Chapter 3759 - Outsider’s Puppet

Chapter 3759 - Outsider’s Puppet

The noisy sky suddenly turned particularly quiet.

Even the screaming and wailing Linghu Heavenly Clansmen grew quiet.

At that moment, the crowd were able to witness a figure appearing among the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.

That person was not someone from the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

That person wore black clothes and a conical bamboo hat. One could not see his appearance, and could not sense his aura.

However, at that moment, his hand had grabbed Gu Mingyuan’s wrist.

He was the person who had stopped her, preventing her from continuing her massacre of the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.

Even though she only had her wrist grabbed by that mysterious person, Gu Mingyuan’s face was covered in pain.


Seeing that Gu Mingyuan was injured, Chu Feng immediately turned around and rushed towards the black-clothed-bamboo-hat-wearing individual.


However, that person merely waved his sleeve, and Chu Feng was sent flying like a leaf.

At the instant that person attacked Chu Feng, the crowd finally managed to sense his aura.

Rank three Utmost Exalted. That mysterious individual was actually a rank three Utmost Exalted.

It was no wonder even Chu Feng was completely powerless before him.

“Who is that?”

The crowd all immediately felt a very deep sense of shock. However, more than being shocked by that person’s cultivation, the crowd was extremely curious as to who he might be.

After all, they’d all heard what that person had said earlier.

Thus, at that moment, the crowd all understood that the Linghu Heavenly Clan had not defeated the Wuming Clan on their own. Instead, they'd received outside assistance.

It was likely that black-clothed individual that had helped the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

But, exactly who was that black-clothed individual? Judging from his words, he didn’t seem to be someone from the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

The battle between the Linghu Heavenly Clan and the Wuming Clan was clearly an internal affair of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

If the Linghu Heavenly Clan had defeated the Wuming Clan with outside help, it would be too excessive.

The crowd were no fools. They knew that no one would help the Linghu Heavenly Clan without cause.

If they were willing to help the Linghu Heavenly Clan defeat the Wuming Clan, it would likely mean one thing.

That is, even after the Linghu Heavenly Clan defeated the Wuming Clan and became the overlord of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, they would only be puppets.

The true overlord of the Ancestral Martial Starfield would be the person behind the Linghu Heavenly Clan, someone from another starfield.

No one in the Ancestral Martial Starfield wished for such a thing to happen. After all, no one wanted to be ruled by someone from another starfield.

Thus, after learning of this matter, the crowd’s opinion of the Linghu Heavenly Clan changed completely.

Many people stopped acknowledging the Linghu Heavenly Clan, and some even began to feel utter disgust towards them.

For many people, they felt that the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s behavior was simply an act of betrayal towards their Ancestral Martial Starfield. They were no different from detestable traitors.

Such a Linghu Heavenly Clan was unqualified to rule the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

“Do you plan to kill them yourself, or do you need my assistance?”

Right at that moment, the black-clothed individual looked at Linghu Zhishi.

“I’ll do it myself.”

With anger-filled eyes, Linghu Zhishi’s killing intent was surging violently.

As he spoke, he rushed towards Gu Mingyuan.


However, right after Linghu Zhishi moved, before he could even approach Gu Mingyuan, he let out a scream.

At the same time as he let out that scream, Linghu Zhishi stopped midair.

He was stopped. An arm had appeared before him. It was because Linghu Zhishi violently collided with that arm that he let out a scream.

At this moment, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

The reason for that was because many people recognized who the owner of that arm was.

That person was the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master, Long Daozhi.

It was Long Daozhi who had suddenly appeared and stopped Linghu Zhishi in his tracks.

But, no matter how powerful Long Daozhi might be, he was only the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master.

In the crowd’s opinion, no matter how powerful the Three Cities might be, they would, at the very most,only be on par with the Wuming Clan or the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

However, the scene before the crowd was Long Daozhi easily stopping Linghu Zhishi.

Long Daozhi’s cultivation was most definitely not only that of a rank two Utmost Exalted. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly stop Linghu Zhishi so effortlessly.

That said, the crowd had no time to be astonished by Long Daozhi’s strength.

It was not only the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s Long Daozhi that had appeared.

Two other figures had appeared beside Chu Feng and supported him.

Those two people were also top characters in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

They were respectively the Monstrous Holy City’s City Master Xian Yuying, and the Divine Body Royal City’s City Master Kong Shanwu.

The Three Cities’ City Masters had all appeared.

Seeing the Three City Masters, the people of the Ancestral Martial Starfield reacted as if they’d seen hope.

After all, now that the Wuming Clan had been defeated, and the Linghu Heavenly Clan became an outsider’s puppet, the only people they could rely on were the people of the Three Cities.

Thus, the three City Masters were the hope in the crowd’s eyes. They were the final three people that could stand up for their Ancestral Martial Starfield.

“Linghu Zhishi, for the sake of defeating the Wuming Clan, you actually went as far as to become a puppet to another starfield?”

“You’ve truly disgraced our Ancestral Martial Starfield,” Xian Yuying said to Linghu Zhishi.

Although the crowd had already guessed that, Xian Yuying’s words confirmed their guesses.

The Linghu Heavenly Clan had indeed become another starfield’s puppet.

At that moment, the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master lifted Linghu Zhishi up single-handedly.

The previously imposing Linghu Zhishi was akin to a weak chick in Long Daozhi’s hand.

He tried his hardest to struggle free. However, his struggle was completely useless. With the situation being like that, fear appeared on his face.

“Milord, save me, save me!”

Helpless, Linghu Zhishi turned his gaze to the black-clothed individual.

He had realized that Long Daozhi was far stronger than he had imagined. He was simply unable to contend against him. The only person that could possibly save him would be that black-clothed individual.

“Wasn’t it said that the people from the Three Cities do not meddle in the matters of the Ancestral Martial Starfield?”

“Why would you all suddenly make an exception to the rule today? Sure enough, the proclamation of not interfering is a bunch of nonsense,” the black-clothed said individual as he looked at Long Daozhi.

Hearing those words, the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master smiled faintly. Then, he said, “I’ve already warned you people from the All-heaven Sect that it’s best you not involve yourselves in the matters of our Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

What?! All-heaven Sect?!!!

The Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master’s words brought great shock to everyone present.

Even Chu Feng was shocked.

The crowd all knew very well who the All-heaven Sect was.

They were the overlords of the All-heaven Starfield.

The All-heaven Starfield was the neighboring starfield of the Ancestral Martial Starfield. Thus, the crowd all knew the All-heaven Starfield pretty well.

The All-heaven Starfield was also an Abandoned Starfield of the Holy Light Galaxy.

However, their overall power was superior to the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

It was precisely because the crowd knew about the All-heaven Sect that they became extremely worried. At the same time, they were also astonished.

With how powerful the All-heaven Sect was, if they were to truly decide to attack their Ancestral Martial Starfield, they would all suffer enormously.

After all, there was no power in the Ancestral Martial Starfield that was capable of contending against the All-heaven Sect. Not even the Three Cities would be able to contend against them.

“Warnings have always been the privilege of the strong.”

“What makes you qualified to warn me?” The black-clothed individual said to Long Daozhi.

Sure enough, it was as the crowd had anticipated.

Not even the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s City Master managed to receive that All-heaven Sect’s individual’s respect. Instead, he only received contempt and humiliation.

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