Chapter 3857 - Nearly Provoked A Calamity

Chapter 3857 - Nearly Provoked A Calamity

“What’s this? You’re trying to come and go as you please?” Chu Feng asked with a very ill-sounding tone.

“What else do you want?” asked the elders of the All-heaven Sect angrily.

However, right after they spoke, Tuoba Chengan waved his hand to indicate for them to shut up.

“Young master Asura, do you still have instructions?” asked Tuoba Chengan.

“Before your arrival, those elders of your All-heaven Sect had unleashed killing intent toward me.”

“If it wasn’t for Lady Headmaster of the Red-dress Holy Land acting promptly, I’m afraid that I would’ve died here.”

“And now, you all want to storm off in a huff with but a single word of apology? Who did you take me, Asura, to be? Am I someone that you all can kill at will?”

As Chu Feng said those words, he narrowed his brows and unleashed an air of chilliness.

The chilliness wreaked havoc throughout the surroundings, and pierced through one’s flesh and bones.

Not to mention the people of the younger generation, even the elders from the All-heaven Sect and the Red-dress Holy Land were shaken by that chilliness.

It had nothing to do with one’s cultivation or oppressive might.

The grandeur of that chilliness was simply akin to the descent of a ruler, and a god becoming angry.

It was as if the experts from the All-heaven Sect were nothing more than ants in Chu Feng’s eyes.

When ants dared to provoke a god, how could the god not possibly be furious?

Although it was very hard to believe, even the elders from the All-heaven Sect were panicking slightly.

“Young master Asura, they did not know the whole situation, and had a momentary misunderstanding. I believe that they do not possess any malice towards young master Asura. This old man will apologize to them on your behalf here.” As Tuoba Chengan spoke, he actually really bowed to Chu Feng to express his apology,

“Why would you need to apologize for them when they’re here?” asked Chu Feng.

Tuoba Chengan looked to the elders of the All-heaven Sect and shouted angrily. “Why are you all still standing there?! Quickly apologize to young master Asura!”

Helpless, those elders also began to apologize to Chu Feng.

If they hadn’t witnessed it themselves, the elders of the Red-dress Holy Land would simply not believe what they were witnessing.

This person of the younger generation by the name of Asura beat up the most valued genius of the All-heaven Sect. Yet, not only was he not harmed in the slightest, he had even demanded that the All-heaven Sect elders apologize to him.

Most incredible of all, those All-heaven Sect elders actually really ended up apologizing to him.

Even Tuoba Chengan, who was renowned for his ferociousness, was extremely respectful to that Asura, fearing to disobey him.

At that moment, the Red-dress Holy Land’s elders were simply unable to help themselves from pondering a question again -- perhaps this Asura truly possessed an enormous origin.

They were thinking that not only because of the attitude Tuoba Chengan displayed towards Chu Feng.

It was also because of how Chu Feng was able to keep his calm before a threat to his life, and remain arrogant the entire time.

He was simply acting like a crown prince that had decided to mingle with the common folk incognito.

With many experts protecting him, how could he possibly be afraid of a local tyrant?

Upon their return, Tuoba Chengan gathered all the elders and important disciples.

He needed to give everyone an explanation for what had happened.

They had also sealed off the palace hall, as if they were planning to discuss some important and confidential matter.

“Yifan, what is wrong with you today? Why would you do such a thing?” Tuoba Chengan asked sternly.

The reason why he asked that was because he knew Nangong Yifan was someone who had a lot of self-control, and would simply not do something so detrimental to his image.

“Lord Supreme Elder, it’s not that I lacked self-control, it’s just that that bitch Yin Zhuanghong is simply one who refuses the face given to her.”

“I’ve attended to her in every possible way and shown extreme affection for her. Even though she has always treated me coldly, I’ve remained passionate about her.”

“When have I, Nangong Yifan, ever treated a person in such a manner?”

Nangong Yifan actually had a look of grievance on his face as he said those words.

“Enough, I know of your hardships.”

“However, restrain yourself for a while longer. At least, now is not the time to have a falling-out.”

“Wait for Lord Sectmaster to exit his closed-door training. At that time, we will take care of the Red-dress Holy Land. At that time, you can play with that girl however you wish. She will become your slave." said Tuoba Chengan.

“Lord Supreme Elder, Lord Sectmaster has decided to eliminate the Red-dress Holy Land?” An elder asked.

“The Red-dress Holy Land is too stubborn, and continues to insist that the Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond is their sole possession.”

“The Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond contains precious treasures left behind by the experts of the Ancient Era. Those treasures should naturally belong to our All-heaven Sect. The fact that they’re trying to selfishly keep those treasures for themselves is a sign of their disloyalty.”

“If the treasures in the Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond are acquired by them, the Red-dress Holy Land’s strength will increase by leaps and bounds. At that time, they will definitely become a formidable opponent to our All-heaven Sect.”

“Lord Sectmaster wouldn’t possibly allow such a thing to occur." said Tuoba Chengan.

Hearing those words, the All-heaven Sect’s elders all realized what would happen to the Red-dress Holy Land.

Thus, the burning anger in their hearts decreased enormously.

Since they knew that they would eliminate the people of the Red-dress Holy Land sooner or later, they naturally did not have to hurry to take care of them now.

“What’s thorny right now is that irksome fellow who appeared out of nowhere.” Tuoba Chengan frowned as he said those words.

“Lord Supreme Elder, are you talking about that Asura?” asked an elder.

“That child possesses superb talent and an unidentified origin. We cannot disregard him." said Tuoba Chengan.

“Lord Supreme Elder, could he be bluffing?” asked an elder.

“I actually arrived when Yifan was beaten up earlier.”

“I arrived before you all were even alarmed by that boy.”

“The reason why I didn’t show myself was because I wanted to observe that boy’s reaction.”

“However, the outcome of my observation was extremely bad.”

Tuoba Chengan’s frown grew even worse as he said those words.

“Lord Supreme Elder, what do you mean by that? Did you discover something?” the elders asked in unison.

“That boy remained calm and continued to emit an imposing air even when confronted with death. Even though our All-heaven Sect is renowned for our strength and prowess, he did not place us in his eyes at all.”

“His imposing behavior does not resemble a disguise.”

“If I’m not mistaken, he is most likely backed by someone or some power. And, regardless of who that person or power might be, they are definitely not something that our All-heaven Sect can afford to provoke.”

Once Tuoba Chengan said those words, those elders also narrowed their brows.

They were not only panicking, but they even had looks of lingering fear on their faces.

They had suddenly discovered after hearing Tuoba Chengan’s words that they had nearly provoked a calamity.

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