Chapter 3864 - The Weakened Entrance

Chapter 3864 - The Weakened Entrance

“Although I do not possess a method to breach the curse, the protective formation is, as you all said, weakening.”

“I’ve discovered the weakest location. Perhaps we will be able to enter from there." said Chu Feng.

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Mystic Cave Saints were all wild with joy, and all spoke to ask Chu Feng at practically the same time, “Truly? Brother Asura, where is it?”

“Regarding that, I cannot tell you.” Chu Feng said in a very stern manner.

“Why aren’t you telling us the location?”

“That’s right. We are locusts on the same tree, could you possibly not trust us still?” asked the Mystic Cave Saints.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled. Then, he refuted, “In that case, do you all trust me?”

“Of course we do." the Mystic Cave Saints nodded their heads in unison.

“In that case, let me see the map of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.” said Chu Feng.

“You... This…”

Hearing those words, the eleven brothers nearly vomited blood from anger.

The map of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb was one of the crucial aspects as to whether or not they could obtain the treasures. Although they were cooperating with Chu Feng, they’d yet to actually enter the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb. However, Chu Feng was already demanding to see the map. Naturally, they would not be willing to show him.

“Brother Asura, we are sincere in our cooperation with you.”

“You must not toy with us brothers." said the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints all of a sudden. After he finished saying those words, he handed a scroll to Chu Feng.

“Big brother, what are you…”

The others from the Mystic Cave Saints felt a bit displeased upon seeing the action of their eldest brother. They all tried to stop him.

The reason for that was because they knew that the scroll their eldest brother was handing Chu Feng was the map of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

However, before they could attempt to dissuade their eldest brother, the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints waved his hand to indicate to them to say no more.

“Rest assured. I, Asura, care about sincerity the most." said Chu Feng.

“Why do your words sound so familiar?” asked the Mystic Cave Saints.

Those were precisely the words Chu Feng had said to them in the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

“It’s different this time around.” Chu Feng smiled faintly. Then, he accepted the scroll, opened it and began reading it.

Once he did that, Chu Feng’s eyes started shining.

He still could not be certain if the map was real or fake.

However, regardless of its validity, Chu Feng had to admire how ingenious the map was.

The map was truly of uncanny workmanship. Furthermore, it was most likely the work of a grandmaster world spiritist.

Chu Feng had a superb memory. Soon, he had completely memorized the contents of the map.

Then, he returned the map to the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Follow me. I will need your help in breaching that spirit formation.” As Chu Feng spoke, he soared into the sky and began flying towards a region of the mountain range.

The Mystic Cave Saints did not hesitate, and immediately followed him.

Chu Feng did not enter the depths of the mountain range. Instead, he arrived at the foot of the mountain.

There was an enormous stone at the foot of the mountain. Chu Feng landed before that stone.

The stone was covered in moss. It seemed to have been eroded by the passage of years. However, apart from that, there was nothing special about it.

“Brother Asura, is this really the place?”

The Mystic Cave Saints wanted to ask if Chu Feng had made a mistake, as that place did not seem like a place with a protective formation.

However, when they spoke, Chu Feng extended a finger and made a stroking gesture at the stone.

Chu Feng’s fingertip held spirit power.

His spirit power weaved in midair and turned into runes and symbols.

Although the runes and symbols were shining brightly and seemed very mystical, no one was able to determine exactly what they were.


Suddenly, Chu Feng pointed his finger at the stone, and the runes and symbols floating before the stone all entered it at the same time.

“Brother Asura, what are you doing?”

The Mystic Cave Saints were even more confused by Chu Feng’s action.

The ability Chu Feng had used earlier was clearly not an ordinary ability.

However, even after he spent all that effort, the stone showed no signs of change. This caused the Mystic Cave Saints to become even more curious as to whether Chu Feng might’ve misjudged things.

If Chu Feng had made a mistake, they would naturally have to urge him to not waste time there.

However, to their surprise, Chu Feng suddenly said, "Follow me.”

At the same time as Chu Feng said those words, he began to walk towards the stone.

At the instant when Chu Feng came in contact with the stone, splash-like patterns appeared on it. Soon after, Chu Feng disappeared into the stone.


Seeing such a scene, the Mystic Cave Saints looked to each other. Then, they all walked toward the stone in succession.

Without exception, they, like Chu Feng, managed to successfully enter the stone.

After passing through the stone, what appeared before them was not a tunnel. Nor was it a world of nothingness.

They were able to tell that they were inside a spirit formation.

What stood before them was the actual spirit formation. Should they be able to breach that spirit formation, they would be able to enter the real Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

That said, the spirit formation was not very hard. For them, breaching the spirit formation would not be difficult.

“Brother Asura, your eyes are truly remarkable.”

“Even when we brothers were standing before that stone, we were unable to detect anything special about it. Yet, you were actually able to detect that the stone was the crucial aspect to breaching the spirit formation from such a great distance away.”

“I finally understand why my big brother insisted on cooperating with you.”

“Amazing. As expected of the person who defeated us brothers. Brother Asura’s ability is truly amazing.”


The Mystic Cave Saints praised Chu Feng nonstop.

Their praises did not seem to be mere flattery. Instead, they seemed to truly feel great admiration for Chu Feng.

Their behavior was understandable. After all, Chu Feng had done what was impossible for them to do.

Furthermore, he had brought them into the place that they wanted to enter the most.

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