Chapter 3850 - Visitation From The All-heaven Sect

Chapter 3850 - Visit From The All-heaven Sect

Therefore, the sequence at which people appeared was, at times, very important.

The people who appeared in Chu Feng’s life at his lowest point inevitably became the most important people in his life.

Although the people that appeared later on were also very important, they were lacking in certain aspects.

In short, even though Chu Feng had also received the treatment of a distinguished guest before, he had now become the most distinguished of all guests, and enjoyed unsurpassed treatment.

After all, Chu Feng could be said to be the Red-dress Holy Land’s benefactor.

Naturally, he also became a celebrity of the Red-dress Holy Land.

The people of the Red-dress Holy Land, from the elders to the disciples, from the most repulsive, ugly women to the most devastating beauties, were all discussing Chu Feng.

The name Asura filled every corner of the Red-dress Holy Land.

In fact, the disciples that had met Chu Feng were all boasting about their experiences.


Even though Chu Feng had received great respect in the Red-dress Holy Land, he was planning to leave.

Chu Feng had not only come to the Red-dress Holy Land to give Yin Zhuanghong face. It was also because he realized that she might need his assistance. That was the reason why he had travelled to the Red-dress Holy Land.

Now that he had settled the matter and had also made a successful breakthrough to Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, there was no meaning for him to continue to stay there.

However, at the moment when Chu Feng was planning to leave, a group of people arrived at the Red-dress Holy Land.

Chu Feng was interested in those people.

They were people from the All-heaven Sect.

Many experts from the All-heaven Sect had arrived. There were even disciples in addition to the elders.

Nangong Yifan, the so-called number one genius of the All-heaven Starfield, was leading the disciples.

As for the person leading the elders, it was Tuoba Chengan.

Who was Tuoba Chengan?

That Tuoba Chengan was a Supreme Elder of the All-heaven Sect, and an expert with the cultivation of rank three Utmost Exalted.

Tuoba Chengan had a very high status in the All-heaven Sect. He was someone with a status below only the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Tuoba Chengan was also the person who had gone to the Ancestral Martial Starfield to back up the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

If it wasn’t for the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s Long Daozhi being present that day, Chu Feng and the entire Chu Heavenly Clan would have likely been completely wiped out.

Ever since that day, Tuoba Chengan had entered Chu Feng’s list of people that he must kill.

Even the All-heaven Sect became a power that Chu Feng was determined to deal with.

Chu Feng felt that Tuoba Chengan was most definitely not the sole person who had made the decision to help the Linghu Heavenly Clan seize the position of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s overlord. Most likely, he had been instructed to do so by their All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Because of that, Chu Feng was definitely going to tidy up the All-heaven Sect.

Although the current Chu Feng did not have the strength to fight the All-heaven Sect, it was as they said, know yourself, know your enemy, and you shall emerge ever-victorious.

Now that Tuoba Chengan had brought Nangong Yifan to the Reincarnation Upper Realm majestically, Chu Feng felt that they’d most definitely not only come to pay respects to the Red-dress Holy Land.

They most definitely had some sort of purpose.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to brave risks and conceal himself again with the power of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak. Stealthily, he arrived at the place where the Red-dress Holy Land received the people of the All-heaven Sect.

Everyone from the All-heaven Sect was gathered in a majestic palace hall. However, Tuoba Chengan and the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster were not present.

The reason for that was because they were talking in another palace hall. Through observation, Chu Feng soon discovered it.

That palace hall was also very large. However, only two people were inside that vast palace hall.

They were the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster and the All-heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder Tuoba Chengan.

It seemed like the two of them were not discussing some sort of secret. Thus, they did not put forth much of a guard to prevent others from eavesdropping. In fact, the Red-dress Holy Land’s elders were able to easily enter and leave the palace hall.

Chu Feng snuck his way into the palace hall when the Red-dress Holy Land’s elders were delivering dimsum.

“Thus, Elder Tuoba, you have decided to open the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb?” asked the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“Headmaster Han, I’ve actually come here today because I wanted to seek your opinion.”

