Chapter 3798 - Song Ge’s Rival

Chapter 3798 - Song Ge’s Rival

Chu Feng sat outside the entrance to the smithy with a look of worry written on his face.

He had put forth so much effort and did all those things because he wanted Old Freak Tang to help him remove Bai Liluo’s curse.

However, Chu Feng truly did not have any romantic feelings for Song Ge. It was even more of an impossibility for him to marry her for the sake of obtaining curse techniques. If he were to do that, he would be harming both Song Ge and himself.

However, with Old Freak Tang’s personality, he might really end up destroying his curse techniques.

This made things very difficult for Chu Feng.

He sighed. “I can only hope that Old Freak Tang is not that stubborn; hope that he doesn’t destroy the curse techniques, and instead teaches them to Song Ge.”

Chu Feng felt very helpless. Submitting to fate was the thing he detested doing the most. However, at that moment he had no choice but to do so.

As such, Chu Feng could only wait...

He could only wait for Old Freak Tang and Song Ge to meet in two days.

Two days later. Chu Feng arrived at the Void Cleanse Monastery ahead of time.

“Is this Fate-changing Bell actually this famous?”

When Chu Feng arrived at the location of the Fate-changing Bell, he was somewhat flabbergasted.

The reason for that was because the plaza the Fate-changing Bell was in was completely packed with people. It seemed like all the elders and disciples of the Void Cleanse Monastery had arrived there.

There stood a woman before the Fate-changing Bell.

That woman was somewhat good-looking. However, she had a slightly crafty look to her face, and did not belong to the type that Chu Feng was fond of.

That woman was also an elder of the Void Cleanse Monastery. Her age was similar to Song Ge’s. Her cultivation was also identical to Song Ge's; that of a rank one Heavenly Immortal.

She stood before the Fate-changing Bell and seemed to be waiting for something.

She gave off a very imposing air, and seemed like the queen of the entire Void Cleanse Monastery.

From the discussions of the bystanders nearby, Chu Feng learned that the woman was named Zuo Ying.

Like Song Ge, Zuo Ying was an influential figure in the Void Cleanse Monastery due to her good looks and exceptional talent.

She was also Song Ge’s rival.

In recent days, she had been competing against Song Ge for the Void Cleanse Monastery’s outer sect’s head elder position.

Originally, Song Ge and Zuo Ying were completely equal in terms of both martial cultivation and ability. The Void Cleanse Monastery was also unable to make a decision between the two of them.

Feeling helpless, they could only consider other alternatives. As for the alternative they had decided upon, it was by means of a popular vote.

Although Song Ge and Zuo Ying were completely equal in all other aspects, Song Ge was much more popular than Zuo Ying.

Although Song Ge was also an ice-cold beauty in the Void Cleanse Monastery, she was willing to help others in all sorts of things. Because of that, the crowd was more fond of her.

However, at the moment when the outcome was determined, Zuo Ying’s father suddenly arrived at the Void Cleanse Monastery.

It turned out that Zuo Ying’s father was a Martial Immortal-level expert. Furthermore, he possessed the cultivation of rank three Martial Immortal.

Most importantly, Zuo Ying’s father did not belong to any sect, and was willing to join the Void Cleanse Monastery as a nominal elder.

However, Zuo Ying’s father gave a condition. That is, he demanded that his daughter become the outer sect’s head elder.

One should know that the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster was only a rank four Martial Immortal-level cultivator.

A rank three Martial Immortal-level cultivator was willing to join their Void Cleanse Monastery. Naturally, that was something that the Void Cleanse Monastery sought.

Thus, after Zuo Ying’s father gave the demand, the Void Cleanse Monastery did not hesitate in the slightest, and handed the position of the outer sect’s head elder to Zuo Ying.

Furthermore, they decided to publicly recognize Zuo Ying as the outer sect’s head elder on that particular day.

Furthermore, the person appointing Zuo Ying her title was none other than her father.

This was the reason why there were so many people gathered here.

The Void Cleanse Monastery was giving face to Zuo Ying’s father, and deliberately ordering their people to be there.

Upon learning about the matter, Chu Feng realized why Song Ge was somewhat unwilling when she learned that he wanted to meet her there.

It turned out, such a special event was occurring there on the same day.

At the same time, Chu Feng understood why Old Freak Tang insisted on recognizing Song Ge as his daughter at that place and time.

Old Freak Tang must’ve known about this matter. That was why he wanted to stand up for her.

“Look! Isn’t that Song Ge?”

Suddenly, a disturbance occurred among the crowd. Song Ge had appeared.

“She actually came? I’d thought that she would not come here today.”

“Alas. Elder Song Ge’s tolerance is truly strong. If I were in her shoes, I would definitely not come. After all, it will be truly too sullen to be here today.”

“There’s nothing that can be done. After all, Elder Zuo Ying has such a powerful father.”

The crowd immediately engaging in spirited discussions upon Song Ge’s arrival.

There were people that were sympathetic toward Song Ge and also people that ridiculed her. All sorts of things were said nonstop.

As for Song Ge, perhaps because she was afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to see her, she had deliberately stood at a very obvious location.

Even when rumors were assailing her ears like a torrential storm, she remained unmoved, and continued to resist everything.

Although Song Ge was unaffected by the crowd’s discussions, the place where she stood was simply too eye-catching. Because of that, Zuo Ying became displeased.

“Elder Song Ge, you are truly impressive. Those who don't know might even believe the main character here today to be Elder Song Ge,” Zuo Ying said to Song Ge with a mocking tone.

“Elder Zuo Ying, congratulations.”

Song Ge did not refute Zuo Ying. Instead, she smiled at her.

Facing such a Song Ge, Zuo Ying felt that her ruthless punch had landed on a pile of cotton. This caused her even greater displeasure.

However, as Song Ge had even offered her congratulations, it was unsuitable for her to say anything else.

Thus, she could only forcibly swallow the displeasure in her heart.

She thought to herself, ‘In the future, I will be the outer sect’s head elder. As for you, Song Ge, you will only be a common elder of the outer sect. Since you’ll be working for me, prepare to suffer. I will slowly settle our previous debt with you.’

After thinking that, Zuo Ying’s feeling of displeasure eased a lot.

“Elder Zuo Ying, why did you arrive so early? It’s still not time yet.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

Following that, a group of people appeared from the sky and landed in the plaza.

Seeing those people, everyone present felt deep veneration.

The reason for that was because those people were the upper echelons of the Void Cleanse Monastery. As for the person who had spoken earlier, he was the Void Cleanse Monastery’s strongest expert, their headmaster.

Normally, as he was the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster, he simply did not have to greet an elder from the outer sect.

However, not only had the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster greeted Zuo Ying, but his tone was also very good-natured.

The people from the Void Cleanse Monastery all knew that their headmaster was not normally such a good-natured person.

Furthermore, they also all knew that it was all due to Zuo Ying’s father that their headmaster was acting in such a manner.

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