Chapter 3844 - Participating Together

Chapter 3844 - Participating Together


The dragon roars sounded nonstop. They seemed to be even more ear-piercing than before.

Upon closer inspection, those two enormous dragons had actually grown greatly. Even the light that they were radiating grew even brighter.

Chu Feng and Eleventh were both releasing their spirit power nonstop, and increasing the power of their respective enormous dragons.

Both of them were planning to rely on their enormous dragons to defeat their opponent, and determine the outcome of the battle.

The battle between the two lasted for two entire hours.

After two hours passed, the scales finally started moving.

From the overjoyed expressions of the crowd from the Red-dress Holy Land, one could imagine what was happening.

The battle had begun to tip in Chu Feng's favor.

A world spiritist’s spirit power was not unlimited. The quantity of spirit power one possessed was actually finite.

As the two men continued to imbue their respective enormous dragons with spirit power, they were rapidly exhausting their own spirit power.

The Mystic Cave Saint’s Eleventh was currently showing signs of having insufficient spirit power.

Chu Feng’s enormous spirit formation dragon was still growing. However, Eleventh’s spirit formation enormous dragon was stagnant.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng’s enormous spirit formation dragon naturally began to gain the advantage.

Feeling displeased, Eleventh cursed out loud. “Fucking hell! Why the hell do you have so much spirit power?! Damned brat, did you take medicines to increase your spirit power?!”

“I’ve told you before that world spiritists possess disparity in strength. The amount of spirit power a world spiritist possesses is a sign of disparity. Do you now know the difference between you and I?”

“Old fart, you’ve trained so long in vain. You must’ve spent all your time living like a dog. How could you be this useless? You’ve trained for all these years, yet you’re inferior to even me, a person of the younger generation.”

Chu Feng was not one to be courteous. He started insulting and ridiculing the Mystic Cave Saints’ Eleventh nonstop.

Already at a disadvantage, Eleventh started trembling with rage after being insulted by Chu Feng.

From his trembling appearance, one could very well imagine what sort of look he had on his face. Likely, he was gnashing his teeth in such fury that they were about to be ground to pieces.

“Little brat, don’t you act arrogant! The outcome of the battle is still undecided! Your daddy will let you know exactly who is stronger!” roared Eleventh. Then, he began to control his enormous spirit formation dragon with all his strength.

Seeing that he was unable to defeat Chu Feng with spirit power alone, he had decided to use his battle techniques to defeat Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, he was delusional.

He had no idea that battle techniques was what Chu Feng was most proficient in.

The enormous dragon Chu Feng controlled was incomparably ferocious. Soon, it tore apart Eleventh’s enormous dragon.

Then, the enormous spirit formation dragon opened its ferocious mouth and rushed to engulf Eleventh.

Seeing that defeat was inevitable, Eleventh used a treasure to flee. Unfortunately, he was still caught by Chu Feng’s enormous dragon.

“Stop! Your daddy concedes!”

Finding himself unable to escape, Eleventh shouted his concession.

His voice was filled with unwillingness and helplessness. However, he was not at all embarrassed. From this, one could see that Eleventh was still very thick-skinned.

Before they fought, Eleventh had been boasting nonstop. However, upon seeing that he was no match for Chu Feng, he immediately conceded, and did not feel it to be inappropriate in the slightest. That skin of his was truly exceptionally thick.

Once Eleventh said those words, the people from the Red-dress Holy Land all smiled with joy. They were all grand characters, yet they were unable to conceal their happiness.

Even the cold and detached Yin Zhuanghong smiled charmingly.

As the saying goes, the rarer something is, the greater its value. A sweet and charming smile appearing on the ice-cold beauty was simply akin to witnessing an impressive sight. Seeing that smile, one would feel carefree and relaxed. Even women would be very fond of that smile.

“Since you’ve lost, you’ll have to uphold the bet. Return that Spirit Formation Cultivation Bead to its rightful owner.” Chu Feng said to the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Humph, who did you think us Mystic Cave Saints to be? We always keep our word.”

As the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints spoke, he raised his arm and actually returned the Spirit Formation Cultivation Bead to the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“Little brat, you’re quite capable.” the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints said to Chu Feng.

“Shouldn’t you already know whether or not I am capable?” said Chu Feng.

“Humph, in our match the last time I didn't show my full strength. There’s nothing for you to be pleased with.”

“If you’re capable, why don’t you fight me again?” said the Mystic Cave Saints’ Eldest.

“Those are precisely the words I was waiting for. If we are to gamble again, you’ll have to use that YinYang Soulsealing Rope as the gambling stake." said Chu Feng.

“That’s no issue at all. However, you’ll have to use both the Spirit Formation Cultivation Bead and the Ancient Era’s Rainbow Stone as the gambling stake." said the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“You actually want both of our Red-dress Holy Land’s Holy Land Protection Treasures?! You’re simply too excessive!”

“Mystic Cave Saints, no matter how shameless you all might be, how could you be shameless to such a degree?” criticized the elders of the Red-dress Holy Land.

“Are you going to gamble or not? If not, then we’ll be leaving.”

“After all, we’ve already won our original gamble. You were the ones that lost.”

“Since we’re going to have a whole new gamble, the gambling stake will naturally be determined anew.” the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints spoke with righteousness and confidence.

“This…” Feeling helpless, the Red-dress Holy Land’s elders all looked to their headmaster.

Their gazes were rather complicated. From their gazes, it seemed like they wanted to urge their headmaster to just drop the matter.

After all, the Mystic Cave Saints were simply bullying them intolerably.

However, to their surprise, their Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster looked to Chu Feng. “Young master Asura, I’ll have to trouble you with battling them again.”

Her words had informed everyone of her decision.

Even though the Mystic Cave Saints had put forth such a rude demand, she still agreed to it.

“Wait, I’m not done speaking yet. This time around, our Mystic Cave Saints will all be participating together.”

“Thus, you all should consider things a bit more.” the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints spoke with a beaming smile.

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