Chapter 3812 - It’s Time For Revenge

Chapter 3812 - It’s Time For Revenge

Chu Feng did not leave the plaza. He also had not entered any of the spirit formation gates deep within the plaza.

Instead, he hid himself within the plaza and secretly monitored the spirit formation gates.

There were over ten thousand spirit formation gates deep within the plaza.

As for the answer to what might be inside those spirit formation gates, they were already given by the pictures on them.

Chu Feng could not act rashly. Thus, he must carefully observe things before making a decision.

That was also the reason why he had witnessed all that had happened earlier.

As for why Chu Feng was not detected by those eleven even though he was inside the plaza the entire time, their carelessness was partially to blame.

Most importantly, it was because Chu Feng had a treasure on him -- the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak.

The Nine Dragons Saint Cloak had been on Chu Feng the entire time.

It was a very rare treasure created by the World Spirit Immortal King with the Nine Dragons Aura.

Although Chu Feng was in possession of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak, he had been unable to completely grasp its power the entire time.

That said, even though he had only grasped a portion of its power, that portion was already sufficient.

Chu Feng discovered that as his comprehension of world spirit techniques increased, his understanding of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak also increased.

Earlier, Chu Feng had utilized the power of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak to hide himself in the plaza.

That was why he was not detected by the eleven world spiritists.

“Milord, you, you, you…” Wang Guangchen looked to Chu Feng. His face had turned pale with fear.

The reason for that was because he had been rather disrespectful when speaking of Chu Feng earlier because he thought he was not there.

Recalling how he had offended Chu Feng from the very start, Wang Guangchen was truly afraid that he would attack him.

“Don’t be afraid. I have to thank you instead. Thank you for everything you said earlier." Chu Feng walked over to Wang Guangchen’s side and patted his shoulder.

Chu Feng had deliberately allowed the younger generations present to see that the World Spirit Jade was in his hand.

The reason for that was because he had anticipated that those eleven world spiritists, would discover that the World Spirit Jade they had snatched was fake, and could return to search for him.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had also anticipated that they would think that the World Spirit Jade was fake to begin with after they failed to find him. They thought that they were not deceived.

Because of that, Chu Feng wanted someone to let them know that they'd truly been deceived.

Merely, he did not expect the first person to stand out to speak to be Wang Guangchen, who had been kneeling and begging in fear of him earlier.

Because of that, Chu Feng had a whole new level of understanding towards Wang Guangchen.

“Milord, please don’t praise me. I’ve only done what I should’ve done. After all, they’re so shameless. They are clearly seniors, yet they came here to snatch treasures from us people of the younger generation.”

“Speaking of it, Milord, where did you study your world spirit techniques? Your world spirit techniques are simply too powerful. You’ve actually become a Saint-cloak World Spiritist at such a young age.”

“Furthermore, Milord, is your name really Asura? I am simply in endless admiration of you Milord. In my entire life, this is only the second time that I, Wang Guangchen, have felt admiration for someone of the same generation as myself.”

Wang Guangchen was not only saying things casually. His eyes were shining as he looked at Chu Feng whilst saying those words.

“In that case, who is the first person you felt admiration for?” Chu feng asked curiously.

“The strongest genius of the All-heaven Sect, the number one genius of our All-heaven Starfield, Nangong Yifan,” said Wang Guangchen.

“Him?” Chu Feng revealed a faint smile.

“What’s wrong? Milord do you know Nangong Yifan?” Wang Guangchen asked.

“You can say that," said Chu Feng.

Chu Feng not only knew Nangong Yifan; he had even fought against him.

Recalling the scene of their confrontation, Chu Feng was still able to vividly remember the sight of Nangong Yifan gnashing his teeth furiously.

Chu Feng pondered. If Nangong Yifan was to learn that he had arrived in the All-heaven Starfield, would he immediately find experts from the All-heaven Sect to kill him?

Unfortunately, Chu Feng would not allow such a thing to happen.

At present, Chu Feng was in the dark, whereas the All-heaven Sect was in the light.

When his opponent was in the open, Chu Feng could do whatever he wanted.

That said, Nangong Yifan was not the target that Chu Feng wanted to toy with this time around. Instead, it was the All-heaven Sect.

“I have a question. How long will this World Spirit Mansion Gate stay open for?” Chu Feng asked.

“Milord, the World Spirit Mansion Gate will only stay open for two days with every opening," said Wang Guangchen.

“Thank you,” after saying those words, Chu Feng disappeared again.

No one was able to see him.

However, Chu Feng was actually still in the plaza. He had merely concealed himself again.

This time around, Chu Feng walked to a spirit formation gate located deep within the plaza.

After arriving at that spirit formation gate, he did not directly enter it. Instead, he set up a spirit formation before it.

After he finished setting up the spirit formation, Chu Feng stepped into the gate.

The reason why he did that was because the gates there were no ordinary spirit formation gates.

Should anyone set foot into a spirit formation gate, the gate would remain open.

Although no one could see the situation inside the gate from outside, they would be able to tell that someone had entered the spirit formation gate.

Chu Feng knew that the eleven world spiritists would return. Thus, he did not want them to know which spirit formation gate he had entered. That was why he'd set up a spirit formation to conceal his tracks.

With that, Chu Feng would be able to put his mind at ease and focus on breaching the spirit formation inside the gate.


Two days was equivalent to forty-eight hours. Chu Feng had already spent several hours in there already.

Because of that, he could not waste any time. By the same accord, Chu Feng had only selected that spirit formation gate through detailed consideration.

Through his previous inspections, Chu Feng had discovered that there were a lot of treasures there. If possible, he would want to retrieve all the treasures. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, Chu Feng could only choose the treasures that interested him the most.

The spirit formation gate Chu Feng had entered held the item he was most interested in.

Inside was a weapon for world spirits. Although that weapon was inferior to the one Chu Feng had prepared for Her Lady Queen, it should be a pretty decent weapon according to what was indicated by the picture on the gate.

Chu Feng felt that it would be the perfect weapon for that girl Yu Sha.

Of course, Chu Feng did not choose the spirit formation gate and give it top priority over the others because of the fact that there was a world spirit’s weapon within. In addition to the weapon, there was also a treasure that was beneficial to world spiritists.

Chu Feng had already managed to gain some comprehension that would allow him to make a breakthrough.

He was only a fine line away from becoming a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist. Because of that, he wanted to quickly make a breakthrough.

Because of that, the treasure beneficial to world spiritists in the spirit formation gate was what he needed the most at that moment.

After Chu Feng entered the spirit formation gate, everything was indeed as he had anticipated.

There were two crimson swords and a case in the gate.

The two crimson swords were a pair. They were weapons that only world spirits could use.

As for the case, it contained something that world spiritists could gain comprehension from.

Of course, it was not that easy to obtain the treasures.

Chu Feng spent a total of twenty hours in order to obtain them.

Judging from the time, Chu Feng had less than twenty hours before the World Spirit Mansion Gate closed.

“How are they? Do you like this pair of swords?”

Chu Feng had tossed the crimson dual swords into his world spirit space. He felt rather pleased when he saw Yu Sha happily fiddling with them.

“They’re alright," said Yu Sha.

“Girl, you are truly dishonest. Your face is clearly covered in smiles, yet you’re saying they’re only alright?” Chu Feng curled his lips.

“Instead of wasting time saying all these things, you should hurry and enter another spirit formation gate and try to obtain another treasure,” said Yu Sha.

“You’re right. It’s time for revenge," after saying those words, Chu Feng walked towards the exit of the spirit formation gate.

As for Yu Sha, she grew completely stiff.

“What? Revenge?”

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