Chapter 3815 - Looting A Burning House

Chapter 3815 - Looting A Burning House

[1. Chinese idiom meaning ‘to profit from someone’s misfortune.’]

“Brat, you’ve truly eaten the heart of a bear and the gall bladder of a leopard! You actually dare to toy with us?! Do you not know who we are?!”

[2. Eating the heart of a bear and the gall of a leopard means ‘having an enormous amount of nerve.’]

“You! Right now, at once, immediately, release us! Otherwise, I will have you suffer a miserable death!”

“That’s right. Release us at once! Otherwise, your daddy I will wipe out your entire clan!”

The eleven world spiritists were gnashing their teeth furiously. They were so enraged that they were itching to tear Chu Feng to pieces.

After all, this was the second time they'd been played by Chu Feng.

Furthermore, this time around, they were thoroughly toyed with.

“Everyone, I think that you all still don’t understand your current situation. Right now… it’s not your turn to threaten me,” as Chu Feng said those words, he clenched his palm, and a spirit formation sword appeared in his hand.


“Brat, the one who doesn’t understand the current situation is you.”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, the eleven world spiritists showed no signs of fear after seeing Chu Feng’s spirit formation sword. Instead, they laughed loudly and mockingly.

“Do you think that we are all like that trash, and will be easily injured by you?”

As that person spoke, he looked to another world spiritist nearby.

The person he looked to was the only Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist amongst the eleven. In other words, he was the world spiritist who had been injured by Chu Feng’s spirit power earlier.

“What’s this? What's the difference between you and him?” Chu Feng asked in a serious manner.

“Difference? There’s an enormous difference!”

“Do you think we’ve lived our lives for all these years in vain? Do you think that we’re only experts in world spirit techniques?”

“I might as well tell you. Brat, apart from our world spirit techniques, our martial power and cultivation have also reached an impossible level for you.”

“Even if our spirit power is sealed, our cultivation is still present.”

“Even if we are unable to use our martial power here, our bodies are still imbued with the power of our martial power.”

“You, a mere brat from the younger generation, want to injure us? What a joke!”

“I’ll be frank. Even if the eleven of us are to stand here motionlessly, we are ten iron statues. Only he is a mud statue.”

“If you want to torture us, you’ll only be able to torture him. As for us ten, you’ll simply be unable to deal any damage to us.”

“As for that guy, he’s trash to begin with. Even if you are to torture him, we wouldn’t care.”

As that Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist said those words, he appeared extremely complacent.

“Fuck! Are you still human?! You’re telling him to only torture me?!” The Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist complained with great displeasure.

“You can’t blame us for it. After all, it’s your own fault that your cultivation is lacking.”


The other ten showed no trace of sympathy for that Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist. Instead, they started laughing heartily, and continued to ridicule him.

Seeing that, Chu Feng felt rather helpless. Those eleven were truly quite abnormal.

They were clearly trapped, and had been fuming with rage earlier. Yet, in the blink of an eye, they were laughing heartily. Their hearts were truly broad.

“In other words, according to you, you’re an iron statue?” Chu Feng asked the world spiritist that had spoken to him earlier.

“Of course.” That world spiritist nodded his head proudly.

“Very well.”

Chu Feng smiled faintly. Then, he arrived before that world spiritist.


Suddenly, a sword ray flashed past, and blood splashed.


A miserable scream akin to a pig being slaughtered sounded from that world spiritist.

It turned out that Chu Feng’s spirit formation sword had pierced through that man’s body.

“You damned bastard! You dared to really injure your daddy?!”

Whilst screaming miserably in pain, that world spiritist was also extremely shocked.

He had thought that since his cultivation was very powerful, his physical body would be equally powerful. Even if they could only use spirit power, their bodies should still be very powerful due to their cultivations. Because of that, he believed that Chu Feng, a person of the younger generation, wouldn’t be able to injure them.

Never did he imagine that the restrictive power within the World Spirit Mansion Gate would actually be so powerful.

Even their physical body’s toughness had been weakened.

Even though they were clearly powerful martial cultivators with strong cultivations even when disregarding their world spirit techniques, they were actually being bullied and humiliated by a person of the younger generation.

On top of that, the protective formation not only made it impossible for them to escape, it had also turned them into ten little lambs. They could only allow themselves to be slaughtered by Chu Feng, and were powerless to resist.

“Brat, you’re screwed! Do you know who we are?! You dare offend us?! You’re definitely done for!”

Suddenly, another furious shout was heard. Another of the eleven world spiritists started to curse at Chu Feng.


Chu Feng showed no mercy. He waved his hand and stabbed with his sword.

Following his stab, that man also let out miserable screams.

It wasn’t that he lacked endurance. It was simply that Chu Feng’s spirit formation sword was too painful. The pain from the spirit formation sword far surpassed what ordinary people could bear. After all, it was a spirit formation in the shape of a sword.

Several more people from the group of eleven started to threaten Chu Feng.

And, without any exception, they all had their bodies pierced by Chu Feng’s sword.

Seeing that threatening Chu Feng was useless, they stopped threatening him and began to use the soft approach on him, trying to dissuade him.

“Little brother, as the saying goes, no discord, no concord. We don’t hold any malice against you. Besides, we didn’t manage to obtain the World Spirit Jade either. You don’t have to bear such a grudge, no? There’s no need to torture us like this no?”

“How about you release us now? We can be friends, alright?” said one of the world spiritists.

The other ten expressed their agreement.

“Be friends? Do you take me for a fool?” Chu Feng sneered.

“Then what do you want?” asked that world spiritist.

“My demands aren’t too excessive. Hand over all the treasures you obtained in the World Spirit Mansion Gate. Do that, and I’ll spare you all,” said Chu Feng.

“Fuck! You little bastard, you’re trying to loot a burning house?!”

Hearing those words, the expressions of the eleven world spiritists changed.

With a beaming smile, Chu Feng nodded. “You’re right, I’m looting a burning house.”

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