Chapter 3838 - Mystic Cave Saints

Chapter 3838 - Mystic Cave Saints

“Grandmaster Duotuo need not be anxious. Since our Red-dress Holy Land has promised you, we will definitely keep our promise.”

“That said, the gambling agreement today is extremely important to our Red-dress Holy Land.”

“We will have to trouble Grandmaster Duotuo with winning the gamble.”

“That said, according to our agreement, they will be the ones to decide on how to compete using world spirit techniques. Thus, Grandmaster Duotuo might suffer some losses in that aspect,” said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“Headmaster Red-dress does not have to worry about that.”

“Your disciple and my disciple are soon to be happily married. I, Zhang Duotuo, can be considered to be a part of the Red-dress Holy Land already.”

“Since it’s a family matter, I will definitely spare no effort.”

“Besides, I’ve long heard about the Mystic Cave Saints. They’re nothing more than a bunch of ill-reputed, ostentatious scamming trash. I, Zhang Duotuo, have always wanted to teach them a lesson. Today just serves as the perfect opportunity to do so.”

After saying those words, Zhang Duotuo looked into the distance. A mocking smile appeared on his face. “That said, it is already the appointed time, how come the Mystic Cave Saints still haven’t shown up?”

“Could it be that they’ve cowered upon learning that I, Zhang Duotuo, am here?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

“Who is it that’s boasting here?”

Right after Zhang Duotuo’s words left his mouth, mocking laughter was heard.

Following that, multiple elders from the Red-dress Holy Land arrived from afar.

Behind them followed eleven figures.

Those eleven people were the ones that were gambling with the Red-dress Holy Land, the so-called Mystic Cave Saints.

“It’s them?”

Chu Feng’s expression changed upon seeing the Mystic Cave Saints.

The reason for that was because he had recognized those so-called Mystic Cave Saints. They were none other than the eleven world spiritists that had cheated their way into the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

Chu Feng had truly never expected that those fellows would be the ones that were gambling with the Red-dress Holy Land.

More than that, he did not expect that they were known as the Mystic Cave Saints.

Furthermore, it seemed that they were somewhat famous in the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

“Say, Headmaster Red-dress, is that mediocre world spiritist the helper you’ve requested?”

“Do you really want to give us the Holy Land Protection Treasure of your Red-dress Holy Land that much?”

The Mystic Cave Saints had arrived at the island, and landed in the plaza.

The eleven men still had the same appearance as they did back then. They were all completely covered by their special world spiritist cloaks. It was simply impossible to determine their cultivations or their facial appearances.

Furthermore, their mouths were still as vile as they'd been before.

Right after they appeared, they immediately began to make cutting remarks about Zhang Duotuo, and mocked the Red-dress Holy Land.

That being said, there was one thing worthy of mentioning. All eleven of them were Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spritists now.

This meant that the Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist Chu Feng had fought against that day had made a breakthrough.

Chu Feng was rather surprised to discover that he had made a breakthrough in such a short period of time.

“Mystic Cave Saints, did you all bring the YinYang Soulsealing Rope with you?” asked the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“Isn’t this it?” asked one of the Mystic Cave Saints.

Hearing his voice, Chu Feng discovered that he was the one that had tried to snatch Chu Feng’s World Spirit Jade in the World Spirit Mansion Gate, and had ended up being made a fool of by Chu Feng.

At that moment, a case had appeared in his hand.

That case was extremely exquisite, and was a treasure itself.

At this moment, he opened the case.

Once the case opened, light immediately shone all over.

Through the light, one could see that a rope was inside that case.

The rope was only a finger thick, and a meter long.

The rope was red, and seemed to be made from woven hemp. Little bells were woven into the rope in an orderly manner. There were a total of twelve such little bells.

The bright light was being emitted by the case, and not related to the rope.

Because of that, the rope appeared very ordinary upon first glance.

However, should one inspect the rope clearly, one would notice that it contained a peculiar power.

It was a sort of indescribable sensation. It was not purely martial power. Instead, it was a special sort of power that seemed to be related to one’s life and soul.

“YinYang Soulsealing Rope?”

“Exactly what uses does it have?”

Chu Feng carefully sized up the rope. He was filled with curiosity toward it.

However, he was unable to see through the rope, unable to determine its usage.

That said, the target of the Red-dress Holy Land was that rope. Since that was the case, the rope must possess a grand origin.

That man from the Mystic Cave Saints closed the case and put it away. Then, he asked, “Headmaster Red-dress, what about the item we wanted?”

The Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster flicked her wrist. A case also appeared in her hand.

When this case was opened, a red bead appeared.

This bed was only the size of a fist. However, contained within it was an isolated world.

Primal chaos filled that world. Only a single sort of power was present inside that world -- spirit power, a boundless amount of spirit power.

Like a boundless ocean, one could not estimate how enormous the spirit power contained within that world was.

That said, the spirit power it contained was extremely powerful, and extremely berserk. It was an extremely fierce sort of spirit power.

If that spirit power was released, it would be very dangerous.

The reason for that was because that spirit power did not possess any assistance toward world spiritists. Instead, it might bring forth destruction and devastation.

That said, because that spirit power was sealed inside the bead, it led to a bizarre reaction.

That spirit power was helpful toward cultivators.

Chu Feng’s felt that his perception could not be wrong. Although the bead contained a boundless amount of berserk spirit power, it was emitting an intense amount of natural energies, extremely gentle natural energies.

The reason for that was because of the bead. The bead was an extremely powerful grand formation.

It was a grand formation from the Ancient Era.

Chu Feng was unable to determine what level the world spiritist that set up that grand formation might be. However, to be able to transform spirit power into a treasure helpful to martial cultivators, that was simply an ability that Chu Feng had never even dared imagine to be possible, much less actually accomplishing it.

Without a doubt, the bead was an extremely precious treasure.

When the bead was taken out, the crowd’s gazes all landed on it.

The gazes of the Mystic Cave Saints turned avaricious.

As for the elders of the Red-dress Holy Land, their gazes turned to ones of nervousness, worry and reluctance.

The reason for their reactions was extremely obvious.

The fact that the bead was a Holy Land Protection Treasure had already revealed how precious it was.

At this moment, Chu Feng seemed to realize why the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster was willing to give Yin Zhuanghong’s happiness as the price to have Zhang Duotuo help them.

After all, the gamble today was truly grand.

“Headmaster Red-dress, you must keep your word. If you are to lose, you’d best not refuse to pay,” said one of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Rest assured, I, Han Xiu, will always keep my word,” said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“Since that’s the case, let us begin. Come… trash, allow me to experience your skill,” as that person spoke, he gestured at Zhang Duotuo with his hand.

His behavior was extremely aggravating, as he did not seem to be calling for someone to come to him. Rather, it seemed more like he was calling a dog to come to him. His movement added to the way he addressed Zhang Duotuo; it was obvious that he was insulting him.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng also knew who that person was.

That man was the person who had tried to snatch his World Spirit Jade, and had ended up being deceived by him.

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