Chapter 3861 - Being Humiliated

Chapter 3861 - Being Humiliated

“Didn’t I order you to monitor him closely? How did you allow him to flee?” asked Tuoba Chengan.

He had given that elder a treasure. That treasure was capable of concealing his aura and body.

His purpose in doing so was to allow that elder to move about the Red-dress Holy Land unhindered, and carefully monitor Asura so as to not let him escape.

“I was monitoring him carefully. However, all of a sudden, that Asura walked out of his palace and looked towards where I was, and made a motion to signal me to come to him.”

“After making that motion, his body suddenly started changing. He turned into light and disappeared, leaving behind only a letter.”

“When I entered his abode to search for him, I discovered that there was no sign of him at all and that he had already left.”

As that elder spoke, he took out a letter and presented it to Tuoba Chengan.

Seeing that, the crowd all came to a realization.

That fellow by the name of Asura had discovered that they'd been secretly monitoring him.

That was why he had deliberately set up a spirit formation before fleeing, and made that spirit formation take on his appearance, so the that All-heaven Sect’s elder in charge of monitoring him would take note of it, and then transforming into a letter before his sight.

Evidently, he had deliberately left that letter for them.

Thus, Tuoba Chengan accepted the letter from that elder.


Once he opened the letter, the letter immediately turned into a ray of light and soared into the sky.

The light dispersed in midair, turning into many large characters floating in the sky.

Although the light was very bright, one could make out the words clearly.

However, upon seeing the words, the expressions of the elders of the All-heaven Sect all grew distorted with anger.

The reason for that was because those words were indeed prepared for them.

However, those words were simply unbearable to look at.


“I’ve long heard that the All-heaven Sect is arrogant, unrestrained and tyrannical.

“Never would I have imagined that I, a person of the younger generation without anyone to rely on, would scare the All-heaven Sect witless.

“After beating up the number one genius of the All-heaven Sect, I did not hide, did not flee and did not make excuses. Yet, a bunch of furious teeth-gnashing elders were unable to do anything to me.

“Although they put up a show by unleashing their oppressive might at me, they then apologized to me for their actions in an extremely lowly manner.

“Most incompetent of all would be that Supreme Elder Tuoba Chengan. At least the other elders were only putting on a show.

“However, Tuoba Chengan did not dare to even utter a single fart the entire time. He was bending over and scraping to currying favor the entire time. He simply wanted to kneel before me and consider this young master his ancestor.

“So much for being cold-blooded and ruthless. Nothing more than an undeserved reputation.

“With how incompetent the All-heaven Sect is, this young master became completely uninterested. I no longer want to continue to humiliate you all. Originally, I had planned to just drop this subject.

“Never would I have imagined that you all would disguise one of your own as an elder of the Red-dress Holy Land to attempt to assassinate this young master with such a disgusting trick.

“To not even dare to openly take care of this young master, you are all truly shameless to a disgusting level.

“However, since you dare attempt to assassinate me, this young master will have you know what the price of offending me is.

“Although this young master is all alone and without anyone to rely on, I am able to turn your All-heaven Sect upside down all on my own.

“The future is long, let us wait and see…”


The people from the All-heaven Sect were all gnashing their teeth furiously as they read those words. Their faces turned red with anger. Some were even shivering angrily. They seemed like they were about to explode.

After all, they had learned from the letter that that brat by the name of Asura was a talented member of the younger generation, but possessed no backing at all.

Thus, they'd been being toyed with by him before.

Thinking of how they were people with superb status, and would be worshipped like gods wherever they went, but were toyed with by a brat… they were simply no longer able to restrain the anger in their hearts.

That said, although they were feeling overwhelming anger, they were unable to keep themselves from looking to Tuoba Chengan.

The contents of the letter were aimed more at insulting him.

The intention to humiliate Tuoba Chengan was completely expressed by the words. They were like sharp blades to one’s heart.

When they were already so furious upon seeing those words, then what sort of reaction would Tuoba Chengan, with his famous explosive temper, possibly have?

Sure enough, Tuoba Chengan had a gloomy look on his face. It was so gloomy that it was extremely terrifying.

Seeing Tuoba Chengan like that, the elders did not even dare to say anything. In fact, they did not even dare to look Tuoba Chengan in the face.

They were afraid that they would accidentally provoke him, and court a disaster upon themselves.


Suddenly, the words floating in midair started to change.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

As the words dissipated, they turned into yellow liquid. Like a torrential storm, the yellow liquid started splattering everywhere.

As the people present were all cultivators, they all unleashed their martial power to form barriers, and easily blocked the yellow liquid.

Not a single person was struck by it.

“Humph. To try to harm us with such a trick, you’re simply looking down on us too much.”

The people from the All-heaven Sect revealed looks of complacence.

They all knew that the yellow liquid was a trap left by Chu Feng, a trap to attack them.

However, that trap was unable to harm them in the slightest. Naturally, they would be very pleased with themselves.

“What’s this smell?”

Suddenly, a stinky smell assailed their noses.

Soon, the crowd discovered that the stench was coming from the yellow liquid.

It turned out, that it was no ordinary liquid. Instead, it was feces.

It turned out that Asura had no intention to attack them at all. Rather, he only intended to humiliate them.


Suddenly, a boundless killing intent engulfed the entire palace hall.

Following that, Tuoba Chengan’s voice filled with fuming rage could be heard.

“Find that brat! Even if we have to search the entire All-heaven Starfield! He can only be arrested alive, and not dead!”

“This old man shall personally skin him and pull out his tendons!!!”

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