“After all, the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb is located in your Reincarnation Upper Realm. It is the property of your Reincarnation Upper Realm.”

“If Headmaster Han doesn’t want us to touch the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb, we won’t force it either.” Tuoba Chengan revealed a faint smile. However, his gaze was particularly cold.

“Elder Tuoba, what you’ve said is incorrect. Although the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb is the possession of our Reincarnation Upper Realm, isn’t the Reincarnation Upper Realm also the territory of the All-heaven Starfield?”

“Since the All-heaven Sect is interested in the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb, we will naturally have to yield.”

“So long as our Red-dress Holy Land can continue to look after the Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond, it will suffice.” said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“Headmaster Han can be reassured about that. I mentioned this matter to our sectmaster before, of how the Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond has special importance to your Red-dress Holy Land. No matter what is contained in that Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond, our All-heaven Sect will definitely not meddle with it. That Ancient Era’s Blood Refinement Pond belongs wholly to your Red-dress Holy Land.”

“Of course, if you all decide to open it up in the future, and lack sufficient strength and need assistance, our All-heaven Sect is most willing to come to your assistance.” said Tuoba Chengan.

“Thank you, Elder Tuoba." said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

After this, the conversation between them turned to an exchange of pleasantries.

Even though Chu Feng had only managed to hear a portion of their conversation, he had a rough understanding of what had brought the All-heaven Sect to the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

The Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb, that was the place that they wanted to open.

Likely, the tomb contained many treasures. Otherwise, the All-heaven Sect wouldn’t have mustered such large forces.

Seeing that there were no other clues to be gleaned from their conversation, Chu Feng returned to his own residence.

He had hesitated the entire time as to whether or not to go and ask Yin Zhuanghong about the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

In the end, he decided to not ask Yin Zhuanghong, and instead make his own investigation.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had decided to leave the next day.

He already had a goal in mind. He planned to go and check out the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

Wasn’t the All-heaven Sect planning to open the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb? If that was the case, Chu Feng could not allow them to open it smoothly.

That said, Chu Feng had only returned to his residence for a short while before he was called on by elders from the Red-dress Holy Land.

The reason why they came to find him was actually to invite him to participate in the All-heaven Sect’s welcoming banquet.

Originally, Chu Feng did not want to participate, as he loathed the people from the All-heaven Sect and did not want to deal with them.

Unfortunately, his name had spread throughout the entire Red-dress Holy Land, and the people from the All-heaven Sect had inadvertently heard about him. Because of that, they became extremely interested in Chu Feng, and insisted on meeting him.

If Chu Feng were to refuse to participate in the welcoming banquet, he would be making things difficult for the Red-dress Holy Land.

Thus, to give face to the Red-dress Holy Land, Chu Feng reluctantly decided to participate.

Chu Feng arrived at the palace hall used to receive guests. Not only were the people from the All-heaven Sect present, but many elders from the Red-dress Holy Land were also present.

Of course, there were a lot of familiar faces. For example, Nangong Yifan and Yin Zhuanghong were among them. Even Tuoba Chengan and the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster were present.

After Chu Feng entered the palace, he immediately became the focus of the crowd.

Whilst the people from the Red-dress Holy Land were able to keep their calm, those from the All-heaven Sect all began to carefully examine Chu Feng from head to toe and back again.

After all, they’d all heard that Chu Feng had managed to defeat the Mystic Cave Saints by himself. Thus, they were all very curious about him.

“This person is young friend Asura?”

“Truly a young hero. To be able to become a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist as a person of the younger generation, this is simply the first time this old man has witnessed such a thing in my entire life.”

“Young friend Asura, may I know which starfield and sect you might be from?”

Tuoba Chengan sat in the master seat. After sizing Chu Feng up, he spoke to inquire about him.

“My apologies, it is inconvenient for me to reveal where I’m from.” replied Chu Feng.


Chu Feng’s words immediately caused the elders of the Red-dress Holy Land to tense up. Even the expressions of Yin Zhuanghong and the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster changed. A trace of worry appeared in their eyes.

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