Chapter 3860 - Failed Assassination

Chapter 3860 - Failed Assassination


Right at the moment when Chu Feng felt that he was about to die, an even more powerful aura filled the entire region.

That oppressive might was so powerful that everything in the world became insignificant before it.

Even the oppressive might that was restricting Yin Zhuanghong and endangering Chu Feng instantly turned to dust.

The reason for that was because the oppressive might that had appeared belonged to a rank three Utmost Exalted!!!

Accompanying the appearance of that oppressive might was a figure.

Her red dress fluttered in the wind as she floated in midair. Offset by the moonlight above, she resembled a queen descending onto the earth.

That person was none other than the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster, Han Xiu.

Han Xiu was not the only one that had appeared. Many other elders from the Red-dress Holy Land had also appeared.

Without exception, they were all very puzzled when they saw the scene before them.

After all, Song Yichen had disappeared for a long while now. They had thought that she had encountered a mishap.

Yet, Song Yichen’s return had failed to bring them joy.

After all, Song Yichen was trying to kill Chu Feng. If it wasn’t for their Lord Headmaster’s prompt arrival, she would’ve caused a major blunder.

“Elder Song, why are you doing this?” the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster asked with a stern voice.

“This man harbors malicious intentions and must be killed,” said the fake Song Yichen.

Even though Cheng Hui was already restricted, his killing intent did not decrease in the slightest.

“Harbors malicious intentions? Elder Song, why do you say that?”

“That’s right. Young master Asura is our Red-dress Holy Land’s distinguished guest.”

Hearing those words, even the elders of the Red-dress Holy Land revealed skeptical looks.

When they looked to Chu Feng again, there was alertness in their eyes.

To them, Song Yichen was their Supreme Elder, someone who had been extremely close.

Although Chu Feng, or Asura as they knew him, was a benefactor to their Red-dress Holy Land, it remained that they had only known him for a short while.

If they had to choose between Song Yichen and Chu Feng, they would definitely choose to believe in Song Yichen without the slightest hesitation.

“She is not Elder Song!” Right at that moment, Yi Zhuanghong spoke.


Hearing her words, the expressions of the crowd all changed.

Subconsciously, they started to carefully examine Song Yichen. However, no matter how they looked at her, no matter what sort of technique they used, the person before them was still Song Yichen. They were simply unable to detect any gap in Cheng Gui’s disguise.

Thus, they looked to Yin Zhuanghong again, “Zhuanghong, what sort of nonsense are you saying?”

“She is not Elder Song. Elder Song wouldn’t possibly do this sort of thing,” Yin Zhuanghong re-emphasized.

Yin Zhuanghong did not reveal the fact that she was able to detect that Song Yichen was a fake.

The reason for that was because she could not expose the fact that her eyes were special.

Should she do that, she would incur the jealousy of the All-heaven Sect, and potentially court a disaster upon herself.

Because of that, Yin Zhuanghong had only informed Chu Feng and the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster as to who the fake Song Yichen was through voice transmission.

Upon learning that the fake Song Yichen was actually the All-heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder Chen Hui in disguise… Chu Feng knew that the All-heaven Sect was bolder than he had imagined them to be.

Chu Feng also learned that he could not attempt to openly provoke the All-heaven Sect again.

Otherwise… he might really end up being killed by them.

The reason for that was because the All-heaven Sect had dispatched that Cheng Hui to assassinate him to probe things out.

They were probing whether or not Chu Feng was being protected by an expert.

If he was, they would sacrifice that Supreme Elder Cheng Hui.

If he wasn’t, they would directly kill him, and solve all future troubles.

Although Cheng Hui’s assassination attempt had failed because of the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster’s prompt arrival, it had proved that Chu Feng was not protected by any expert.

In a situation like that, the All-heaven Sect would definitely attempt to kill Chu Feng again.

“What Zhuanghong said is correct. Elder Song wouldn’t possibly do this sort of thing.”

“This person is definitely someone else disguised as Elder Song.”

“Arrest her and keep a strict guard on her. I will personally interrogate her to determine exactly who she is.”


After she finished saying those words, the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster waved her sleeve, and chains bound the Song Yichen impersonator.

