Chapter 3801 - Father And Daughter Reunion (Teaser)

Chapter 3801 - Father And Daughter Reunion

“Ge’er, I’ve let you down. I’ve let your mother down.”

Old Freak Tang was trembling. With a ‘putt’, he knelt before Song Ge.

Furthermore, his tears were falling like rain.

He was an Utmost Exalted-level existence. Yet, he was completely covered in tears.

“Uncle Tang, who are you? Exactly who are you?” Song Ge asked repeatedly.

However, Old Freak Tang was unable to answer her. He continued to apologize to her, telling her he had let her down.

Chu Feng was unable to continue watching this. He said to Song Ge, “Song Ge, he is actually your father.”

“Father? You… you really are my father?” Song Ge asked with wide-open eyes.

“Mn.” Old Freak Tang nodded.

After Old Freak Tang nodded, Song Ge...

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