Chapter 3894 - The Great Emperor’s Final Words

Chapter 3894 - The Great Emperor’s Final Words

That was not all. The energy armor that had dissipated earlier had also reappeared on Chu Feng.

That was the power of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb’s spirit formation.

Furthermore, the power of the spirit formation at that moment was much more powerful than before.

The current spirit formation’s power was the true and complete spirit formation’s power.

“Senior, what are you…”

Chu Feng was feeling very joyous in his heart. However, he was also feeling ashamed to accept it all.

After all, he had clearly failed...

He had clearly given up on the inheritances...

He had clearly betrayed the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s kind intentions...

“Do not look at this old man with that sort of grateful expression.”

“You are the one that managed to pass this old man’s trial and obtain his acknowledgement. That is the reason why you’ve obtained the inheritances,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor with a smile.

“Pass your trial and obtain their acknowledgement?”

Chu Feng was still somewhat confused. However, soon, his expression changed.

“Could it be, that if I hadn’t given up on the inheritances to save the Mystic Cave Saints, and had instead decided to continue to fuse with them, I would instead have been unable to obtain their acknowledgement?” asked Chu Feng.


“A person that is willing to disregard comradeship for the sake of power is not qualified to receive this old man’s inheritances, not qualified to obtain this old man’s Monster Slayer Sword.”

“Even though the sword is only an empty casing now, this old man still hopes for it to be able to meet a master that is worthy of it.”

After saying those words, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s body actually started to dissipate. His body turned into gaseous flames and began to scatter into the surroundings.

“Senior, you…”

Seeing that, Chu Feng’s heart immediately grew tense.

He was able to tell that the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s remnant soul was about to disappear

Chu Feng immediately unleashed his spirit power to stabilize the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s soul so that he would not die completely.

“Young friend, you can stop.”

“If this old man wished to remain, I could survive for at least another ten thousand years."

“However, this old man is tired… After waiting for all these years, this old man has long since grown tired," said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Could it be, senior, you’re planning to…?”

Chu Feng came to a sudden realization of what the Great Monster Slayer Emperor implied by his words.

It was not that his remnant soul had reached its time. Instead, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor was allowing his remnant soul to scatter and dissipate. He was the one who wanted to disappear completely.

He… wanted to let himself die for real.

Although Chu Feng did not ask explicitly, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor smiled and nodded.

He had confirmed Chu Feng’s guess.

“This old man should’ve died long ago. I’ve left this remnant soul of mine here not because I am reluctant to leave this world. Instead, it’s because I wanted there to be someone that could succeed my mantle.”

“Actually, this old man left many such tombs throughout the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. This tomb here is merely one of many.”

“Back when this old man was alive, I had a bit of a reputation. Thus, before my death, I already knew that there would be countless people that would desire my treasures once I died.”

“That’s why this old man left many tombs in multiple different locations, all so that I could confuse those people.”

“Speaking of it, the tomb that I left here could be considered to be the one that doesn’t resemble a tomb the most.”

“Because of that, this tomb has managed to deceive many people.”

“However, this tomb is actually the place where this old man’s remnant soul was buried. I guess you can say that this tomb is this old man’s resting place.”

“Young friend, do you know why this old man placed the remnant soul in this place?” asked the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Senior, please tell me why,” said Chu Feng.

“Back when this old man was alive, I had someone I admired. Although she was not proficient in martial cultivation, she meticulously studied prophecy techniques.”

“This old man had asked her, that if I am to die, where I would find a successor the easiest.”

“She told of me this place.”

“Actually, even though she had meticulously studied prophecy techniques, she was not a proficient prophet. Very rarely did her prophecies come true. Back then, this old man had merely asked her about it casually.”

“However, later on, I actually really secretly laid my remnant soul at the place she prophesied.”

“Never did I expect that girl’s prophecy, after all those failures, to actually come true this time.”

Over half of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s body had dissipated. Only his upper body still remained. However, he showed no trace of fear. Instead, there was a faint smile on his face.

That was a smile of happiness.

His look resembled someone who was reminiscing about their youth, and feeling warmth and comfort from it.

Although Chu Feng had no idea what sort of person the Great Monster Slayer Emperor admired was like, Chu Feng was able to sense that he had deep affection and love for that person.

“Young friend, this old man’s tombs are spread across the entire Ancestral Martial Galaxy. Including both the real ones and fake ones, there are over a thousand tombs.”

“However, amongst them, there are only two real tombs. One of them is here. This tomb was where I buried my remnant soul.”

“As for the other tomb, it houses my real treasures.”

“The Monster Slaying Sword is the key to opening that tomb.”

“Remember this: that tomb is located in the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s Flowersea Ordinary Realm.”

“This old man’s real treasures are all in that place.”

“This old man’s real inheritances will all be there.”

“However, before your cultivation reaches Martial Exalted, you must not try to open that tomb…”

“Thank you senior. But…”

Suddenly, Chu Feng half knelt on the ground and bowed respectfully.

Chu Feng felt very aggrieved. He truly did not wish for the Great Monster Slayer Emperor to die like that.

As the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s remnant soul had nearly completely dissipated, Chu Feng felt even more reluctance to part...

“There’s nothing to feel sad about. This old man obtained fame, respect and power that others could only yearn for in their dreams in his lifetime.”

“I’ve obtained everything I sought.”

“However, it was because of my pursuit for those things that I ended up losing my most important thing.”

“Thinking back, compared to her, whether it be fame, respect, power or even the reverence from the future generations, it’s all insignificant.”

“At the instant she left, I realized what was the most important.”

“Unfortunately, as I’ve journeyed the martial cultivation world for thousands of years, I was, in the end, reluctant to leave.”

“And now, my final wishes can finally come true.”

“Everything that this old man has acquired has finally found a successor.”

After saying those words, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor closed his eyes and revealed a smile of expectation.

“Girl, I am truly sorry. I was unable to accompany you in life, and had to make you wait for so long even after death…”

“However, none of that matters anymore. Right now, I will come and accompany you…”

After saying those words, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s remnant soul dissipated completely. Only his voice continued to resound in the space.

After his voice stopped echoing, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s voice sounded no more.

Chu Feng knew that the Great Monster Slayer Emperor had left thoroughly.

Chu Feng felt slightly sorrowful.

He was able to sense that the Great Monster Slayer Emperor must have been exceptional when he was alive.

Since he was able to remain alive as a remnant soul, it would not be impossible for him to continue to exist in the martial cultivation world through the use of special means.

In fact, if he wanted to, he simply would not die...

However, Chu Feng was able to sense that he seemed determined to die.


Chu Feng felt that it was most likely because of that girl he spoke of...

They all say that even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty. It would appear that the truth was indeed so.

However, Chu Feng felt that it was not wrong to be like that.

Who could possibly extricate themselves from emotions and affections?

Regardless of whether it be familial love, romantic love or friendships, they were all affections.

Since their day of birth, people were destined to be surrounded by affections.

However, it was affection that would restrain a person and bring meaning to one’s life.

If one was to be as ruthless as the Madstorm Clan, then it would truly be sorrowful...

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