Chapter 3741 - Provoking The Prophecy

Chapter 3741 - Provoking The Prophecy

“Life and death contract!!!”

“It’s actually a life and death contract?! Chu Feng… exactly what is he planning to do?”

“How is he so confident that he will be able to defeat Linghu Hongfei that he’s willing to actually bet with his life?”

“No, he must’ve heard about Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy. He knows that he won't be able to escape death should he show up today. That’s why… he plans to risk everything.”

“Since he’s going to die anyways, he might as well give his all. Perhaps he might be able to drag others to share his fate before his death. It would appear that he has come here with a determination of certain death.”

“But, if that is the case, it’ll truly be as Exalted Heavenly Fate has prophesied. This won't be an ordinary match. Instead, it will be a battle to the death.”

“According to Linghu Hongfei’s personality, he might be lenient toward Chu Feng should they not sign a life and death contract. However, if they are to sign it, Chu Feng will definitely not survive.”

At that moment, the countless people that filled the sky and the ground all had the same sort of expression.

None of them were able to understand Chu Feng’s decision.

“You want to sign a life and death contract? What’s this? Have you grown tired of living and want me to send you off?” asked Linghu Hongfei.

“If I am to lose, you can kill me. However, you can rest assured. If you are to lose, I won't demand your life," said Chu Feng.

“What? He doesn’t want the life of his opponent in a life and death contract? What is this?”

The crowd were all confused by Chu Feng’s words.

“Chu Feng, are you trying to shame me?” asked Linghu Hongfei.

“No. I don’t want your life, I merely want your eyes.”

Chu Feng pointed at Linghu Hongfei’s eyes.

Once Chu Feng said those words, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

This was especially true for Chu Lingxi. Her eyes revealed a different sort of expression.

Chu Feng’s intentions were extremely clear. He was there to avenge Chu Lingxi.

“So that’s the case. Revenge, is it? Unfortunately, although your way of thinking is correct, you lack the strength to back it up,” Linghu Hongfei shook his head in a mocking manner.

“Do you know how strong I am?” asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng not only had a smile on his face as he asked those words, but he was also emitting a sort of aura from all over when he said those words.

It was the aura of confidence, enormous confidence!!!

Seeing Chu Feng looking like that, Linghu Hongfei’s expression changed. Soon, great displeasure appeared in his eyes.

“It would appear that you’re determined to court death today.”

“If I am to sign that life and death contract, your life will be mine.”

“Don't say that I, Linghu Hongfei, did not give you a chance. If you are to back out now, it’ll still not be too late,” said Linghu Hongfei.

“I’ve already signed my name. It’s your turn,” said Chu Feng.

“Humph." Linghu Hongfei let out a cold snort. Then, he raised his finger toward the sky.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Using his finger as the writing brush, he signed his name, Linghu Hongfei, onto the life and death contract.


After Linghu Hongfei signed his name, Chu Feng made another shocking action.

He did not put the life and death contract away. Instead, he tossed it to someone present.

That person was Exalted Heavenly Fate.

Chu Feng’s action confused the crowd.

According to their knowledge, Chu Feng didn’t seem to have any relationship with Exalted Heavenly Fate.

“Senior, I’ll have to trouble you to bear witness to this." Chu Feng clasped his fist at Exalted Heavenly Fate.

At that moment, the crowd finally realized Chu Feng’s intentions.

He was not only seeking out Exalted Heavenly Fate to bear witness to what would happen.

Although Chu Feng was acting very courteously, many people present felt that he was provoking Exalted Heavenly Fate.

Chu Feng was refusing to accept his fate, and questioning Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy.

His request to ‘bear witness’ was to tell Exalted Heavenly Fate that he, Chu Feng, did not believe in the prophecy of his death.

Since Exalted Heavenly Fate had prophesied his death, Chu Feng had decided to deliberately sign a life and death contract to show the crowd whether he, Chu Feng, would die or not.

“That Chu Feng is truly an imposing fellow.”

“That child is quite someone.”

Seeing Chu Feng acting in such a manner, some people began to wonder if he would truly be able to shatter the prophecy.

Chu Feng was simply too imposing.

Faced with Linghu Hongfei, faced with the Linghu Heavenly Clan, faced with the strongest power of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, Chu Feng showed no signs of fear. On top of that, his imposing behavior made it seem like everything before them belonged to him, that he would undoubtedly come out victorious.

“Young friend Chu Feng, do you think that this old man’s prophecy is a scam?”

“My prophecy is not a scam. My prophecy is real. I am not deceiving anyone.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, you should’ve never shown up today.”

“More than that, you should’ve never forced young friend Linghu Hongfei to sign this life and death contract.”

“This old man prophesied your end many days ago," Exalted Heavenly Fate said to Chu Feng.

Once Exalted Heavenly Fate said those words, the crowd began to passionately discuss amongst themselves. Once again, their opinions began to sway.

Exalted Heavenly Fate had never prophesied wrongly.

Even though Chu Feng possessed great composure and confidence, the outcome was already determined.

Upon thinking of how Chu Feng would end up dying regardless of how much he struggled, the crowd suddenly felt the match to be less interesting.

A story where the outcome was already known would inevitably cause people to lose interest.

“Senior, is there any issue with this life and death contract?”

Chu Feng completely ignored Exalted Heavenly Fate’s words, and instead questioned him about the life and death contract.

Hearing those words, Exalted Heavenly Fate narrowed his brows.

He was someone who enjoyed a special status in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. His status had nothing to do with his strength. It was all because he possessed the ability to foresee the future.

By relying on that ability, everyone in the Ancestral Martial Starfield would have to show him respect.

Their respect was not only towards him. More than him, they were respecting his prophecies.

He was unable to sense any respect from Chu Feng.

However, as a senior, he could not deliberately make things difficult for him just because he was not given respect.

Besides, Chu Feng was acting very courteous and respectful on the surface. Thus, he could not find any fault with his behavior.

As such, Exalted Heavenly Fate said, “There’s no issue.”

“Since there’s no issue, might senior be troubled to bear witness to it?” asked Chu Feng again.

“That’s no issue," said Exalted Heavenly Fate.

Although he felt displeased by Chu Feng’s lack of respect, he could not openly reveal it. Thus, he put the life and death contract away.

That said, the servants beside Exalted Heavenly Fate were able to see that his hand was trembling. They realized that Exalted Heavenly Fate was actually angry.

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