Chapter 3804 - Not A Person Of The Younger Generation?

Chapter 3804 - Not A Person Of The Younger Generation?

“Oh. In that case, you all don’t have to accompany me. Instead, go train atop the mountain. I will enter alone," said Chu Feng.

“Senior, please wait.” However, Chu Feng was immediately stopped by Yang Shenshen after he turned around.

“What’s the matter now?” asked Chu Feng.

“Senior, perhaps my words earlier were not clear enough. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t quite understand.”

“Only people of the younger generation are able to enter the World Spirit Mansion Gate. If someone isn’t a person of the younger generation and attempts to enter by force, they will be punished.”

“Please have a look. Although those people are all Grandmaster Yuan Shu’s guards, their cultivations are all extremely powerful. Every one of them are peak Exalted-level experts.”

Yang Shenshen pointed to the people wearing the same uniform that were standing around the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

“I understand. However, is there an issue?” asked Chu Feng.

“Eh… it’s that… senior, you can’t enter it,” said Yang Shenshen.

“Why can’t I enter?” asked Chu Feng.

“Because only people of the younger generation are able to enter,” said Yang Shenshen.

“There’s no problem then. I’m a person of the younger generation,” said Chu Feng.

“Senior, please don’t joke around.”

Hearing those words, Yang Shenshen smiled. Even the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster and Supreme Elders were smiling.

They were not mocking Chu Feng or looking down on him. Instead, they truly thought that he was joking with them.

“I’m not joking. You all don’t have to waste your time accompanying me here. Quickly, go up the mountain and train there. I’m also going to enter soon. Otherwise, all the good stuff will be taken away by those people.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng leapt forward. Under the gazes of Yang Shenshen and the others, Chu Feng entered the World Spirit Mansion Gate,

Witnessing this scene, Yang Shenshen and the others from the Watermirror Paradise were all dumbstruck.

They only managed to react to what had just happened after a long time passed.

“Grandfather, didn’t you say that the World Spiritist Mansion Gate is capable of determining one’s age, and whether or not one is a person of the younger generation?”

“If one is a person of the younger generation, one will be able to enter it safely. If one isn’t, one will be thrown out. Wasn’t that the case?” asked Yang Shenshen.

“That’s correct. That is indeed the case,” said the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.

“Then wouldn’t it mean that senior Asura is really a person of the younger generation?”

“His age is actually much younger than my own?” Yang Shenshen asked with a look of astonishment.


In the next moment, all the people from the Watermirror Paradise sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

They were truly too astonished, so astonished that they were unable to stabilize their state of mind.

After all, the strongest person of the younger generation in their All-heaven Starfield was the All-heaven Sect’s genius disciple, Nangong Yifan.

However, they’d heard that Nangong Yifan only possessed the cultivation of rank two Exalted.

However, Chu Feng was a rank five Exalted, a whole three levels of cultivation above Nangong Yifan.

Wouldn’t that mean that a genius even stronger than their starfield’s strongest genius had appeared in their Reincarnation Upper Realm?

Feeling extremely astonished, they all thought of the same thing...

They all felt that Chu Feng was most likely a genius from another starfield.

Although they did not know which starfield he was from, they all felt that it must be a very powerful starfield in the Holy Light Galaxy. Otherwise… they couldn’t possibly nurture such a powerful genius.





Suddenly, the World Spirit Mansion Gate started to emit an ear-piercing sound, and flicker with a strange light.

“What’s going on? What is happening?”

This sudden scene caught the attention of many people.

The guards of the Seven Suns Mountain Range began gathering at the plaza. They wanted to determine what was happening.

Suddenly, an old man wearing a white gown ordered, “Shut the World Spirit Mansion Gate!”

That old man’s gown was actually identical in appearance to the other guards. The only difference was that the other guards all wore yellow, whereas he wore white.

His white gown signified that he was someone with a special status. He was no ordinary guard. Instead, when Yuan Shu was undergoing closed-door training, he was someone with the authority to manage the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

No one knew what his name was. Thus, they all addressed him as Lord White Gown.

“Lord White Gown, what is going on?” asked the confused crowd.

“It is this old man’s negligence. I allowed an unlawful individual to sneak into the World Spirit Mansion Gate.”

“However, everyone can rest assured. The rules established by Lord Yuan Shu cannot possibly be altered.”

“This World Spirit Mansion Gate has been prepared for world spiritists of the younger generation within a hundred years of age. Those older than a hundred years of age will not be allowed to enter it.”

“Even if someone manages to sneak in using special means, we are able to determine who that person is through the formation core. We will definitely return fairness to everyone,” the white-gowned old man said loudly.

“Ah? Someone managed to sneak in using special means?”

“In other words, someone that is not a person of the younger generation managed to sneak in?”

The crowd entered a spirited discussion. They all began to ponder who the infiltrator was.

At that moment, Yang Shenshen and the crowd from the Watermirror Paradise looked at each other in dismay.

An identical thought appeared in their minds at the same time.

They all felt that the person who had snuck in was Chu Feng.

It wasn’t that they didn’t believe Chu Feng. It was simply that he was too powerful. He simply did not fit the description of a person of the younger generation.

On top of that, Chu Feng had just entered the World Spirit Mansion Gate when such a thing occurred.

It was extremely difficult for them to not associate the matter with him.


Meanwhile, Chu Feng had arrived inside the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

He had no idea what had happened outside.

Even though many people were wondering why the World Spirit Mansion Gate had suddenly closed, Chu Feng was uninterested.

After all, he had entered for the sake of the treasures there. At the same time, he wanted to learn exactly what sort of ability Grandmaster Yuan Shu, who was both the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s close friend and rival, possessed.

Because of that, all of Chu Feng’s focus was placed on the interior of the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

That said, he did not sense anything new or odd after entering..

Chu Feng was very experienced, and had been to all sorts of remnants and mysterious places.

Although he was able to sense that the World Spirit Mansion Gate held very powerful spirit power, Chu Feng did not feel a strong novel sensation from the composition of the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

This was an excellently constructed world filled with traps.

Furthermore, the traps were all very low-level. Likely, this was done deliberately so as to not harm the world spiritists that entered.

After all, the great majority of the younger generations within a hundred years of age had very average world spirit techniques. The people of the younger generation that entered the gate were not even Exalted-cloak, much less Saint-cloak. Naturally, traps that were too powerful could not be used against them.

Although the construction of the world was not novel to Chu Feng at all, that place was still very enticing for him.

Chu Feng was able to determine with his Heaven’s Eyes that that place was actually very remarkable. In fact, it was hiding things that greatly interested Chu Feng too.

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