with him, he was still her father. He could very well just let her leave directly.

Yet, not only did he retrieve all the treasures she possessed, but he even personally crippled her cultivation.

Linghu Yueyue was his biological daughter!

How heartless of a father must one be to do such a cruel thing to one’s own daughter?

Likely, not even Linghu Yueyue herself had expected her father to be that cruel.

No matter how cruel and fierce tigers were, they did not eat their offspring. Yet, her father did not hesitate to do such a cruel thing to her.

Perhaps that was the reason why Linghu Yueyue’s personality had changed so much. Indeed, the shock she received was something that ordinary people would find very difficult to bear.

After Linghu Yueyue was crippled of her cultivation, she was driven out of the Linghu Heavenly Clan by Linghu Zhishi.

Threatened by Linghu Zhishi, even though there were Linghu Heavenly Clansmen that felt sorry for her, no one dared to say anything.

It was instead Linghu An’an who stood forth.

However, the outcome of speaking out for Linghu Yueyue was also very self-evident.

Although Linghu An’an did not have her treasures taken away, her cultivation had also been crippled.

Linghu Zhishi was extremely cruel. Linghu An’an and Linghu Yueyue were seriously injured and unable to move after having their cultivations crippled. In fact, they were at risk of dying.

Had they not encountered the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster, they might’ve died already.

After Linghu Yueyue learned of her respected father’s true colors, she was completely discouraged, and decided to shave her head to become a nun, and become a disciple of the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster.

After learning of what had happened, Chu Feng felt greater sympathy for Linghu Yueyue.

Because of that, he helped Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an restore their dantians.

Linghu Yueyue did not refuse Chu Feng’s help. Instead, she was extremely grateful.

After all, she did not know Chu Feng’s real identity. In her mind, he was merely a stranger. For him to be willing to help her, she would naturally be very grateful.

After restoring Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an’s dantians, Chu Feng left the Whiteclothes Nunnery and began to proceed for Mount Ivory Valley.

Mount Ivory Valley was actually a continuous mountain range.

This mountain range was completely covered in boulders and was barren, with no sign of plants, trees or living creatures.

The boulders were layered atop one another. When looking from the northwest, the mountain range truly resembled an elephant. It was no wonder it was called Mount Ivory Valley.

Mount Ivory Valley was the territory of the Cloudspirit Clan. Because of that, there was a designated entrance. That entrance was guarded by Cloudspirit Clansmen year round.

When Chu Feng arrived at the entrance to Mount Ivory Valley, he finally caught sight of the Cloudspirit Clansmen.

The Cloudspirit Clansmen were standing in an orderly manner on either side of the entrance. They wore leather armor and held black spears. Standing there motionlessly, they resembled sculptures.

That said, apart from having robust builds with special runes and symbols on their bodies and faces, their appearances did not seem to be any different from those of humans.

Apart from the Cloudspirit Clansmen, there were a lot of people lingering around.

Due to the fact that a crack had appeared and Spirit Spring Water had spread forth, a lot of people were attracted here. Those people had all come for the Spirit Spring Water.

Although Spirit Spring Water was useless for martial cultivators, it was still considerably valuable.

Although those people did not have any confidence in being able to find the source of the Spirit Spring Water, they were there to test their luck. They felt that if they were lucky enough to discover something, they would enjoy massive benefits. Even if the journey left them empty-handed, they would not lose anything either.

That said, although a lot of people were there, their cultivations were generally not strong. Chu Feng discovered that the majority of them were Heavenly Immortals or Martial Immortals. In fact, the most numerous group of people were True Immortals.

Although there were also Exalted amongst them, the number was very few.

The tide of people coming from all directions was proceeding toward the insides of Mount Ivory Valley in an unending stream.

Although the Cloudspirit Clansmen were guarding the entrance, they did not stop anyone from proceeding inside.

It would appear that some sort of unforeseen event had truly occurred to Mount Ivory Valley.

However, Chu Feng felt that this unforeseen event was not as simple as the rumors had made it to be.

Rumors had only stated that a crack had appeared where the Spirit Spring Water flowed out, and people had the chance to seek out the source of the Spirit Spring Water.

However, Chu Feng discovered that the entire Mount Ivory Valley, regardless of whether it was the continuous mountains or the ground, were all cracked.

Some cracks were extremely terrifying. The cracks split through the top of the giant mountains that reached tens of thousands of meters in height. It appeared like some sort of intense earthquake had happened there.

Most importantly, after Chu Feng entered Mount Ivory Valley with the crowd, his spirit power was sealed away.

An enormous power was released from deep within Mount Ivory Valley. That power had sealed away Chu Feng’s spirit power.

Because of that, he was unable to use his Heaven’s Eyes and spirit power to observe the surroundings. In fact, he was unable to even use his world spirit techniques.

This power sealing his spirit power was not purely spirit power or purely martial power. Instead, it seemed to be something formed of multiple different powers. Chu Feng was even able to sense the Ancient Era’s aura from it.

Most importantly, this strange fusion of powers did not seem to be something that someone had set up deliberately to restrict the use of spirit power.

Instead, it seemed more like some sort of unforeseen event had happened that caused those powers to fuse into that strange power.

That said, although they were fused, it still meant that those powers existed on their own in that place before. Otherwise, how could they be fused together?

Regardless, that place was awfully strange.

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