Chapter 3839 - Crushing Defeat

Chapter 3839 - Crushing Defeat

The behavior of that man caused Zhang Duotuo’s face to grow gloomy. He was feeling very displeased.

However, to Zhang Duotuo’s surprise, someone else from the Mystic Cave Saints spoke.

“Eldest brother, there’s no need for you to personally handle trash like that. I will be sufficient to take care of him.”

As for the person who had just spoken, he was the Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist that Chu Feng had defeated back then. However, he had made a breakthrough, and had become a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

“Say, Eleventh, you’ve only just become a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, are you really able to handle him?” another person stood forth.

“Seventh brother, do you not trust me?” asked the person known as Eleventh.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you; you are naturally able to handle trash like that. Merely, you’ll be spending much more time. We are busy people, and do not have that much time to waste.”

“Let it be, give Eleventh a chance. After all, his opponent is trash, it’s impossible for Eleventh to lose.”

“Are we really doing this? Okay then, I’ll give him a chance. Eleventh, you’d better make haste, and not waste our time.”

“Sixth brother, rest assured, I will be able to beat that old fart till he starts looking for his teeth all over the floor within an incense stick’s worth of time.”

The Mystic Cave Saints were speaking back and forth. Their conversation had completely infuriated Zhang Duotuo.

They simply had not placed him in their eyes at all.

Not only that, but they were calling him trash left and right. They were simply considering Zhang Duotuo to be nothing more than garbage.

That said, through the conversation of the Mystic Cave Saints, Chu Feng learned of their relationship.

The eleven of them addressed each other as brothers. The one that had been deceived by Chu Feng in the World Spirit Mansion Gate was the eldest brother, whereas the one Chu Feng had defeated was the youngest brother.

They did not address each other in such a manner in the World Spirit Mansion Gate. Most likely, it was because they did not want to expose themselves as the Mystic Cave Saints. However, Chu Feng had now learned of their relationship.

“You all truly have a lot of bullshit to talk about. How are we going to compete in world spirit techniques? Speak away.” Zhang Duotuo said with a cold tone.

No matter what, he was a famous individual. He would naturally feel very displeased after being insulted by those eleven back and forth in succession.

“We had originally thought that the Red-dress Holy Land would be able to invite over that brat Yuan Shu. If we were to take care of that brat, we’d naturally have to put forth a lot of effort. Because of that, we had made the rules rather complicated before.”

“However, never did we expect that the Red-dress Holy Land would fail to invite that brat. Instead, they actually invited you, just some trash, to come.”

“For trash like you, things will naturally be much simpler.”


The Eleventh of the Mystic Cave Saints tossed a cape over to Zhang Duotuo as he spoke.

“Wear that cloak and your martial power will be sealed. Your cultivation will not be able to protect you.”

“All you can rely on will be your world spirit techniques.”

“You and I shall fight using our world spirit techniques. The person who first knocks down the other shall be the victor," said the Eleventh.

Zhang Duotuo first inspected the cape.

After he discovered that there was no problem with it, he put it on.

Once he wore the cape, the cape immediately turned into a strand of faint light and, like skin, covered Zhang Duotuo’s body.

At the same time, the Eleventh also donned a cape himself.

“Old trash, are you ready? If you’re ready, we can begin. We still have things to do, we have no time to waste here.” Eleventh said to Zhang Duotuo with a mocking tone.

That Eleventh was extremely arrogant. His attitude was identical to the time when he had first seen Chu Feng in the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

However, that day, the eleven of them had suffered greatly at Chu Feng’s hands. Who knew how their contest against Zhang Duotuo today would conclude.

Although Chu Feng deeply detested those eleven, he hoped for the eleven of them to be able to defeat Zhang Duotuo.

Compared to the Mystic Cave Saints, Chu Feng disliked that old fart Zhang Duotuo even more.

“Humph, today, this old man shall properly teach you a lesson, you impudent and reckless fool.”

Zhang Duotuo let old a cold snort. As he spoke, he soared into the sky and landed in the center of the plaza.

He appeared very imposing and extremely confident in his victory. He was practically certain that he would be able to defeat Eleventh.

