Chapter 3756 - Utmost Exalted Army

Chapter 3756 - Utmost Exalted Army

The spirit formation had disappeared. The stick in Chu Feng’s hand appeared to be a completely ordinary stick.

Yet, holding the stick, Chu Feng was able to sense a completely different sort of power.

It was precisely this power that brought a smile to Chu Feng’s face.

Holding the wooden stick in his hand, Chu Feng spoke softly, “Senior, you must’ve done this on purpose.”

“Never would I have imagined that you’d play this sort of joke with me.”

“Chu Feng’s actually smiling?”

At the moment when the crowd were thinking that Chu Feng was doomed, some people were surprised to discover that he actually had a smile on his face.

Hearing some people mentioning Chu Feng’s smile, the others also turned their gazes to him.

Upon doing so, they were all surprised. All of them noticed the smile on Chu Feng’s face.

Could it be that Chu Feng still had another trump card?

Or could it be that Chu Feng had deliberately concealed the protective formation, that it had not actually shattered and disappeared?

Seeing Chu Feng smiling like that, the crowd were unable to keep themselves from thinking of these sorts of possibilities.

It was not only the bystanders that were thinking that way; even Linghu Zhishi himself was thinking that way.

Because of that, his overwhelming killing intent grew much weaker.

He did not dare to act blindly without thinking.

After all, he had personally experienced how powerful Chu Feng’s protective formation was.

He knew that if the protective formation was present, it would be impossible for him to win.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke, “Linghu Zhishi, did you really think you’ve won?”

He had a look of confidence on his face as he said those words.


“What are you implying?” Linghu Zhishi asked sternly.

Not only was his tone no longer unyielding as he said those words, but even the overflowing killing intent that filled the sky had completely vanished.

He was… afraid.

Even though the crowd were unwilling to believe it, it was the truth presented before them.

The protective formation had already disappeared. Yet, Linghu Zhishi still did not dare to attack Chu Feng.

He was afraid, afraid that Chu Feng had done all of this on purpose.

He was afraid that Chu Feng would be able to envelop them with the protective formation again should he so desire. Thus… he was seeking a way out of the situation.

Linghu Zhishi wanted to seek for peace with Chu Feng. Although he did not mention that explicitly, the easing of his tone and removal of his killing intent had both revealed to the crowd his desire for peace.

“Lord Clan Chief, we absolutely cannot spare him!”

“We must avenge Hongfei!!!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. Then, a figure, with overwhelming killing intent rushed towards Chu Feng.

Flying towards Chu Feng was also the oppressive might of an Utmost Exalted. It was the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder, Linghu Wentai.

When even the bystanders noticed Linghu Zhishi’s desire for peace, Linghu Wentai naturally noticed it too.

Thus, he who did not want peace decided to directly attack Chu Feng.

“Courting death.”

However, before Linghu Wentai could reach Chu Feng, Gu Mingyuan had shot forth her palm explosively.

The power of her palm was so strong that it instantly engulfed Linghu Wentai.

Following a muffled sound, blood splattered everywhere. Linghu Wentai’s body had been smashed to pieces.

Although Gu Mingyuan’s actual cultivation was only that of a rank one Utmost Exalted, she was able to increase her cultivation to rank two Utmost Exalted through her bloodline’s power. Thus, Linghu Wentai was unable to withstand even a single attack from her.

Earlier, Gu Mingyuan was holding back when she attacked Linghu Wentai. Thus, she had only simply injured him.

However, this time around, she was no longer showing any leniency, and directly killed him.

Seeing Linghu Wentai being killed by Gu Mingyuan in such a manner, the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen all felt endless sadness.

In fact, even the bystanders felt sadness.

Utmost Exalted-level experts were extremely sparse in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

The death of every one of them represented a loss to their entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.


To everyone’s surprise, after Linghu Wentai died, Linghu Zhishi burst into loud laughter.

Even though Linghu Wentai’s death should be sad for him, he was laughing with no trace of sadness on his face. Instead, he seemed to be feeling joyous.

This greatly confused the crowd.

“Turns out that protective formation of yours has indeed disappeared. You are deliberately mystifying things to deceive us,” said Linghu Zhishi.

Hearing those words, the crowd came to a sudden realization as to why Linghu Zhishi was laughing.

Linghu Wentai’s death had proved that Chu Feng’s protective formation had indeed disappeared.

Indeed, if that protective formation were still present, why didn’t Chu Feng use it to take care of Linghu Wentai? Why would he need Gu Mingyuan to act to protect him?

However, even if that was the case, Linghu Zhishi still shouldn’t be laughing like that. After all, the person who had died was his Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder, one of his close aides.

From Linghu Zhishi’s laughter, the crowd realized that Linghu Wentai was simply insignificant in Linghu Zhishi’s eyes. Because of that, he was not at all affected by his death.

Linghu Zhishi was truly ruthless. He remained indifferent even at the death of such an important member of his clan.

“Indeed, the power of that spirit formation has disappeared. However, you will only die in a more miserable manner.”

“After all, you will be personally killed by me.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng suddenly raised the stick in his hand.

Once Chu Feng raised the stick and silvery light immediately started shining all over.

In the next instant, the crowd noticed a silver halberd in Chu Feng’s hand.

That silver halberd gave off an extraordinary air, and captured everyone’s attention.

After all, that was the Battle God’s Halberd.

Merely, the Battle God’s Halberd was a legendary item. Very few people had ever seen it before.

Thus, the crowd had no idea that it was the Battle God’s Halberd. They were only able to tell that the halberd in Chu Feng’s hand was an extraordinary weapon.

That said, the crowd were still confused. Even if the weapon itself was an extraordinary weapon, it was still only a weapon. How could Chu Feng possibly be able to kill Linghu Zhishi with it?

Different from treasures, a weapon’s power could only be unleashed should a cultivator of matching cultivation utilize it.

This was especially true in terms of the halberd in Chu Feng’s hand. Although it emitted an extraordinary air akin to a ruler descending upon the world of mortals, the crowd were unable to determine what sort of weapon it was.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At the moment when the crowd were all feeling confused, the silver halberd began to release streams of light.

“Heavens, what are those?!!!”

In the next moment, the crowd were all stupefied. Endless astonishment filled their eyes.

The reason for that was because there were over ten thousand guardian spirits, like an army, standing before Chu Feng in neat rows.

The appearances of the guardian spirits need not be described, as what astonished the crowd the most was their cultivation.

After all, those ten thousand guardian spirits were all Utmost Exalted-level existences!!!

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