Chapter 3773 - Seven Suns Mountain Range (Teaser)

Chapter 3773 - Seven Suns Mountain Range

Since Chu Feng was planning to go against the people from the All-heaven Sect from the start, he had disguised himself before he stepped out of the teleportation formation.

Chu Feng currently appeared extremely mediocre. His appearance could even be said to be ordinary to the extreme.

He did not look handsome, yet was not ugly either. He did not appear to be extraordinary in the slightest. However, he did not appear to be excessively unsophiscated either.

Even his outfit was very ordinary. That was Chu Feng’s goal. He wanted to become the most unremarkable person in a crowd.

Of course… he had long placed away his Chu Heavenly Clan’s title plate.

Chu Feng had disguised himself because he did not want the people from the All-heaven Sect to know who he was.

Naturally, he could not allow his identity to be exposed. For that, he went as far as to create a new name for...

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