The other ten from the Mystic Cave Saints all flew up and retreated to the side.

At that moment, only Zhang Duotuo and Eleventh, who had just become a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, were in the center of the plaza.

“Don’t say that I’m not giving you a chance. I’ll let you attack me first so as to avoid you being unable to even attack me." Eleventh said to Zhang Duotuo.

His tone was extremely arrogant. What he said was practically the same as two people fighting and one of the fighters telling the other person that he’d allow that person to punch him first.

“A bunch of scoundrels. Where did your confidence come from?! You dare strut around this old man?!”

“Today, this old man shall make you realize the disparity between world spiritists!”

Zhang Duotuo narrowed his brows. Anger soared in his eyes. As he spoke, his clothes fluttered in the wind.


Boundless spirit power swept out from Zhang Duotuo’s body unceasingly.

In the blink of an eye, his spirit power had filled the sky. Like an army of hundreds of millions, his spirit power stood behind him, waiting for his order.

Seeing this scene, the elders from the Red-dress Holy Land immediately became excited.

Whilst they were all first tier experts in terms of martial cultivation, they were only novices in terms of world spirit techniques.

The ability Zhang Duotuo had unleashed seemed extremely powerful. This immediately caused the Red-dress Holy Land’s elders to be filled with confidence.

However, after seeing the spirit power unleashed by Zhang Duotuo, Chu Feng shook his head.


Suddenly, Zhang Duotuo pushed his palm forward.

The spirit power behind him immediately rushed toward Eleventh like a massive tide.

His attack appeared extremely powerful, and was very direct.

His spirit power reached a height of ten thousand meters, and covered heaven and earth. It was extremely oppressive, and possessed great offensive ability.

“Humph. Sure enough, you’re just old trash.”

However, facing Zhang Duotuo’s attack, Eleventh only let out a mocking laugh. Then, he took a step forward.


He turned into a ray of light and, like a drawn sword, flew straight towards the incoming tide.

His action resembled someone seeking death. However, it just so happened that the ferocious tide was unable to cause him any harm.

As the wave soared towards him, he charged through it, and rapidly approached Zhang Duotuo.

It turned out that Eleventh had placed a spirit formation around his body.

That spirit power was much stronger than Zhang Duotuo’s spirit formation wave. Because of that, he was simply unstoppable.

“This guy!”

Seeing Eleventh growing closer and closer to him and seeing the spirit formation on his body, Zhang Duotuo’s brows puckered up. He knew that he had underestimated his opponent.

Seeing that the situation was bad, he immediately moved his body with the intention of soaring into the sky and distancing himself from Eleventh.


However, at that moment, a giant hand appeared in the enormous spirit formation wave.

The hand was formed from spirit power that came from Eleventh’s body. It was extremely fast. Zhaog Duotuo was simply unable to avoid the water dragon soaring out of the sea to catch its prey, and was caught by the giant hand.

Then, the giant hand moved its arm. Like a dragon sweeping its tail, it started to rapidly spin in midair. Then, it suddenly started falling and crashing toward the ground.


Rumbles echoed. The ground shook violently. Enormous cracks appeared on the surface that was composed of special stones.

Zhang Duotuo had a look of pain, and was howling in grief.

Seeing this scene, everyone from the Red-dress Holy Land was dumbstruck.

They had thought that Zhang Duotuo, with how outstanding his reputation was, would definitely possess excellent and unmatched world spirit techniques.

Why then would he be beaten to a state of being unable to move in a single bout?


Meng Rufei ran over to Zhang Duotuo and wanted to treat his injury.

However, as Zhang Duotuo was wearing that cloak, Meng Rufei’s spirit power was unable to enter his body at all.

Furthermore, the cloak had fused with Zhang Duotuo, and Meng Rufei had no idea how to remove it. Because of that, he became extremely anxious.

As for the crowd from the Red-dress Holy Land, not a single person bothered to show any concern for Zhang Duotuo’s injury. At that moment, they were looking at him with fury and regret.

They had given such an important gamble to Zhang Duotuo to handle.

Yet, what Zhang Duotuo had brought them was a crushing defeat.

One should know that that bead was their Red-dress Holy Land’s Holy Land Protection Treasure!

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