Chapter 3771 - Departure (Teaser)

Chapter 3771 - Departure

“Oh, that’s right. Little brother Chu Feng, your big sister will be entering closed-door training for some time. Does your Chu Heavenly Clan have a place your big sister can use for closed-door training?” Bai Liluo asked Chu Feng.

Before Chu Feng could say anything, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said, “Of course. It is our Chu Heavenly Clan’s honor to be able to provide young lady with a place to undergo closed-door training. We will definitely provide the best location for young lady to use for training.”

“Merely, young lady, when will you need this place?”

“Thank you. I need it right away,” said Bai Liluo.

“Big sister Liluo, you need to enter closed-door training right away?” asked Chu Feng.

“Right. Right away. Immediately. At once,” Bai Liluo said with a beaming smile.

After she finished saying those words, she patted Chu Feng’s shoulder. “Don’t look so worried....

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