Chapter 3880 - Treasures Snatched (Teaser)

Chapter 3880 - Treasures Snatched

“What? Ten times?”

The expressions of the All-heaven Sect’s elders all changed enormously upon hearing those words.

They all knew what sort of reward Grandmaster Huang had demanded before.

It was an extremely generous reward to begin with. Yet, he was actually demanding ten times the amount. This was simply too excessive.

His demand was simply highway robbery.

“I am using my life to help you all. Asking for ten times the reward is not excessive at all.”

“Elder Tuoba, you can mull it over. If you’re unwilling to pay that much, it doesn’t matter either. After all, didn’t you all request that person's help too?”

“You can ask that person to come and help you.”

As Grandmaster Huang spoke, he looked to the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted’s war chariot with a mocking smile on his face.

“Very well. Grandmaster Huang, I accept your condition.”

“However, the reward that you’ve requested is simply too extraordinary. Even for me,...

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