Chapter 3910 - Powerful Oppressive Might (Teaser)

Chapter 3910 - Powerful Oppressive Might


In the next instant, screams began to sound from outside.

Chu Feng turned around and saw a whole bunch of imperial guards arriving at the entrance.

However, those imperial guards were all screaming in pain. Like leaves, they collapsed at the first blow, and were beaten back and sent flying repeatedly by a powerful aura.

The power that was beating them back was the oppressive might that had rushed into the palace hall.

However, Chu Feng did not manage to see who that oppressive might belonged to.

Chu Feng also did not understand why the owner of that oppressive might unleashed that oppressive might to push back the Galewind Hunting Clan’s imperial guards.

At the time when Chu Feng was confused, his body was suddenly enveloped by that oppressive might....

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