Chapter 3865 - The Person On The Mural

Chapter 3865 - The Person On The Mural

“Don’t bother with superfluous words. Quickly, help me breach this place.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng immediately sat down cross-legged and released a boundless amount of spirit power.

As his arm moved, his spirit power formed many rays of light that began to fuse with one another.

Chu Feng was setting up a spirit formation.

Seeing this, the eleven men from the Mystic Cave Saints also sat down cross-legged and began to cooperate with Chu Feng, and assist him in setting up his spirit formation.

Although their observational ability was inferior to Chu Feng’s, it could only be said that Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were too powerful.

The Mystic Cave Saints’ world spirit techniques were actually not weak at all.

The reason why they performed so weakly in the World Spirit Mansion Gate was because they had been restricted by it.

Their true strength was actually very strong.

Thus, they knew how to cooperate with Chu Feng even without him telling them how.

With their cooperation, Chu Feng quickly tore open a hole in the world of nothingness.

Immediately, Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints flew through the hole.

Passing through the hole, they entered a completely different world.

It was a cave.

Although the cave appeared normal, it emitted an ancient aura all around.

This meant that the cave had existed for a long time.

Looking back, the hole they had torn open was still present. It was located above the cave. Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints would be able to return through that hole.


At that moment, the Mystic Cave Saints were wild with joy. They were all sizing up their surroundings with eyes filled with excitement and anticipation. As for Chu Feng, he had turned around and used his spirit formation to smooth out the hole.

“Brother Asura, you are truly careful.”

“If you didn’t do that, we brothers might have overlooked it.”

“If others were to discover that hole, we’d end up losing our treasures.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s actions, the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints praised Chu Feng.

They thought that Chu Feng was concealing that hole to prevent others from coming in.

“I am not preventing others from coming in.”

“The spirit formation I placed on that stone earlier is time-limited.”

“After we entered, the power of that spirit formation disappeared. With that, others are unable to pass through that stone to enter the spirit formation world we were in earlier. Thus, they are simply unable to discover this entrance." said Chu Feng.

“If that’s the case, why are you concealing the hole then?” All of the Mystic Cave Saints asked curiously at practically the same time.

To prevent others from discovering this entrance." said Chu Feng.

“Brother Asura, you’re confusing me.”

“Didn’t you say that no one will be able to enter? If that’s the case, why would you have to prevent others from discovering that entrance?” asked the Eleventh of the Mystic Cave Saints.

His question was actually also what the rest of the Mystic Cave Saints were wondering.

“I am not preventing others from coming in. Rather, I am preventing others from going out.”

“Of course, I cannot be certain if that is a human or not.” said Chu Feng.

“Brother Asura, what do you mean by that?”

“That’s right. Brother Asura, don’t scare us.”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Mystic Cave Saints immediately felt their hair stand on end.

Chu Feng’s words were simply too terrifying.

What sort of place was this? This was no ordinary cave. It was not a place for them to leisurely stroll around and enjoy the scenery.

That place was the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

The Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb had been constructed tens of thousands of years ago.

Ever since its construction, no one had been able to enter it.

If there was truly something inside such a tomb, and if that something was alive, one would feel terrified just thinking about it.

After all, anything inside the tomb definitely wouldn't be benevolent.

“Brother Asura, did you discover something? Is that why you said that?”

During crucial moments, it was the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints who was able to remain calm. He did not blindly panic, and instead started questioning Chu Feng.

“I didn’t discover anything. This is merely to prevent against the unexpected." said Chu Feng.

“So it’s actually to prevent against the unexpected.”

“Brother Asura, you’ve scared us to death.”

Hearing that, the Mystic Cave Saints all heaved sighs of relief.

Although it was possible for there to be terrifying creatures in the tomb, as keeping terrifying creatures in a tomb was a way to deter tomb-robbers, discovering such creatures’ existence and not discovering them were completely different things.

Afterwards, the Mystic Cave Saints were no longer as scared. Although they were still cautious, they began to proceed into the depths of the cave.

As they had appeared in the center of the cave and the tunnel extended both ways, they decided to split in two to slowly survey their surroundings.

The reason why they went to such trouble was because the cave was very remarkable -- the cave was able to isolate one’s spirit power, preventing one from seeing through it with spirit power.

Even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes lost their effect. As for the Mystic Cave Saints’ abilities, they were simply useless.

Since they were no longer able to see out to tens of thousands of meters with their world spirit techniques, they would have to slowly survey the cave.

“Fucking hell, it seems like there really are monsters in this cave!”

After surveying for a short while, a cry of alarm sounded from the other direction.

That was the Mystic Cave Saints’ Seventh’s voice.

Hearing his cry of alarm, Chu Feng and the others immediately rushed over.

Upon reaching Seventh, they discovered that there was an enormous mural on a region of the cave wall.

That mural was very rough and very strange.

It seemed to be a mural sketched out using some kind of claw.

The starting point of the mural was rather old. However, the ending point of the mural was very recent.

This meant the mural had taken many days to complete.

As for its completion, it had not been long ago...

This was also the reason why the Mystic Cave Saints had immediately determined that there were other creatures in the cave the moment they saw the mural.

“This mural?”

Compared to the Mystic Cave Saints, Chu Feng revealed a look of shock after seeing the mural.

An enormous wave emerged in his heart.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng discovered that he seemed to know the person portrayed on the mural!!!

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