Chapter 3895 - No Longer Hiding Anything (Teaser)

Chapter 3895 - No Longer Hiding Anything

Chu Feng felt enormously moved.

He felt himself to be very fortunate to be able to receive the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s inheritance.

Whether it be his rank eight Exalted-level cultivation, the gem that was able to help him make a breakthrough to Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, or the four Exalted Taboo Martial Skills, they were all priceless possessions.

However, most precious of all would naturally be the Monster Slaying Sword on Chu Feng’s back.

Chu Feng removed the Monster Slaying Sword from his back and held it in his hand. Holding it, he had an indescribable feeling.

Although the Monster Slaying Sword no longer had a soul, and was nothing more than a casing, the difference he felt holding the sword was akin to the difference between the death of an expert martial cultivator and the death of an ordinary person.

The remains left behind after their death would be completely different.

The bones of ordinary people were...

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