Chapter 3805 - Overestimating One’s Capabilities?

Chapter 3805 - Overestimating One’s Abilities?

After examining the world he found himself in, Chu Feng confirmed that there were a lot of treasures hidden in the World Spirit Mansion Gate. However, he was unable to determine exactly what sort of treasures they were.

That said, he was able to confirm that there was more than a single treasure that was enticing to him. There were at least two or more.

One of them was rather hidden. It was hidden deep within the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

As it was extremely hidden, Chu Feng was unable to determine its location. He would need to search for it carefully.

As for the other one, it was rather nearby. Furthermore, it was giving off a rather stable aura.

If Chu Feng wanted to find it, it would be extremely easy to do so.

Because of that, Chu Feng confirmed his goal. He planned to find the treasure with a stable aura that was in rather close proximity to him. Then, he would penetrate deeply into the World Spirit Mansion Gate to seek out the hidden difficult-to-find treasure.

Chu Feng journeyed onward. Soon, he arrived at the location of that stable treasure.

That place was a circular plaza.

The plaza was enormous. Chu Feng was also able to see that there were over ten thousand gates located deep within the plaza.

Each and every gate differed from the other.

Some were copper, some were iron, and others were wooden. However… they were all composed of world spirit techniques.

Furthermore, besides the materials, the design and the appearance of the gates were also completely different.

That said, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that all of the gates contained profound mysteries.

Furthermore, the gates all provided the answer as to what was behind them.

Merely, only those who were meticulous would be able to notice the answers.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s focus was not mainly placed on the gates.

There were simply too many gates. If he wanted to examine them properly, he would need some time.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze was focused on the plaza.

At the entrance to the plaza stood an enormous stone stele.

Red characters were present on the stele. Those characters were very large and eye-catching.

‘There are treasures in the pillars. The treasures are protected by spirit formation. Assess your own capabilities and act accordingly. Do not be greedy. Otherwise… you shall have to bear the consequences.’

That was evidently a warning.

Sure enough, multiple stone pillars stood at the center of the plaza.

Chu Feng roughly estimated that there were over ten thousand stone pillars. Standing erect in the plaza, they were like a forest of stones.

That said, the thickness and size of the stone pillars were all different.

Furthermore, it was as the stele had said. All of the stone pillars each contained a treasure.

However, every stone pillar had a spirit formation that guarded its treasure. If one wanted to obtain the treasure within a stone pillar, one must first breach the spirit formation.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze landed on the stone pillar located at the center of the plaza.

That stone pillar was the largest and thickest in the entire plaza.

Even if all of the other stone pillars were added together, that stone pillar would still be slightly larger.

It was the only stone pillar that pierced through the clouds, and resembled something that could reach the heavens.

It resembled a giant mountain overlooking countless little earthen hills as it stood there.

Its existence made all the other stone pillars appear extremely insignificant and small.

The stable aura of the treasure that Chu Feng had felt earlier came from within that stone pillar.

“That stone pillar’s spirit formation seems to be quite difficult to breach. Don’t be careless.”

A voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. That voice came from his world spirit space.

It was Yu Sha’s voice.

“Yoh? Girl, you actually know how to show concern for others?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

However, he was ignored by Yu Sha.

“Truly a cold and detached girl.” Chu Feng felt helpless.

After Chu Feng confirmed his target, he did not hesitate. He walked over to the stone pillar and began to place various items around it.

Those items were capable of assisting Chu Feng in breaching the stone pillar’s protective formation sooner.

“What is that guy doing?”

Many people were gathered in the plaza.

Some of them were wholeheartedly focused on breaching the protective formation of a stone pillar. Others were preparing to make their attempt. As for the others, they were still meticulously choosing their stone pillars.

That said, many people were captivated by Chu Feng’s movements.

“The items that guy’s putting down all contain spirit power.”

“He couldn’t possibly be thinking of challenging that first-tier stone pillar’s spirit formation, right?”

“Heavens! He seems to be planning to do just that!”

At the beginning, the crowd only looked at Chu Feng out of curiosity. However, they soon confirmed that he was really going to challenge that stone pillar’s spirit formation.

With that, the crowd burst into an uproar.

They were all world spiritists. Furthermore, the majority of them were people that had entered the World Spirit Mansion Gate multiple times.

Thus, they could be said to possess considerable knowledge of the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

Every stone pillar in this plaza contained a treasure beneficial to world spiritists or world spirits. The crowd had no idea what the treasures were. However, without a doubt, the larger the stone pillar was, the better the treasure inside it.

Through the sizes of the stone pillars, the crowd divided them into ten different tiers.

The great majority of people were challenging tenth-tier stone pillars.

Those with some ability would go and challenge the ninth-tier stone pillars.

Only the top geniuses would challenge eighth-tier stone pillars.

As for seventh-tier stone pillars, they would occasionally be challenged. However, very rarely did anyone succeed.

As for the sixth-tier stone pillars, simply no one would challenge them.

The reason why no one challenged them was because the spirit formations they possessed were simply too powerful.

In the past, someone had challenged a sixth-tier stone pillar, and had ended up being directly engulfed and killed by its spirit formation.

Thus, sixth-tier stone pillars were seen to be taboos by the crowd.

As for the fifth-tier stone pillars, simply no one had ever challenged them.

As for the spirit formation Chu Feng needed to breach, it belonged to the one and only first-tier stone pillar.

The crowd was filled with reverence for the first-tier stone pillar. Simply no one dared to approach it, much less think about challenging it.

That was also the reason why Chu Feng immediately caught the crowd’s attention after he approached the stone pillar.

Chu Feng had done something that they did not dare to attempt.

That said, never did the crowd imagine that Chu Feng would actually think about breaching the first-tier stone pillar’s spirit formation.

“Hey! Do you have a deathwish?!”

“You should stop immediately!”

“Bastard, quickly leave that place! That is the first-tier stone pillar; if you challenge it, you won’t even know how you died!”

Many people were shouting at Chu Feng, urging him to stop immediately.

“Thank you all for your kind intentions. However, I am able to handle it.”

Chu Feng knew that those people were shouting at him with kind intentions. Thus, he smiled at them.

At that moment, Chu Feng had finished laying out his items. After he said those words, he sat down cross-legged and began to prepare to set up his spirit formation.

“Handle my ass! Scram immediately! You fool! Don’t overestimate your capabilities! No one gives a damn if you decide to court your death, but if you are to cause us to die too, I your daddy will kill you first!”

Surprisingly, right after Chu Feng sat down, a profanity-filled voice sounded from behind him.

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