Chapter 3801 - Father And Daughter Reunion

Chapter 3801 - Father And Daughter Reunion

“Ge’er, I’ve let you down. I’ve let your mother down.”

Old Freak Tang was trembling. With a ‘putt’, he knelt before Song Ge.

Furthermore, his tears were falling like rain.

He was an Utmost Exalted-level existence. Yet, he was completely covered in tears.

“Uncle Tang, who are you? Exactly who are you?” Song Ge asked repeatedly.

However, Old Freak Tang was unable to answer her. He continued to apologize to her, telling her he had let her down.

Chu Feng was unable to continue watching this. He said to Song Ge, “Song Ge, he is actually your father.”

“Father? You… you really are my father?” Song Ge asked with wide-open eyes.

“Mn.” Old Freak Tang nodded.

After Old Freak Tang nodded, Song Ge was once again stunned. She remained stunned for a very long time. It appeared as if she was unable to accept the truth, and was also dumbstruck by it.

Suddenly, Song Ge’s body shifted, and she leapt into Old Freak Tang’s bosom.

“So you were my father. You have been by my side the entire time. But why? Why didn’t you tell me? Why have you never told me the truth? Do you know how much I wanted to meet you? Did you know?”

Song Ge’s weeping cries resonated throughout the entire plaza. She was crying her heart out. Her cries were very sad to hear. Contained in her cries were not only her complaints towards Old Freak Tang. More than that, there was her longing for him as well.

“I am sorry. It is I, your father, who failed you and your mother.”

Old Freak Tang was still apologizing. His behavior was understandable. After all, in his heart, he simply owed Song Ge and her mother too much.


“That Utmost Exalted-level grand existence is actually Song Ge’s father?”

At the moment when Song Ge and her father were crying their hearts out, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster, Zuo Ying, Zuo Ying’s father and others all turned ashen.

Zuo Ying’s father grabbed Zuo Ying and attempted to sneak away.


However, right after they soared into the sky, they were pushed back down by an enormous power.

It was Chu Feng.

“Trying to flee after your malicious deed? There’s no such thing in this world.” Chu Feng looked to Zuo Ying and her father.

After he finished saying those words, he looked to Old Freak Tang and yelled, “Senior Tang, you and your daughter can slowly reminisce with one another later. You should settle matters here first.”

It was only after hearing Chu Feng’s words that Old Freak Tang stopped hugging Song Ge. He wiped clean the tears on his face and revealed an even uglier smile on his already ugly face.

“Daughter, stay here and watch how your father will obtain justice for you.”

After Old Freak Tang finished saying those words, he slowly walked over to Zuo Ying’s father.

Seeing Old Freak Tang walking towards him and being unable to flee, Zuo Ying’s father immediately knelt and began kowtowing violently as he begged for forgiveness. He smashed his forehead into the ground so ruthlessly that blood was flowing out from it.

However, Old Freak Tang completely ignored all of this. He extended his hand and grabbed Zuo Ying’s father by the head, lifting him up from the ground.

“Speak. Were you not framing my daughter earlier?” Old Freak Tang asked with a stern voice. His tone was ice-cold. He seemed like the god of death interrogating an evil spirit.

“Milord, I was wrong. I was wrong. I had no idea she was your daughter.”

“Milord, I also have a daughter myself. I know what you’re feeling. I merely wanted to stand up for my daughter. You should be able to understand my feelings too. Milord, please spare me, please spare me.” Zuo Ying’s father begged repeatedly.

However, Old Freak Tang still ignored Zuo Ying’s father. He instead revealed a cold smile. “It’s good that you’ve admitted to it. Apologizing is useless. You need to pay the price.”

After he finished saying those words, he suddenly clenched his fist, and a ‘puu’ was heard. Zuo Ying’s father was killed by Old Freak Tang.


Personally witnessing the death of her father, Zuo Ying let out a miserable scream.

“Your daughter is also not a good person. You can go and join your father.”

As Old Freak Tang spoke, he waved his palm, and a ‘bang’ was heard. Zuo Ying had exploded.

She had died with her father.

“As for you, Void Cleanse Monastery. You all are unable to distinguish between right and wrong, unable to determine who is loyal and who is a traitor.”

“All of you shall go down to accompany that ugly pair of father and daughter.”

After Old Freak Tang finished saying those words, he unleashed his overwhelming killing intent. In an instant, his killing intent covered the entire Void Cleanse Monastery.

“Milord, please spare us, please spare us.”

The people from the Void Cleanse Monastery all knelt and began begging for forgiveness.

They had no choice but to do so. After all, they were all able to feel Old Freak Tang’s killing intent.

Enveloped by that killing intent, the plaza no longer resembled the Void Cleanse Monastery. Instead, it more greatly resembled hell on earth.

They knew that if they did not beg for forgiveness, all of them would be killed.

However, their begging was completely useless. Old Freak Tang was determined to kill.


Suddenly, a voice was heard. When that voice sounded, Old Freak Tang’s ever-intensifying killing intent suddenly stopped.

It was Song Ge. Song Ge was the one who had spoken.

“Please release them. They’re innocent,” said Song Ge.

“Very well. My daughter has declared that she will spare you all. Thus, I will spare you all.”

“However, all of you, remember this. It is all due to my daughter that you are able to continue living today.”

“Your lives have been granted to you by my daughter,” Old Freak Tang said coldly.

“Thank you, Milady Song Ge. Thank you, Milady Song Ge.”

All the elders and disciples of the Void Cleanse Monastery started expressing their thanks to Song Ge.

Even the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster was doing the same.

However, they had clearly been deliberately making things difficult for her earlier.

It must be said that such a scene was extremely ironic.

“Father, let us return. My mother is still ill. Let us go and see mother together," after saying those words, Song Ge began to shed tears nonstop once again.

“Very well, let us go see your mother.”

Old Freak Tang nodded repeatedly. Then, he left with Song Ge.

Even though Old Freak Tang had left with Song Ge, the people of the Void Cleanse Monastery were still uniformly kneeling. Not a single person dared to stand up.

“It is not that fortune did not pass you by. Instead, you didn’t seize that fortune properly. Truly foolish.”

“You are truly a failure of a headmaster.”

Chu Feng mocked the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster. Then, he soared into the sky and disappeared.

After Chu Feng left, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster fell powerlessly onto the ground.

His body began to twitch violently. An old man who had lived for thousands of years, the grand headmaster of the Void Cleanse Monastery, was completely covered in tears.

Why was he feeling so sad? That was because he felt what Chu Feng had said to be very correct.

He was truly too much of a failure, truly too foolish.

If he had chosen Song Ge and not Zuo Ying, it would have been a completely different ending..

Unfortunately, it was already too late...

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