Chapter 3746 - Exalted Taboo: Vast Heavenly Lens (Teaser)

Chapter 3746 - Exalted Taboo: Vast Heavenly Lens

The battle between Yu Sha and Linghu Hongfei was very different from that of Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei's.

When Chu Feng was fighting with Linghu Hongfei, the two of them were using all sorts of martial skills in nonstop succession. Not only were their attacks mighty and overwhelming, but they had also dazzled the crowd and made them gasp in amazement with their mastery of their martial skills.

Yu Sha, on the other hand, was different. All of her abilities were composed of black gaseous flames.

Regardless of how powerful her attacks might be, they were all dark black gaseous flames.

No matter how dazzling Linghu Hongfei’s attacks were, they were all stopped by the dark black gaseous flames.

One side of the sky was covered in golden light and all sorts of different powers. It was incomparably gorgeous.


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