Chapter 3893 - Rank Eight Exalted

Chapter 3893 - Rank Eight Exalted

“Refined into materials?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart trembled.

Even wild beasts would look after their young. Yet, the Madstorm Clan was actually cruel and merciless to such a degree.

“Did the parents of those newborns not stop such a thing from happening?” asked Chu Feng.

“The newborns with insufficient talent were to be personally killed by their parents. Thus, it was their parents that refined those newborns. That… was the rule of the Madstorm Clan," said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Personally refine their child?”

It was simply impossible to describe Chu Feng’s current state of mind. Even though this was merely something he had heard from the Great Monster Slayer Emperor, he still found it completely unacceptable.

After all, this was simply too cruel and devoid of conscience. It was truly an act intolerable by the heavens.

“I know that you’re very shocked. Anyone would feel shocked by this sort of thing.”

“However, the Madstorm Clan was a clan devoid of conscience to begin with. To them, that sort of thing was extremely normal. Instead, it would be intolerable if they refused to do that sort of thing.”

“It was precisely that special rule of their clan that led to there being very few Madstorm Clansmen.”

“However, they, although few in number, were the true elites. There were practically no weaklings in the entire Madstorm Clan,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“A clan like that must’ve brought fear upon everyone in that era, right?” asked Chu Feng.

Even though Chu Feng was extremely disgusted by the conduct of the Madstorm Clan, he still found a clan as cold-blooded as them to be truly terrifying.

There was only a single reason why they were willing to do something so devoid of conscience -- the pursuit of power.

For the sake of obtaining greater power, they were willing to do anything. They would not even allow their own clansmen to become obstacles in their path towards power.

Most terrifying of all, all of the Madstorm Clansmen believed the pursuit of power to be the truth, and their purpose in life.

Chu Feng felt that a clan like the Madstorm Clan would definitely become extremely powerful.

“What you said is correct. Back then, others would indeed feel completely terrified upon hearing about the Madstorm Clan.”

“However, the Madstorm Clan was not the strongest power back then.”

“Back then, there were many clans and races stronger than the Madstorm Clan in the Ancestral Martial Galaxy,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“There were clans even more powerful than the Madstorm Clan?”

Chu Feng felt surprised. He had thought that the Madstorm Clan would be the strongest power in the Ancestral Martial Galaxy during that era.

He did not expect that even a clan as ruthless as the Madstorm Clan, a clan that was willing to abandon everything for the sake of greater power, was not the strongest clan back then.

“You should now know why this old man is surprised that the Holy Light Clan is able to rule over the Ancestral Martial Galaxy, right?”

“After all, back then, the Holy Light Clan was simply unworthy of even being mentioned.”

“Thus, the reason why the Holy Light Clan was able to gain rulership of the Ancestral Martial Galaxy must be because an extraordinary younger generation appeared in their clan.”

“Of course, there’s another possibility. That is, the Madstorm Clan and all the other powerful clans disappeared,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.


Chu Feng had thought that the Madstorm Clan would have either been wiped out or subdued by the Holy Light Clan. He did not expect the Great Monster Slayer Emperor to say that they might have disappeared.

“Although this old man has remained here all this time, there have been people coming here throughout the years. Thus, I’ve heard about the situation outside.”

“Many powerful clans from my era have disappeared in succession. They were not defeated by the Holy Light Clan,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Senior, do you know why they disappeared?” asked Chu Feng.

“It might be because they’d decided to mount an expedition against another galaxy, or it might be for some other reason. Regardless, no matter how powerful the Holy Light Clan might be, they would not be powerful enough to eliminate the Madstorm Clan and those clans stronger than them.”

“That said, I have no idea where they’ve gone to, or if they’ve completely disappeared," said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“In that case, senior, do you know why the Madstorm Clan decided to eliminate the Mystic Cave Clan?” asked Chu Feng.

The reason why Chu Feng was curious about the Madstorm Clan to begin with was due to the grudges between the Madstorm Clan and the Mystic Cave Clan.

“The Mystic Cave Clan was very fond of hunting for treasures. Furthermore, because of their talent, they’d been able to snatch all sorts of decisive opportunities.”

“Back in that era, there were simply too many, way too many, Ancient Era’s remnants and treasures. They were not something that today’s era could compare with”

“The Mystic Cave Clan, with their talent and advantages, obtained countless treasures. They were simply an enormous treasury.”

“It was not only the Madstorm Clan. Many other clans were also salivating over the Mystic Cave Clan’s treasures.”

“It was precisely because of those treasures that the Mystic Cave Clan ended up being massacred by the Madstorm Clan,” said Chu Feng.

“At least, that’s what everyone felt.”

“However, there’s actually another saying. In the deepest part of every Mystic Cave Clansman’s soul is a treasury that can be used to store treasures.”

“Their body composition is very unconventional, mysterious and unfathomable.”

“Some people say that the Madstorm Clan captured the entire Mystic Cave Clan so that they could research their special body composition, and pursue greater power that way," said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.


Hearing those words, Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

Although the Mystic Cave Clan had been wiped out for tens of thousands of years, so long ago that no one even remembered them anymore, Chu Feng hoped more for the Mystic Cave Clan to suffer the fate of being directly killed for their treasures, instead of the latter fate of being captured and used for experimentation.

After all, based on how ruthless and cruel the Madstorm Clan was, Chu Feng trembled with fear and felt his scalp going numb just from imagining what sort of cruelty this so-called research of the Mystic Cave Clansmen would be like.

“It would appear that you are truly concerned for those friends of yours.”

“That’s understandable. After all, for their sake, you went as far as to abandon this old man’s inheritance,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor with a smile.

He stared at Chu Feng as he smiled.

Chu Feng’s gaze met the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s. Immediately, his heart trembled. He discovered that the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s current smile seemed to be rather extraordinary. It seemed like it contained some sort of deep meaning.


The next instant, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously.

He was shocked to discover that an enormous sword had appeared on his back.

That was the Monster Slaying Sword!

The Monster Slaying Sword was not the only thing on Chu Feng’s back.

Several things had also appeared on Chu Feng’s body.

They were the cultivation methods for the four Exalted Taboo Martial Skills, as well as the gem containing the profoundness of world spirit techniques.

Most importantly, a boundless stream of martial power was enveloping Chu Feng’s body like a storm, and entering his dantian.

As the martial power continued to enter his dantian, Chu Feng’s cultivation actually began to rapidly increase.

Rank six Exalted.

Rank seven Exalted.

Rank eight Exalted.

Chu Feng’s cultivation actually made three successive breakthroughs. In the blink of an eye, his cultivation had increased from rank five Exalted to rank eight Exalted.

Furthermore, the increase of his cultivation did not give rise to any tribulation lightning or other obstructions to his breakthrough. Chu Feng had simply obtained this cultivation without any hindrance.

As Chu Feng looked at that gem in his body, the cultivation method for the Exalted Taboo Martial Skills in his head, and the Great Monster Slaying Sword on his back, he realized everything.

It turned out, this was the actual inheritance; Chu Feng had received the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s true inheritance.

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