Chapter 3813 - Riches And Honor Are Obtained From Dangers

Chapter 3813 - Riches And Honor Are Obtained From Dangers

“It’s nothing.”

Chu Feng smiled at the confused Yu Sha.

Yu Sha noticed that Chu Feng’s smile was very strange.

However, since he was unwilling to say anything, Yu Sha did not bother asking further.

Then, Chu Feng exited the spirit formation gate and entered another spirit formation gate.

However, before entering the second spirit formation gate, Chu Feng also stopped before it for some time and altered it.

Only then did he enter the gate.

Of course, Chu Feng had concealed himself with the power of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak the entire time. Thus, even though there were a lot of people gathered in the plaza the entire time, no one managed to discover him.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had learned from the conversations of the younger generations in the plaza that the eleven world spiritists had all come out of their spirit formation gates multiple times.

All of them would ask those people of the younger generation whether or not they had seen Chu Feng when they exited their spirit formation gates.

It could be seen that they were still thinking about him.

After entering the spirit formation gate, Chu Feng continued onward, and overcame all obstacles in his path. Soon, he reached the depths of the spirit formation gate.

There was actually no protective formation in the depths. In other words, the treasure there could be easily obtained.

As for the treasure, it was a stone-like item. That stone-like item floated in midair.

However, that stone-like item was actually not a treasure at all. Instead, it was a body of energy.

This body of energy was controlled by a spirit formation.

Because of that, it was impossible to bring the body of energy out.

In other words, Chu Feng had entered a useless gate.

Not every spirit formation gate inside the plaza contained useful treasures.

There were spirit formation gates like this one. Although they contained treasures, the treasures were completely useless.

“This… is the second spirit formation gate you chose?”

Yu Sha narrowed her brows as she saw the body of energy.

She truly didn’t understand Chu Feng.

Although she was not fond of speaking with him, she knew that he was quite capable after associating with him for so long.

At the very least, his ability was superior to his peers.

Furthermore, Yu Sha had discovered that even though Chu Feng would joke around all the time, he was actually very careful in the way he did things.

He could be said to be a very reliable person.

Logically, with his ability and his careful temperament, he shouldn’t have made such a mistake.

That was why Yu Sha was confused. She was mainly confused as to why Chu Feng would do such a thing.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng did something that puzzled Yu Sha even more.

Chu Feng sat down cross-legged and began to set up a grand spirit formation. Merely… the grand formation Chu Feng was setting up was enveloping that body of energy.

“You… could it be?”

Seeing that, the completely confused Yu Sha came to a sudden realization.

She realized what Chu Feng’s goal was.

Chu Feng had not made an error in judgement. Chu Feng knew from the very start what was inside the spirit formation gate. Thus… Chu Feng had deliberately chosen to enter it.

Time passed quickly. In a flash, only two hours remained before the World Spirit Mansion Gate closed.




Eleven figures appeared in succession from a spirit formation gate.

Those eleven were the world spiritists that had entered through cheating.

“Brats, did you all still not see that stinky brat?!” One of the eleven asked loudly.

Although their faces were blocked, the crowd were able to tell from his voice that he was that Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist that had been deceived by Chu Feng.

“Milord, we haven't seen him. We haven’t seen him the entire time.”

“Could he have already left this place? Is it possible that he didn't enter a spirit formation gate, and isn't in the plaza?”

Someone responded. It was Wang Guangchen.

“Motherfucker! Could that brat really be so cowardly as to flee immediately after deceiving me?”

“If that’s the case, then I will truly look down on that brat," that man said with a mocking tone.

The other ten world spiritists also revealed their contempt for Chu Feng.

Had it been before, they would not have believed that someone like Chu Feng would choose to leave directly.

After all, any capable world spiritist would be able to tell that the true treasures of the World Spirit Mansion Gate were located in the spirit formation gates deep in the plaza.

Thus, they firmly believed that Chu Feng was capable of recognizing the same.

Furthermore, they believed that he would aim to obtain those treasures too.

However, the World Spirit Mansion Gate was already about to close. Yet, they’d seen no trace of Chu Feng the entire time.

Even though some of the world spirit gates were opened by others, the ones that had been opened were very low level.

They did not believe Chu Feng was the one that had opened those trash gates.

Because of that, they began to suspect that perhaps Chu Feng had fled from the very start.

“Let’s ignore that damned brat for now. There’s only two hours left. If we hurry, we’ll be able to obtain another treasure,” one of the eleven said all of a sudden.

“Let’s go then.”

Upon making their decision, the eleven immediately set off.

The eleven world spiritists had actually been observing the spirit formation gates in the plaza when Chu Feng was breaching the spirit formation on the stone pillar.

Because of that, they had clear targets, and no longer bothered to examine the spirit formation gates again.

Suddenly, one of the eleven looked to a spirit formation gate and cried out in alarm. “Eh? Strange. Look at that gate, it seems very remarkable…”

Hearing his words, the other ten also turned over. Upon doing so, their expressions all changed.

“What’s going on? Could that have slipped past us?”

They all felt very surprised. From the picture on the gate, they were able to tell right away that the gate contained a very remarkable treasure.

But, they’d clearly examined all the spirit formation gates in that place. Earlier, they had not noticed that that spirit formation gate was so extraordinary.

“No, we were most likely not mistaken with our examination earlier. Instead, it’s very possible that some sort of change has occurred to that spirit formation gate.”

“That is indeed possible,” said two of the eleven.

“Who cares about that? Time is pressing, are we going to stick to our plan, or are we going to enter this spirit formation gate to have a look?”

“But, the spirit formation inside this gate should be rather tough.”

“If we are to choose this spirit formation gate, we might not be able to breach the protective formation within an hour,” said someone.

“Riches and honor are obtained from danger. Let’s go with that gate.”

“Very well, that gate it is.”

The eleven world spiritists made their decision and entered the spirit formation gate in succession.

What they didn’t know was that the painting on the spirit formation gate immediately changed after they entered it. It was no longer as attention-grabbing.

Furthermore, they had no idea that that spirit formation gate was actually the one that Chu Feng had entered earlier.

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