Chapter 3892 - The Madstorm Clan

Chapter 3892 - The Madstorm Clan

Suddenly, Chu Feng came to a realization.

The Mystic Cave Saints weren’t seemingly boot-licking the Great Monster Slayer Emperor, they were most definitely boot-licking him.

Most definitely, those guys wanted to boot-lick their way into obtaining the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s favor.

Should that happen, then perhaps the Great Monster Slayer Emperor might decide to reward them with some treasures. And, if that were to happen, they would’ve gained enormously.

“The eleven of you know how to speak.”

“When this old man was still alive, I met many Mystic Cave Clansmen.”

“However, it’s the first time I've met ones with personalities like yours,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“The Mystic Cave Clan?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng realized the origin of the Mystic Cave Saints.

It was no wonder they possessed such peculiar appearances, yet looked so similar to one another. It turned out that they were actually from the same clan.

“Senior, what sort of personality do the other people from the Mystic Cave Clan possess?” Chu Feng asked out of curiosity.

“The Mystic Cave Clansmen this old man has met are generally very calm and collected. They rarely speak, and always keep their promises. Practically every one of them were people whose words were worth their weight in gold. They would always do everything they said, even if they had to put their lives on the line.”

“This old man has met many different clans and races in his life.”

“Among them were those with special bloodlines, and those with Divine Power. Apart from humans, I’ve also met a lot of different monstrous clans. I’ve even come into contact with Ancient Era’s organisms.”

“Among all of them, the Mystic Cave Clan is the one that gave this old man the best impression,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“The best clan?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng looked to the Mystic Cave Saints with a gaze of contempt.

If it was as the Great Monster Slayer Emperor had said, and the Mystic Cave Clan were a clan of calm and collected individuals of few words that attached enormous importance to their words, where practically every one of them would keep their promises even at the cost of their lives, then their personalities would truly be very precious.

It would not be excessive to say that they were the best clan.

However, all of their strong points were completely missing in the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Milord, we are truly embarrassed for you to praise us like that.”

“Indeed. Although we possess many strong points, we are still embarrassed for you to mention all of them so directly.”

The Mystic Cave Saints revealed looks of modesty.

‘Pah! Too shameless! You actually have the nerve to accept it?’

Chu Feng cursed in his heart after seeing the Mystic Cave Saints behaving in such a manner.

He still firmly remembered the behavior of the Mystic Cave Saints when he had first met them.

They were simply the archetype of what being despicable, shameless and unscrupulous was.

That said, since they were before the Great Monster Slayer Emperor, Chu Feng decided to give them some face.

He merely cursed them out in his heart, and did not curse them out openly.

“However, according to my memory, the Mystic Cave Clan has already died out.”

“It would appear that you all have somehow managed to continue to live?”

“This is truly a great fortune in misfortune.”

Suddenly, the gaze with which the Great Monster Slayer Emperor looked at the Mystic Cave Saints with became profound.

Hearing the words spoken by the Great Monster Slayer Emperor, Chu Feng could clearly sense the Mystic Cave Saints all being stunned.

Complicated emotions appeared in their eyes.

Although the emotions in their eyes flashed past in an instant, and they soon began to chat with the Great Monster Slayer Emperor with smiles on their faces again, Chu Feng was able to sense that the matter affected them greatly.

Subconsciously, Chu Feng felt that there was a reason why the Mystic Cave Clan had died out.

Otherwise, even if Chu Feng had never heard of them, the All-heaven Sect couldn’t possibly have not heard of them.

If no one had heard of the Mystic Cave Clan before, but the Great Monster Slayer Emperor had met them before, there could only be one possible explanation -- the Mystic Cave Clan had likely gone extinct tens of thousands of years ago, and the Mystic Cave Saints were the descendants of the survivors.

“Milord, my brother Asura must’ve gone through your true trial, right?”

“May I know what sort of inheritance he managed to obtain?”

“That’s right. Did you also pass your invincible Monster Slaying Sword on to him?” the Mystic Cave Saints asked curiously.

“This old man has already said it earlier. What he obtained is far inferior to what you all have obtained,” the Great Monster Slayer Emperor said with a smile on his face.

“Milord, you’re joking with us here. Even the spirit formation’s power brother Asura obtained far surpassed that of what we brothers obtained. Naturally, the treasures he inherited would surpass that us brothers too.”

“Right. Milord, please stop lying to us. Even if you don’t tell us, brother Asura will tell us. There is no need for you to conceal things from us.”

“Right, right. Milord, you should quickly tell us the truth.”

The Mystic Cave Saints refused to believe the Great Monster Slayer Emperor, and began to shamelessly pester him for an answer.

It could be seen that they truly wanted to know what sort of treasure Chu Feng had received from the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

Their behavior was understandable. After all, they possessed an enormous desire for treasures.

Thus, it was reasonable for them to be so concerned about the matter.

“Normally, if he had accepted the inheritance, he would have been able to obtain a much greater inheritance than you all.”

“However, for the sake of saving you, he decided to renounce the inheritance at the crucial moment. Thus… he did not obtain anything,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.


The Mystic Cave Saints were completely stunned upon hearing those words. Then, they looked to Chu Feng.

At the start, they did not believe what the Great Monster Slayer Emperor had said. However, after seeing the smile on Chu Feng’s face, they knew what he said was true.

At that moment, looks of guilt appeared in the Mystic Cave Saints’ crimson eyes.

“Young friend, come with this old man,” the Great Monster Slayer Emperor suddenly said to Chu Feng.

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng’s surroundings started to sway violently. Then, he arrived at a completely different place. The Great Monster Slayer Emperor was still standing ten meters across from him.

However, the Mystic Cave Saints were nowhere to be found.

Chu Feng knew that the Great Monster Slayer Emperor wanted to speak privately with him, and had thus used his power to move him elsewhere.

“Senior, exactly what is the Mystic Cave Clan all about?” asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could now be considered to be someone with a friendship with the Mystic Cave Saints.

Thus, he wanted to know more about them.

The Great Monster Slayer Emperor suddenly chuckled at Chu Feng’s question. “You’re actually asking this old man about something before this old man can tell you what I wanted to say?”

“However, that’s alright. Since you’re so curious, this old man will tell you a bit about them.”

“Although the era that this old man lived in was after the Ancient Era, there were countless different clans and races. It was an era full of freedom and liveliness.”

“However, the martial cultivation world is most definitely a place filled with ambitious people.”

“Thus, wars and conflicts were unavoidable. Many clans and races faded away in the chaos of war.”

“Among them were the Mystic Cave Clan," said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Thus, they were extinguished by someone?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s right,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Who did that?” asked Chu Feng.

“The Madstorm Clan,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

“Madstorm Clan?”

“Mn, it’s the Madstorm Clan.”

“Compared to the Mystic Cave Clan, the Madstorm Clan had fewer clansmen.”

“However, the Madstorm Clan was a very savage clan. Their savageness was not only aimed at outsiders, but also aimed at their own clansmen.”

“The Madstorm Clan would immediately conduct a talent test upon all the newborns.”

“If their talent was deemed insufficient, they would be killed immediately,” said the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.


Chu Feng was shocked to hear that word.

After all, those were their clansmen, and newborns on top of that.

To kill them all because their talents was insufficient was truly too ruthless.

“Not only did they kill them, they even used their secret techniques to refine, while still alive, those newborns they deemed to be insufficiently talented into materials that they could use to train with,” added the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

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