Chapter 3800 - The Arrival Of An Utmost Exalted

Chapter 3800 - The Arrival Of An Utmost Exalted

“Move aside. Get away from me. I’ve done no wrong. Why are you all doing this? Why?”

Song Ge struggled violently. However, her struggles were completely useless. Her hands were completely held by that person. She was powerless to stop him from taking the Void Cleanse Monastery’s title plate from her.

Finally, Song Ge was unable to contain herself. The tears in her eyes began to flow, flooding her cheeks.

She truly felt wronged. She was a genius. Over the years, there were countless sects that had sought her out and asked her to join them.

However, regardless of which sect they were, all of them were declined by Song Ge.

She believed that as long as she devoted herself to the Void Cleanse Monastery, they would definitely not let her down.

However, what happened at that moment had broadened her horizons and opened her eyes.

It turned out that her loyalty and devotion were completely worthless compared to the Void Cleanse Monastery’s self-interest.

“Why? Why? Why are you all treating me this way?”

Song Ge shouted herself hoarse. Weeping sounds filled with the grievance of injustice resonated throughout the plaza.

Hearing Song Ge’s cries, Chu Feng felt very pained. In addition to Chu Feng, many elders and disciples of the Void Cleanse Monastery also felt extremely pained.

However, they were all powerless to change anything. Furthermore, no one dared to try to change it. In fact, no one dared to even plead for leniency for Song Ge.

“Why? Because you’ve done all sorts of evil deeds.”

“Men! Drive her out!” the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster said loudly as he pointed to Song Ge.

“I shall see who dares touch her!!!”

Suddenly, a voice exploded in the sky.


After that voice was heard, the surroundings started to tremble violently.

Many people found themselves unable to stand firm. One by one, they fell to the ground, rolling repeatedly.

“What was that? What just happened?”

Merely a furious shout managed to frighten many of the people present to the point where they turned pale.

Even though they’d all managed to hear that voice clearly and understood the intention behind those words, the might displayed by that voice was simply too terrifying.

Because of that, they felt that voice to not be the voice of a person, but rather a voice signaling the arrival of doomsday.


The next instant, thunder began to rumble as violent winds swept forth. An extremely powerful oppressive might emerged from the sky.

When that oppressive might appeared, the people present all felt as though they’d fallen into hell.

Too powerful. That oppressive might was simply too powerful.

The disciples, elders and even the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster and Zuo Ying’s father were all able to sense how terrifying that oppressive might was.

That oppressive might not only surpassed the Martial Immortal realm of cultivation, but it seemed to have even surpassed the Exalted Realm.

They were able to tell that the person who possessed that oppressive might was capable of destroying all of them, body and soul, with a single thought.

Most importantly, a figure had appeared together with that oppressive might. That person landed on the plaza. It was Old Freak Tang.

“We pay our respects to Milord.”

“Our Void Cleanse Monastery had no idea that Milord would arrive, and failed to properly receive you. I hope that Milord will forgive us." The Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster immediately knelt upon seeing Old Freak Tang.

Seeing that, the others from the Void Cleanse Monastery also knelt uniformly. Even Zuo Ying’s father did the same.

In fact, even Song Ge was so terrified that she promptly knelt as well.

Like the others, she had never experienced such a powerful oppressive might in her entire life.

However, right after Song Ge knelt, a powerful arm forcibly helped her up.

She turned around and saw that it was Chu Feng.


“Asura, you’ve come?”

Song Ge immediately revealed a joyous look on her face after seeing Chu Feng. She hurriedly wiped away her tears, fearing that Chu Feng would discover that she had suffered grievance.

“You should leave quickly. Someone extraordinary has arrived in this place.”

Soon, Song Ge pushed Chu Feng away and urged him to leave quickly.

She was afraid that he would be implicated by the unexpected crisis.

“Don’t be afraid. Take a close look at who that person is. Do you not know him?” Chu Feng said to Song Ge.

Hearing those words, Song Ge revealed a look of puzzlement.

After all, she knew very well that she simply did not know someone that powerful.

Though confused, Song Ge still cast her gaze over.

“Uncle Tang?”

Upon looking, Song Ge’s expression changed enormously.

That person was also a resident of Autumnfall Village. He was someone who had seen her grow up. It was impossible for her to not know about Old Freak Tang.

“What? Uncle Tang?”

“Song Ge, do not be rude!”

The Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster immediately berated Song Ge upon hearing her address Old Freak Tang as Uncle Tang.

“You shut up!”

Right after the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster said those words, he received a furious shout from Old Freak Tang.

The furious shout brought forth a strong gale that blew the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster several meters away.

Even though the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster was uninjured, he was shivering all over and did not stand back up. Instead, he directly knelt and began to kowtow to Old Freak Tang. “Milord, please spare me, please spare me. This lowly one had no intention of offending you. Milord, please spare me.”

“Listen carefully, since she is no longer someone of your Void Cleanse Monastery, none of you are qualified to berate her.”

“Furthermore, even if she were still someone from your Void Cleanse Monastery, none of you would be qualified to berate her.”

Each and every word spoken by Old Freak Tang was thunderous. His voice was so strong and powerful that it ripped through space and the void.

The people from the Void Cleanse Monastery all shivered in fear.

In fact, it was not only the people of the Void Cleanse Monastery. Even Song Ge had turned pale with fright.

She had never seen such powerful oppressive might in her entire life.

She felt that Old Freak Tang simply did not resemble a human. Instead, he was more like a god.

A god that could determine the life and death of another person with a single expression, a single thought.

Even though that was clearly the Uncle Tang she'd known for many years, she no longer dared to speak to him.

It was only at that moment that she realized that Old Freak Tang was actually such a terrifying existence.

“Ge’er, don’t be afraid. I’m here today to uphold justice for you.”

“No one will be able to bully you again.”

“After all, I, your father, am an Utmost Exalted.”

“Not to mention this bunch of trash, no one in the entire Reincarnation Upper Realm will be able to bully my daughter.”

Old Freak Tang walked over to Song Ge. He appeared to be very emotional. As he spoke, tears could be seen seeping out the corners of his eyes.

However, his tone was very gentle. He was afraid, afraid that he might injure his daughter.

“Utmost Exalted? He’s an Utmost Exalted?”

“Heavens! He’s actually a legendary Utmost Exalted-level expert?!”

The people from the Void Cleanse Monastery became even more terrified upon hearing the words ‘Utmost Exalted.’

To them, Utmost Exalted-level existences were simply akin to gods.

“Thank you, Uncle Tang…”

Seeing that Old Freak Tang had come to stand up for her, Song Ge was pleasantly surprised, and overwhelmed by his favor.

However, all of a sudden, her expression turned stern. She stood there dumbstruck with her eyes tightly focused on Old Freak Tang.

“Uncle Tang, what did you say earlier? You said… you are my what?” Song Ge asked with a trembling voice.

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