Chapter 3814 - About To Explode With Rage

Chapter 3814 - About To Explode With Rage

Chu Feng still sat deep within the spirit formation gate even though the World Spirit Mansion Gate was about to close.

Originally, there was only that body of energy, and no protective formation.

However, an enormous change had occurred.

Not only had a protective formation appeared there but the body of energy had also disappeared from where it was previously placed.

It was replaced with an enormous World Spirit Jade. That World Spirit Jade was over ten times the size of the World Spirit Jade Chu Feng had obtained from the stone pillar in the plaza.

It contained an enormous amount of power. Its power was so intense that it was radiating light everywhere.

The protective formation was protecting that World Spirit Jade. Should Chu Feng breach the protective formation, the World Spirit Jade would be his.

“Haha. This is truly what it means to travel far and wide seeking something, only to have it be discovered so easily.”

“Little brat, we’ve looked for you for a long time without being able to find you. Who would’ve expected that you were actually here?”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to breach the protective formation, several voices suddenly sounded from behind him.

“You all?”

“How did you manage to find me here? I clearly set up a spirit formation on the gate.” Chu Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the eleven world spiritists behind him. His expression changed enormously and panic filled his face.

“Hahaha. So it was actually you, brat, that messed with the gate. And here I was wondering why this ordinary-looking gate suddenly looked extraordinary. Turns out, you chose this gate from the very start. Fearing that others would fight you over it, you deliberately altered the picture on the gate.”

“Brat, you are truly treacherous.”

“That being said, brat, I must admit that you are quite talented with your world spirit techniques. Even though you’re clearly only an Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, the spirit formation you’ve set up nearly managed to pull the wool over our eyes.”

“Unfortunately, in the end, you’re still only Insect Mark. That diversionary tactic of yours was still seen through by us.”

“Speaking of it, we must thank you. We’ll be taking that World Spirit Jade instead.”

The eleven world spiritists looked to Chu Feng with beaming smiles on their faces.

They were simply overjoyed. Not only had they managed to catch Chu Feng, but they even managed to coincidentally come across such an enormous World Spirit Jade. And, what brought them the greatest joy was that the protective formation that the eleven of them would not be able to breach in time even if they all joined hands was already nearly breached by Chu Feng.

They were able to reap what they had not sown. Furthermore, it was Chu Feng’s effort they would reap. This simply made them feel especially delighted and refreshed.

“Seniors, this junior has offended seniors earlier. I hope that seniors will not take offense to this junior’s offenses,” said Chu Feng.

“Brat, it’s already too late to admit your mistake now. You should’ve expected this when you deceived me earlier," said the World Spiritist that had been deceived by Chu Feng earlier.

“Damn it!”

Seeing that the eleven world spiritists were unwilling to let him off, Chu Feng immediately turned around and released the spirit power within him, trying his hardest to urge his spirit formation along.

That said, the method with which Chu Feng was controlling his spirit power was rather unusual.

He was not breaching the protective formation. Instead, he was activating it.

He was planning to release the power of that protective formation!!!

“That damned brat is trying to enter a life and death struggle against us! Quickly, stop him!”

The eleven world spiritists had managed to see through what Chu Feng was intending to do. Because of that, they started to panic.

They were able to tell that the protective formation was very powerful. If the power of that protective formation was truly released, the eleven of them would likely end up suffering too.

Thus, the elven of them moved at practically the same time. They arrived before Chu Feng and released their spirit power with the intention to stop him.


However, after they approached Chu Feng, a very strong power started rapidly pulsing out from the heart of that spirit formation, and rapidly engulfed the eleven of them.

“This… how could this be?”

At that moment, the expressions of those eleven world spiritists changed enormously.

They were surprised to discover that their bodies were restricted. Not only were they unable to move, but even their spirit power was restricted by an enormous power.

“Did that guy activate the power of that protective formation?”

“No, that’s not it. This isn’t the protective formation…”

They had originally thought that Chu Feng had activated the power of the protective formation, and that it was the power of that protective formation that restricted their movement.

However, upon closer inspection, they discovered that to not be the case at all.

Firstly, the enormous World Spirit Jade in the center of the protective formation had disappeared.

It was replaced by a body of energy.

That body of energy was releasing its overwhelming power unceasingly.

That body of energy was what was activating the spirit formation that restricted their movement and spirit power.

What surprised them the most was that they were clearly quite some distance from that body of energy. Yet, all of them were restricted by it.

However, Chu Feng, the person who was extremely close to the body of energy, was not restricted by it. He was instead looking at them with a beaming smile.

That smile of his was so very devious.

“Motherfucker! We fell for his trap!”

“That damned brat set us up!”

Suddenly, the eleven world spiritists reacted to what had happened.

They began to loudly curse Chu Feng out.

They realized that the picture outside the spirit formation gate and the enormous World Spirit Jade were all fake; they were all a trap that Chu Feng had deliberately set up for them.

However, they'd just so happened to fall right into his trap.

Eleven world spiritists, ten of whom were Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists, actually fell for the trap of an Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

They felt extremely furious, extremely displeased. Gas steamed from their seven facial apertures. They felt as if their hearts, livers, spleens and lungs were about to explode from anger.

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