No matter how the fake Song Yichen tried to explain herself, the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster paid no attention.

The reason for that was because she was certain that Yin Zhuanghong’s eyes would not be mistaken.

Since Yin Zhuanghong had declared that that Song Yichen was an All-heaven Sect elder in disguise, that was most definitely the case.

Besides, based on her knowledge of the All-heaven Sect, she knew that this was indeed something they would do.

Just like that, the All-heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder Cheng Hui was arrested, and was being tortured and interrogated.

This matter soon reached the ears of the All-heaven Sect...

At that moment, they gathered once again. The elders were all panicking.

“What are we to do? Lord Supreme Elder, Elder Cheng Hui has been captured.”

“That Han Xiu is not easy to deal with. She will definitely carry out ruthless torture to interrogate Elder Cheng Hui. If Elder Cheng Hui fails to withstand her tortures and reveals our All-heaven Sect, what are we supposed to do?” asked the elders.

“Don’t worry.”

Compared to the panicking crowd, Tuoba Chengan showed no trace of worry. Instead, he had a very calm face.

“Lord Supreme Elder, it is not that this subordinate lacks faith in Elder Cheng Hui, it’s just that Han Xiu is extremely ruthless. Being ruthlessly tortured, anyone could make a mistake," the elders were still extremely worried.

“I never said that Cheng Hui would definitely be able to keep his mouth shut," said Tuoba Chengan.

“Ah?” Hearing those words, the elders’ expressions changed. Confusion appeared in their eyes.

Since even their Lord Supreme Elder was unable to be certain that Cheng Hui wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut, why would he be so calm?

If Cheng Hui were to expose his identity, wouldn’t their All-heaven Sect’s intention to kill Chu Feng and the murder of Song Yichen be exposed?

If the matter were to spread, the reputation of their All-heaven Sect would be greatly affected.

“The Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet does not have any flaws at all. No one will be able to see through it.”

“So what if that Han Xiu suspects Cheng Hui? So what if Cheng Hui decides to confess?”

“The current Cheng Hui, regardless of whether it might be his aura or appearance, is completely identical to the Red-dress Holy Land’s Supreme Elder Song Yichen, and not our All-heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder Cheng Hui.”

“If the Red-dress Holy Land dares to cause trouble for us using Cheng Hui as the justification, they will be making a false accusation against us. That would in turn mean that they harbor ill intentions toward us, and are trying to revolt against their Masters.”

“That would serve our will perfectly, and provide us with a justification to eliminate their Red-dress Holy Land,” said Tuoba Chengan.

“That’s true. Lord Supreme Elder is truly one to have thought things through thoroughly. Since it’s impossible to detect any shortcomings with the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet, our All-heaven Sect simply has no need to be afraid of their Red-dress Holy Land.”

Upon hearing what Tuoba Chengan said, the All-heaven Sect’s elders finally came to a sudden realization. Sinister smiles appeared on their depressed faces.

Suddenly, an elder asked, “That said, Lord Supreme Elder, it seems that Asura is not protected by any expert.”

“Although we’ve confirmed that, we are unable to confirm that he’s not a genius from a major power.”

“How are we to handle him now?”

“That child is a threat in our All-heaven Starfield.”

“It is best to quickly eliminate him,” as Tuoba Chengan spoke, another medicinal pellet appeared in his hand.

It… was another Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet.

Seeing the medicinal pellet, the elders all realized what Tuoba Chengan wanted to do.

Tuoba Chengan wanted them to continue to disguise themselves as people from the Red-dress Holy Land, and continue to try to assassinate that Asura.

Should that happen, even if he was backed by some sort of colossus, it would be the Red-dress Holy Land that had killed him, it would be completely unrelated to their All-heaven Sect.

“Lord Supreme Elder.”

Right at that moment, an elder opened the spirit formation and rushed in.

“What happened? Why are you in such a panic?”

Tuoba Chengan felt somewhat annoyed to see the elder charging in like that.

They were talking about a confidential matter. What he hated the most at such a time was being distured.

“That Asura has fled,” said the elder.


Hearing those words, even Tuoba Chengan’s expression changed.

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